41Dallas, United States
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My self-summary
I've decided that my profile is probably just too long for 99% of people... Oh well... I plan to toss most of it out, but for those who read fast or have time, it's still hear (aren't you so excited? haha...) No, I'm not a narcissist. I just keep adding to it. I think these things are still inadequate for really "getting to know someone" so I'm just trying to do "you" a favor so you know who I am before you message me (as if...=). What can I say? I like people that understand themselves and can express their opinions...

Recently, I've come to appreciate more than ever before how people are intrinsically different. For myself, I've realized that I have an abnormally low sense of fear of others and the unknown, which explains why I prefer to meet people I meet online sooner rather after some slow "get-to-know-you" process. Not that I meet a lot of people. Almost no one wants to meet, it seems. =) Meanwhile, I have a very high tolerance for other viewpoints. You can be really different than me and I'll probably enjoy getting to know you and understanding what "makes you tick" - I truly enjoy that...

I come from a conservative family (though I'm now quite the liberal), and I've spent the past 3 years studying economics like crazy, having email debates with a couple of my brothers. I enjoy that, because it's enlightening - that's something I really enjoy - anything enlightening or educational...

I've come to the conclusion that Ayn Rand was a product of her day (Modernism) and not someone to follow into the 21st century. That's ironic, since I'm a systems "architect" and quite the creative type... Alas, I'm a total "socialist" - not a Stalinist - if you can't understand the difference, don't judge (ask).... I totally support the Occupy Wall Street protest even though I've never had to go through being laid off....

I like to travel with my wife (open relationship) and dogs. I say I'm "bi" but that's more like "80% straight" - I think we're all, really, a shade of gray, not black and white, if our culture would let us explore ourselves honestly....

I've decided I don't really like this "Quick Match" thing here... C'mon people. If you're interested in talking more, send me a message. "Say Anything!" I promise not to make any harsh, snap judgements about you!

I'm pretty bold... I seem kind of shy in-person at first while seeing how tolerant people I've only recently met are. But if I find that you seem like you're the kind of person, like me, that's open-minded enough to handle my non-conformities, I'm pretty willing to just totally open up. Despite that, I don't mind sharing "too much'. I think too many people are just too shy and I believe in leading by example. When I open up, I'm really just hoping others will follow my lead and that that will lead to mutual trust and respect, even when we have differences. But the people that really bug me are the ones that are so shy or so insecure or so unwilling to take a chance that they just never take "the dive."

I'm pretty adventurous. There are few things I would refuse to try. Timidity is a turn-off, to me, too. Some people reading this think they are adventurous, too, but really have no idea how adventurous I'm talking about. But I have to protect the identities of the innocent (and the ignorant!) so I'll leave that to the imagination. This is not a euphemism for saying I'm obsessed with kinky sex. I'm not really talking about sex... I'm not one that finds sex so boring that I have to make it a role-playing safari every time to get-it-up, though a role-playing safari sounds like it would be fun to try once... =)

I'm very sincere and open-minded. I really enjoy getting to know new people - even people that are pretty different from me - especially people that are a little unusual. I think the world would be a lot better off if we would all see it from more perspectives, not focus on what we perceive to be "the norm."

I love photography. I do a little myself but not as much as I would like. I'm trying to build a portfolio and maybe make a little money at it some day, but in the mean time that means if you'd like to be a model, I'm happy to be a free photographer! I've done a couple weddings, family photos, etc. To me, this is really fun because it's almost life changing to capture a really great photo of someone at any point in their life. It's just a rare kind of thing for most people....

I also really enjoy deep discussions into psychology, sociology, politics, etc. I'm at my happiest when those discussions take place on a cloudy, snowy night in a jacuzzi over a bottle of beer, glass of wine, jungle juice, etc. =)

My typical day is sleeping in as long as I can, going to work, develop software, fix problems, maybe go to the gym, relax in the jacuzzi, head home, veg out a little, maybe watch a DVD or, lately, an interesting documentary from Netflix, read a little in bed, then head to sleep whenever I can get my body to agree with the proposition. Sometimes I play video games to release some tension (my favorite lately is good-old Halo). My commute recently got longer thanks to buying a house out in Prosper, so now I'm listening to a lot of audio books (mostly non-fiction) and lectures. I've really enjoyed this and have learned quite a lot in my new commute time.

I broke my ankle and got a staph infection from the ensuing surgery, and have been dealing with those complications for the past two years. I can finally get around okay. I used to like to go jogging with my dog, rollerblading, and playing racquetball. I'm hoping that I'll get to a point where I can do some semblance of these things soon. I played football in high school and was in the Army (Reserves), so I enjoy a hard work-out or a rugged outing. I'm not too in to "princesses" that are easily grossed out by natural things. I believe part of being mature is accepting the natural world and overcoming inhibitions related to it.

I'm a softy in some ways. I enjoy giving massages (and receiving, of course). I'm not a homophobe and I don't believe anyone's 100% straight (or gay). I think we're all somewhere in that gray area - maybe you're 99% one way or the other - but the point is to accept that 1% is there, even in you. I'm very affectionate and believe PDA is an important part of life (and parenting)...

