39 Montreal, Canada
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My self-summary
i calmly brew tea in order to live in the world with urgency. my bed is made, but my desk is a mess. i spend time alone, when i do, because being with people matters more to me than anything. i dislike the police, no matter how relaxed or well-caffeinated i might be, but i'll still be kind to your cop dad/aunt/brother/cousin if we have dinner together some day.

there is a soundtrack and a mood to all this. i listen to music all day and think we are fortunate to live right now, music-wise. (we in montreal are especially fortunate.) in other respects, i think it's a bit of a bewildering and despair-inducing time: a time in which time seems to be running out. but, then, trying to avert things like our own extinction and the imprisonment of everything existing at least gives us something meaningful to do with our lives (whereas the major achievements of our parents' generation appear to have been mutual funds and vinyl siding and, oh right, civil rights and third world decolonization ... never mind).

je parle aussi français (bien que j'ai écrit ce profil quand je le parlais beaucoup moins) et je suis content de t'écrire et de te parler en n'importe quel langue (a condition que c'est anglais, français, ou, um, tuvalu).
What I’m doing with my life
i like the idea that we have "a life" to do something with. it reminds me of childhood invitations: "wanna do something?" or, maybe "a life" is like a small dog that you put in your backpack and take out and put on the table when you get some gelato. mmm ... gelato.

actually, i'm vegan these days. and coconut bliss, while a valiant substitute and a tasty solid, is neither gelato nor sold at places with dog-sizes tables (i buy mine at segal's).

and i wouldn't put a dog in my backpack.

mostly, really, what i'm doing with "my life" is writing about things, teaching about things, and trying to change things. by "things" i mean mostly cities (which is what i'm supposed to know about), but also the bigger things that shape cities and that need to be, not changed, but made to disappear (capitalism, white supremacy, dog-sized backpacks, hetero-patriarchy, mumford and sons ...)
I’m really good at
filling out profiles on dating sites.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: delillo's "underworld," smith's "on beauty," ondaatje's "in the skin of a lion," whitehead's "the intuitionist," baldwin's "the fire next time" (and, honestly, everything else the man put to paper), the autobiography of angela davis and the prison writings of george jackson, nisargadatta's "i am that," krishnamurti's "total freedom," beck's "nothing special," marx's "capital," fanon's "wretched of the earth," butler's "giving an account of oneself" ...

music: nils frahm, julia kent, tim hecker, nick drake, tom waits, bjork, bon iver, do make say think, bell orchestre, sigur ros, atlas sound, the books, the clogs, dead prez, talib kweli, the coup, cornel west theory, kendrick lamar, alarm will sound, jim o'rourke (and gastr del sol), terry riley, ornette coleman, ibeyi ...

food: it's so much about when, where, and how: a late-evening scotch in a friend's living room, brunch on a sunny sunday, an elaborate dinner that i've spent hours cooking for you (you've brought the wine), an espresso and the latest essay from ta-nahesi coates ...
The six things I could never do without
6. a small collection of excellent books
5. nice, interesting, funny people
4. someone to flirt with
3. sunshine
2. activity (running, cycling, skiing, yogaing)
1. a little time to myself, to reflect, to meditate, to appreciate you
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why the world is the way it is; how it could be better; why you aren't with me, dreaming, loving, undermining boredom, and overcoming the selves that drag like weights around our ankles and keep us from giving it all up for something so much better
You should message me if
you're still reading this, you're inspired, you struggle against the cliché as if your life depended on it (it just might).

you're interested in finding a structure to fit around good people rather than fitting people into an unflexible relationship structure. there are, i think, lots of ways of caring about people and making each other's lives better. let's think big and broadly and daringly!