54Hayward, United States
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My self-summary
I'm kind, sincere, honest, affectionate, ?!?!attractive!?!?! ok, maybe not attractive but I look good in a kilt!! Plus I strive to be a really good person. I'm a deep thinker and I'd like the world to be a better place..
What I’m doing with my life
Everything goes in cycles... at least for me it does.. last year I started doing stand-up comedy at a local open mic night, that turned into hosting it.

What had started off as a way to push myself out of my comfort level seemed to be taking off, then... like with many hobbies I got bored again..

So recently I've turned my attention towards helping some friends who have cancer... I've focused on creating an all natural healing oil that I am just now trying to start marketing.

And this is not RSO, close but..
I'd tell you more about it but then we might have to .. know...


Its really really good.

Have about 8 friends taking it.. 2 of them with cancer (skin cancer and bone cancer) and a whole slew of other health issues. Sounds crazy and all... I know and feel free to be as skeptical as you want. Then talk to anyone who's taking it... it works!

Other than that, living a drama free life and enjoying the hell out it it.. Having fun while meeting new people. Creating interesting experiences in all the various and crazy things I do.

But that's the point, right?

The universe wants us to say yes to more things..
I’m really good at
quite a few things... for one, I can fix stuff.. Almost any kind of stuff even.. Know how to build stuff too.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am a Ninja, I blend in and merge with the shadows.
*-*-*What do you mean you saw me*-*-*
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Yes, Yes and Yes, somewhat picky pescaderian on food but yes there too.

Like movies but do not watch TV. Do have netflix and Hulu...
So just a few Ive liked...
Misfits, The 100, Jericho, alias, weeds, californication.
(Ya know, there is a very good reason they call it *programming*)

MUSIC:: cause without it - Life would be a mistake.
However...I tend to just say NO to commercial music.

I have been DJ'ing for, well?!?!? remember when Jesus first started raving? yeah, anyway.. a very long time ago.
EDM, Tribal House, Progressive Trance, Goa, Progressive House, Club, Ambient. I started listening to this stuff around 1988.. I listen to other kinds of music too, well everything minus country and a few others..
Six things I could never do without
If you don't mind ill use the mayan numbering system.

0: My Memory Foam Bed, and yes 0 is in fact a number. If you think its not try taking all the zero's out of your paycheck and see if you feel the same way afterwards. Wait, I did said I was a smartass right?

1: Electrons and the devices that use them.
Current favorite combo, Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet- Coupled with phone. Its for the 7 gigs of sick wicked beats and mixes I have made up, IE, music.

It sure beats the hell out of the "sound of the open road".

2: Great Friends and Family and the conversations they inspire.
I have the WORLDS greatest friends, cue the background song. "we are family"

3: Incredible Food and new people to share these experience's with.

4: Tasty drinks or some form of intoxicating substances to share with my friends and family and the others we care about.
*-*-*Why you looking at me all strange, are you ok?*-*-*

5: Music cause without this one, life would sadly, be a big mistake. Wow...Dejavu.. And I prefer my bass to be thick, sick, punchy and loud enough you can feel it in your chest.

6: Health, cause without this, none of the rest even matters.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What I can do to improve things.. whatever those things may be.

Anyone seen my keys and wallet?
On a typical Friday night I am
Quite possibly not even aware its friday?

Depends really, just depends....But its always fun.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've had a constant ringing in my ears for years now. Prevents me from trying to talk to people in loud environments.
You should message me if
I'd like proof that there are some hot geeky ladies on this site.

what the hell is up? Seriously.. there has to be some cool, freaky and friendly ladies who are 420 friendly and love to dance and are in the Bay Area... Lets fucking dance,
if something happens after that ? ?
Your call, I'd just rather go out and have fun with a cool chick.. I know that's a tall order but I seriously prefer you shorter ladies.

I've given up on this site so the likelyhood of me trying to contact anyone anymore is slightly greater than nill, but I do always respond...*rare I know* So if your intelligent, decent looking and ready to have fun. Give it a whirl.
The two of us