40Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a compassionate nerd who wants to learn everything about everything as quickly as possible. Exploring new ideas and bringing order and clarity to confused minds brings me much joy.

I love road trips, visiting modern art museums, chilling out at a club that's playing thumpy-yet-interesting electronic music (Rebar and Q are pretty sweet), and baking weird pies.

The universe is long, time is large, and I want to find someone to hold hands with as we stare into the vastness of it all. While curled up on a comfy couch. The couch part is important.
What I’m doing with my life
My day job is writing graphics code for Google Maps. Fun company, interesting work, good people - my coworkers are all smart, competent, and genuine.

I used to program video games for a living, which was both soul-crushing and wildly productive. I was in the industry long enough that you might've played the games I worked on back when you were a teenager.

I love geeking out over whatever topics I've unearthed from the Wikipedia mines. At one point a few years back my kitchen was filled with two dozen different variations on vegan cheese.

My den is overflowing with bits and pieces of electronic art projects. I designed and built these necklaces that respond to sound which are called Bliplace 2. I also did a wee tiny version but the battery life is crappy. They're still in prototype phase, but people seem to like 'em.

I'm not athletic, but I do eat quite healthy (hooray Google cafeteria) and head to the gym often enough to keep my bones from disintegrating - I like the leg pressy thingy. Riding real bikes around Capitol Hill is much more fun than the boring stationary ones though, especially if there's a picnic at the end.

I have a New Year's resolution to attend improv comedy classes or something similar. I'm... hesitant but excited? I think I'd be good at it, actually, in a mad scientist sort of way.
I’m really good at
Listening, listening, and helping people feel OK.

Fielding technical questions from nine-year-olds who got electronics kits for Christmas.

Untangling things. Thoughts, code, recipes, fishing line.

Autodidactism. :)
The first things people usually notice about me
My voice. I sound like some sort of radio announcer. I might even sing for you if you can find something in my range - think Johnny Cash or Peter Gabriel, thereabouts.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Words - e e cummings, Accelerando, Diaspora, Diamond Age, any of the Culture novels, Perdido Street Station, Nexus, The Name of the Wind, pretty much anything that won a Hugo or Nebula.

Movies - Eternal Sunshine, Lost In Translation, Harold and Maude, Brazil, Run Lola Run, Jiro Dreams Of Sushi, Rivers And Tides, Amelie.

Shows - Iron Chef, Mythbusters, James Burke's 'Connections'. Oh, and Sherlock. Sherlock was amaaaaaaaazing.

Music - Cocteau Twins, Low, Dead Can Dance, Slowdive, The Sundays, Stars of the Lid, Mum, Sufjan Stevens, Lusine, whatever happens to be streaming on Frisky Radio.

Food - Authentic-ish tex-mex, pho with lots of tendon and tripe, homemade mac and cheese.
Six things I could never do without
Good conversation, good coffee, fresh air, comfy chairs, internet radio, and Wikipedia.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Many, many things. I go on learning binges and stay up until the wee hours studying my current topic of interest until I either run out of questions or someone distracts me with some new thing.

I am deeply committed to the ideas of honesty, rationality, and compassion. I feel like we as a species could be doing so very much better with the resources we have, but understanding how to change things is still beyond me. I need to go and see more places, but maybe not all the places - corruption bothers me a _lot_.

There's a neat visual metaphor that I love - Take a two-inch sphere of stone, hold it up in front of you, and stare out at the horizon. The size of a single atom in that stone is the same, relatively speaking, as the size of the stone compared to the entire Earth.
On a typical Friday night I am
Ideally, having a nice dinner with friends and then going out to see some variety of electronic music show followed up by a few drinks at a comfy bar.

In practice, one of the above about half the time, with the other half spent reading a bit of inspiring science fiction / brain-twisty non fiction / fascinating C++ code.

It's a rare occasion these days that I get to cook, but I love the dance of it. Come visit and we'll swirl something up - I go by instinct and sense-memory, piecing dishes together out of your vague recollections and that picture I saw in a magazine that one time.

I did tons of swing dancing when I lived in Austin, but I haven't really picked it back up since moving here. Terrible mistake, that. Care to come along? We might be rusty but I promise I won't step on your feet.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm perfectly OK with dating people who date other people, though I myself have never dated more than one person at a time and don't intend to. Near as I can figure I got double the compersion genes and almost no jealousy genes. The folks in NSPP are spiffy.

Kids... I'd like to have kids... and I'd like to spend another ten years exploring the world - I could go either way. I'd have to meet exactly the right sort of person.

Every question I've answered on here I've answered publicly, and I try to write explanations for the important ones. Humans are way more complicated than could possibly fit into a multiple choice question. Go read and see what you think of me.
You should message me if want to snuggle on the aforementioned vastness-staring couch and watch Connections while frantically googling for all the topics he mentions on our tablets. think the kitchen is the perfect place to experiment with tasty tasty rheology. want to pretend that we're good at writing Rumi poems.'re slightly annoyed with this line because it breaks the Rule Of Three and that Rumi thing would've made a much better closer.
The two of us