40 Detroit, United States
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My self-summary
I assumed I was enough of an exhibitionist with my macro and micro blogging but my husband a_j_g convinced me that this is the site for meeting the neighbors.

The commute eats up a lot of time and I also like to devote a good amount of time every day towards running around with my dogs, tidying up the house, and reducing the number of unread books in my library. My guy is equally busy so when he does get a rare minute I try my best to drop everything to hang out with him.
What I’m doing with my life
33-40% of the day is spent at the office dealing with sys admin tasks and actual (albeit high level) programming (bash scripts, perl, python, etc.). 10-20% is spent doing something athletic (running with the dogs, swimming, working out, biking). 20-33% is spent unconscious. The remainder is spent keeping up the household, reading, and hanging out my bf and our droogs.
I’m really good at
Making obscure subcultural references. If you are able to grok them then I know you are putatively cool. If not then I'll assume you are a mundane.
The first things people usually notice about me
People are always telling me that my power animal is a gerbil on methamphetamines. People are strange. I suppose I also get a lot of comments about the hair. Yes, there's some grey in it. I may be in better shape than I was in my 20s but I no longer have youth on my side. As for the facial scruff, proper shaving is a bitch and I suspect one of my relatives was a lycanthrope. My personal credo is that unless your name is Gandalf you are probably best off without a beard, but I often fall short of that goal.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Any comics authored by Bill Willingham, Alan Moore, or Warren Ellis are worth a look. Neil Gaiman has been edged out. Sorry, Neil. I actually like the movie version of Stardust more than the book. My current favorite authors of fiction are Mick Farren and A Lee Martinez. I get my nonfiction from whatever the bf or NPR recommends. It has been a while since I've seen a movie that really stands the test of time. I'm glad I don't have a TV in the house and that the bf gets full control over our Netflix queue. If pressed I'd recommend "The Rage in Placid Lake" though. As for the munchies, I've had such bad luck with waitstaff trying to poison me with milk products that I find I only enjoy food I've prepared myself. My taste in music is probably not at all like yours, but if you do happen to have a fondness for everything from surf rock to guys, especially ones named Ben, playing pianos then I'll happily surrender my claim to uniqueness.
The six things I could never do without
Clue (as in cluefulness), light, the power cosmic, fresh water, in-jokes, and I forget what six is for. Once upon a time I thought I needed regular contact with tabletop gamers to stay sane, but I've been without any regular RPGs for a while. The on-line stuff just doesn't cut it, although I do crack up when I see an episode of The Guild. RPGs shouldn't just be about shopping and slashing. Your character needs to be as interesting as the plot and the world needs to be more than just fully destructible, it also has to be completely interactive.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Accurately tagging the genre section of my music. Descriptors like "emo" and "alternative" are useless, although screamo is OK a label (just not for listening to). Most of my music is 3rd wave ska and numbers band power punk with a little bit of hipster country and some Christian punk rock (I may not like Paul's zombie cult but I sure do like Relient K) to round things out. I'm not sure what my Matches albums are. Rock just sounds too damn generic and I love them too much to call them mall punk.

I also spend way too much time deciding on drinks. For instance, I like scotch that isn't too smokey, but I'm dubious about blended scotches. I also hate asking a bartender for a specific brand and being forced to settle for whatever the house has.
On a typical Friday night I am
Asleep. I haven't kept vampire hours since I was an undergrad. That's a literal reference, by the way. I did a lot of LARPing back in the day, often as a Tremere. These days I hit the sack well before 10pm. Once in a great while I'll get to go to a leather club with friends, though. I'm open to other suggestions, of course. Atypical Friday nights have involved roller derby matches, Santarchy, and listening to Terry Pratchett introduce a new book. The last one happened before the Alzheimer's diagnosis, though, so I doubt I'll get another chance at it.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Look, I already admitted to enjoying Relient K music, and not just the "pirates who don't do anything" cover, the whole ouvre. What more do you want from me? OK, fine, my favorite porn star is still Johan Paulik. I don't care that he's now pudgy and still has a painfully thick accent. He really made an impression when I was coming of age. If you ask me to screw while wearing rollerblades in a Romanian castle I'll probably agree.
You should message me if
You've got something going for you and want to boast about it. I like being impressed. If you happen to be Wil Wheaton, even if you aren't going to leave the wife and kids for me, this is especially true for you. I'd walk barefoot over a floor covered in d4s if he asked me to.