37Kansas City, United States
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My self-summary
note: IF YOU REPLY SELECTIVELY OR rarely, I am more likely to give you a few stars. OK will send you a message, but why bother putting my heart into a message if you don't typically reply. You can read.
Can't delete messages from my phone & box is full. Try patrick tyrus somewhere else.

Looking to flirt. Cuddle, Live life.
Its all about balance

i AM Me ... Active; Not always being a couch potato. I love Yoga, Biking, traveling. While I like being close to all the activities in the city, but I am an outdoors person who likes to explore a trail hiking or river and relaxing in nature in addition to the city. I like to liberate my feet being barefoot in the grass or with mud squishing between the toes.

Wanna play a sport? I am up for a pickup game.

So, whether its camping, or cuddling up on the couch, I like some town time too. Road trips, new cities, and just going off the beaten path.

I prefer warmth to cold. Massages giving and receiving. I like haunted houses, Halloween and stuff. I've work at a major haunted house. Roller coasters and trips to outer space are nice too (thought I've never been in orbit).

Family is important, and I participate when I'm around them, but friends are my family here. I like quality bargains. I don't just buy. Some of my favorite things came from dumpster diving

I am open, friendly, and an explorer
Circus , carnival, artsy, healer, burner, Hands on DIY
What I’m doing with my life
Living life fully with Radical Inclusion, Radical Self-reliance, Radical Self-expression, Communal Effort,Civic Responsibility, Participation, Immediacy.
I enjoy artsy endeavors, and I have grown to mostly hate commercial festivals. Instead, I favor burning man type of events I am making an effort and doing locally responsible stuff. I'll play around doing some poi, camping, gifting, etc.

HUGGING, cuddling or snuggling, Kissing, Passion. Half the people on OK seem to put sex, I must say Foreplay or flirting is often better. Sex is great but there is more to life you got to experience too.

Think Passion
I’m really good at
The first things people usually notice about me
I tend to be quiet at first. If I am comfortable I'll open up after a while. Not often in the same day.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I tend to live in the moment more than remember the details of movies, books, and music. I find something to like in most things I come across.

Perhaps I like too much, but the way I look at it I like variety

Movies: Chick Flicks, Horror, Animated, Comedy, etc. Examples: What Dreams May Come, Princess Bride, Labyrinth, Finding Nemo, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, SAW .. , Clockwork Orange, Hedwig and the angry itch, short bus.

Music: Depends on who I am with, but I need variety. Too much of any one and I shut down:Indie Rock, Country, Beat such as house, psy, trance, techno, electronica, & even goth/industrial/EBM, and almost anything else but I am not necessarily one of those louder the better kinda guys. I don't keep my radio tuned to thinks like like soft, easy listening, classical, or ear drum bursting. Unless I am working then work generally requires I go for peaceful and relaxing. Cash as in Johnny sums it up

Foods:I eat it all. I take mis-orders as a surprise, and a way to try something else. I like ethnic foods (Chinese, Thai, Mexican, French, Mediterranean/Mideastern/Indian/Pakistani), Junk food (ok I avoid it, but splurge), Meat and Potatoes (if you do meat it better be Rare & bloody), the vegan meals are also wonderful (Eden Ally Restaurant in KC is great but good vegan in NOLA is hard to find. We finally have some vegie places)(I also enjoy vegan pot lucks or any potluck), casseroles, leftovers, Pizza, BBQ, hmmm if you put it in front of me I'll finish it think freegan. toes Mac n' (cheese/hamburger/etc.) -- I am bad and have bad streaks, but try to be good i.e. no white stuff... no candy, sugar, etc minimal refined white flower, but don't mind salt if I drink enough water.

believe in balance, and letting others have there own views.

Six things I could never do without
1: The basic 5 (physical-H20/air/food/etc., emotional, security, self fulfillment, etc),
2: Sanity,
3: touch,
4: movement,
5: stuff,
6: warmth (damn I hate the cold... love the snow but not the cold)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
On a typical Friday night I am
Actually its weird. I go out more on a non-Friday/Saturday. Its nice to not be over crowded. Either that or I just got antsy for an event for the weekend and went out early. Yea, Thursday and Monday are my nice nights to enjoy a drink out. Weekends are the days I might participate in a show. Thats right I would rather help entertain than be entertained.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am varied and diverse. I like piercings, but don't have any right now. I love the Carnie crew and Anarchists too. While there are many cool and otherwise great abercrombie and fitch, high heel, etc people, I tend to enjoy someone more grounded, but you can prove me wrong.

Most people think I may be gay....I am just comfortable.

Ok that was not one "Thing", but hey it was kinda private. Wanna know more just ask...

p.s. I must state that I do have aspie tendencies.... (ask) the biggest thing you'll notice is I may put my foot in my mouth, be reserved, or something

That casual sex thing below really blows my mind. I am a walking contradiction. I casually flirt, I am very sexual, but I don't actually do sex that freely. I'll make you happy, but I won't **** you. Its too personal.
You should message me if
Pick two or more: You are casual, free living, fun loving, earthy, healthy, active, down to earth, tomboy, tink, goth, geek, alternative, aspie, like rope, or don't wear a bunch of makeup all the time but can dress up... like its a carnival or what ever. Oh and if you are a Betty Paige or you want an amazing massage. Just let me know before hand what your motives are so I know where to keep it. -- What I am not looking for is someone who thinks that they have there entire life planned out. Things change. If you are wanting to be married in 6 months with 2.5 kids and a picket white fence, and a perfect faerie tale. The perfect faerie tail is a dirty life where you take each day as it comes. Don't be afraid to live it.
The two of us