I'm also a "hard-core" atheist. I came from a very religious family, so I'm competent at having discussions with people that believe in... whatever. I used to be VERY religious, myself. I can relate. I enjoy discussions with people of belief, but be prepared to listen to my side, too! No "drive-by" proselytizing! However, I believe that religious believers exercising "majority-rule" have done significant damage to our nation's - and the world's - culture. Technically, I'm agnostic - I don't believe one can "know" one way or the other when it comes to God - but the problem is that religious people don't recognize that reality. Practically, I'm an "atheist" because if there were a God that cared, he would be known by more than just a few people - but there is no sizable religion that is both internally consistent with itself as well as the scientific facts of reality, so the chances are much more likely that there is no supreme being at all, and all the energy spent on religion is actually a waste of humanity.
What I’m doing with my life
Working (software engineer), and trying to fit in time for some college classes. When I'm home I have lots of things to do around the house - I'm a bit of a "handy man". I do road trips with my dogs whenever I can. I'm working on getting pictures of my dog at every state capital, just because he likes to pose... =) I'm married to CateRinDallas. We are poly and have an open relationship.
I’m really good at
Getting to know people, seeing things from their perspective, listening... (I wanted to be a psychologist from time to time), analyzing problems (this is kind of what I do for a living, in the computer-field), psychology, math, science, massage, photography, computer programming... and I'm a pretty good cook! I can sing all right, but I almost never do that anymore, outside of the shower...
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm tall... then my eyes. If we start to talk much they usually say I'm "smart". If we become friends, they usually find me to be one of their more sincere and genuine friends. I get the "nice-guy" label pretty fast, too, I guess. Much as I'd like to, for once, be the "bad-guy"--it just never works out. =P
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Recent books I've loved: "The Moral Landscape", "The Drunkard's Walk", "The Greatest Show On Earth", "The Assault on Reason", "Guns, Germs, and Steel", The "Succubus Blues" series, "The World is Flat", "God is Not Great", "Open", "No Man Knows My History"... and, okay, I admit it, I enjoyed the Twilight books... (could have been written better, however)

TV shows I like lately... The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Californication, Stargate Universe, The L Word, The Simpsons, 60 Minutes. SNL, Nova

Music - I like "music", not lyrics (usually). In fact, I often tune out the words. So my favorite stuff is dance, (sophisticated) techno, quality remixes. I play Lady Gaga and Britney Spears (The Remixes) a lot lately, but also Erika Jayne, Goldfrapp, David Gehan / Depeche Mode... um... ooooo - one of my favorite songs is not even available anywhere but, apparently, on Youtube - Vixtrola, Gunboat. Love that song. I'd like to remaster and remix it myself. I like most other music, from classical to Rap, except that I find Country to be just too simple-minded and repetitive - except for humorous, self-critical Country...

I like lots of movies and it changes over time. I really like documentaries so I won't even bother to list those. As for regular movies, I rarely bother to watch a movie a second time unless it's to share it with a friend or it just happens to be on. But some recent ones I've especially enjoyed are.... The King's Speech, The Hurt Locker, Inception, Bottle Shock, Hancock, Flawless, This Girl's Life, Feast of Love

Some movies I consider "classics" that to me are (modern) "works of art" - Intolerable Cruelty, Gladiator, Blade Runner, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, Ocean's 11, The Da Vinci Code, Cashback, Braveheart, Basic Instinct (really!), Father of the Bride (shrug), LOTR trilogy.

I loved the Star Wars trilogies, but George Lucas fucked them up by trying to make them cute and funny... and apparently also dumbed them down (from what they should have been) to allow Americans to turn their brains off as they watched. What do I mean? Watch the first Star Wars - A New Hope - and Empire (to a certain extent) and pay attention to all the technical jargon and open ended information. By the time they did ROTJ, they cleaned all that technical stuff out of the story lines... And then in the new trilogy they even dumbed down the plot and made all the bad guys 1-dimensional - and even retarded (listen to the way the Trade Guild leaders and their robots speak!). All this pisses me off. I hope in 20 years Hollywood will have the good sense to come back to the Star Wars world and do a remake, making something grown-ups with a brain can enjoy mentally as much as visually, because the story and universe had great potential - until Ewoks started beating legions of helmeted stormtroopers with small rocks! Okay... Rant over.
Six things I could never do without
At least one really good friend
My morning shower
A little peace and quiet here and there to observe and think about the world and people around me
Traveling to new places and gaining a new perspective on existing places
Openness & sincerity - the more the better
A computer... it's my livelihood, my repository of memories, my link to friends and family...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
People (including myself). I'm one of those self-critical kind of people that maybe is too hard on myself, but I'm always trying to improve myself, too. I think it's important not only to understand oneself, one's motivations and influences, but apply what you learn there to gain a better understanding of others.
On a typical Friday night I am
Lately? Sitting on the couch with my feet up! ...on my notebook, working and/or surfing, while watching something from Netflix.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I think America needs to be more at ease with public nudity
You should message me if
You're open-minded, you like deep discussions, you like sincerity, you're not needy, you like meeting people that aren't fraught with problems, or you want a friend that gives massages, or one that can take some really kick ass pictures for you, or you want to try out being a model!
The two of us