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My self-summary
I'm Billy - a curiously attractive, thirty-three year old, pun loving polyglot. I am a willing participant in the NY grind, so I've got my claws in a number of projects. Rehabilitated bike mechanic, but happy to relapse for a handsome cyclist.

I've been living in Brooklyn for the past 7 years, now. Surfing that fine line between ambition and contentment, with style.

Using this OKCupid adventure to find someone...or people to expand my social circle. Dates, sex, magic-shows, surprise me.
What I’m doing with my life
2017! 2017!

I like being outside so my ideal non-work schedule might include pitching a hammock wherever I find trees. Whether its a quick, overnight bike trip or a multi-week wilderness jaunt. Replete with pickle eating, river bathing, fresh pasta by the camp fire, fly tying, and bougie under-the-stars bottle of wine romance. Can you imagine it? Yea...I know you can.

This past year has been, too much, a year of work and not nearly enough a year of play. That foolishness will stop, immediately. My passport will get 3 stamps this year and I will take at least one of those trips with a kind, funny and excitable goofball. He will be handsome. It will be good. All goofballs inquire within.

I work as a wine buyer and consultant for restaurants. I am pretty passionate about my work and my 60 hour work week will attest to it. But I am trying to break out of the monotony, this year. Don't worry though, you won't go without - I'll bring a bottle of delicious wine to most any occasion. Try me. :)

In other adult news, these days I wait patiently for my fool-proof get rich scheme. Online law degree, Marrying "up", Social Media start-up, Unlicensed Wisdom-based therapy services, Being a consultant for anything. The world, evidently, is my oyster. Top Hat.
I’m really good at
A stern and highly motivational "I'm dissapointed and slightly furious with you" look.

I thoroughly enjoy cooking beyond my abilities. Stew? Never made it, but psshaw, I got that.

I can fix any bike, period. I own.

Also, wisdom out the wazoo! I have no idea where I come up with the stuff, but I need a radio show, some acolytes or a fortune cookie company.
The first things people usually notice about me
Hrmm. I smile a lot. A peace sign is typical greeting. That's the half Okinawan side of me. We are smiley, peace sign-throwing island folk.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Indeed, books, movies, shows, music and food are all my favorites.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy book-lovin, non-fiction consuming, literary commitaphobe. I remember being touched while reading Dag Hammarskjöld's memoirs, but not much about the actual text. The Magic Show issue of Laphams Quarterly was my favorite so far. Wikipedia, best damn book, EVER. Also, DUNE. Seriously. DUNE. Just one word. DUNE. Know a Dune reference? Prepare yourself for a decent blow job. Well, not really...but DUNE. (side note - my head game is on point, just fyi)

Movies. movies. movies. These days I like easy movies. A bit of action, a bit of comedy, foreign flicks with the appropriate amount of full frontal male nudity and other homoerotic undertones, kung fu classics, spy/super human ass kicking espionage capers, horror movies (this is my third date move). Also, in my humble opinion, porn with a plot gets a bad rap.

I saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch with John Cameron Mitchell. Peak moment.

Music. My playlists is often a schizophrenic stream of tennyson, slick rick, terry reid, evinha, erasure, minor threat, maria bayo, jorge ben jor, rocky horror, swv, pan ron, tanya stephens, adina howard and the communards. So punk, electronic, hip hop, dancehall, r&b and super super gay shit. Plus old timey japanese stuff my mom used to make us listen to. Enka - baws.

FOOOD. Alright boys, pay attention. These are freebies. Take me to eat any of this stuff and you are getting laid. If you can get past me pigging out. Just to be clear, I am fully going to eat it all.
Ramen - Minca / Lan Zhou Hand Pulled
Soup Dumplings - Shanghai Cafe Deluxe
Morning After Breakfast - Okonomi
Also Uncle Boons- but no sex after that. Thats expecting too much.
Six things I could never do without
I wasn't going to fill this section out. 50% because it seemed it could spiral and become materialistic or reductive. 50% because it was proving too difficult to find satisfying answers. But everyone has managed, so lets give it a shot. Disclaimer, these are just the things I tend to need in the day-to-day. If I come up with some big picture things, I'll write em up.

1. Friends - but not too many friends. Just the good ones. I am basically my own best friend. I laugh at all my own jokes and will have sex with me whenever I want.

2. Positivity and perspective - For the most part, I try not to let things bring me down. Sometimes, things are on the upswing, other times they aren't. I try to do what makes me happy without falling into that ever-so-enticing pit trap of vapid selfishness. It goes a long way with maintaining a healthy sense of self. If you're happy, could things be so bad? :)

3. Good food with my buds. These things are great on their own, but better together. For me, sharing food and drink with people I love are always the movie-reel moments of life. Sitting around a campfire and eating "Clams Rhode Island" or a fried chicken dinner with the bike shop boys are the best moments of the year. They mean more to me than any Michelin star dinner.

4. Having an escape - Chasing fish in a tiny swimming hole, drunk snow shoeing at night, snorkeling in shallow clear waters, refusing to swim in the quarry because there are monsters in the murky water, waking up near a river, making up constellations on a clear night, laughing at the mosquitos under my radical head net, running from snakes on a trail. These are the most fun I'll ever have. All the NYC stuff is great, but they are just interludes to the good stuff.

5. Alex Honnold. Swoon.

6. I'll save a little space for something new this year.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Happiness used to rank pretty high on my priority list, until I realized I am generally pretty happy. Now fulfillment is the name of the game. I have a million things I'd like to do and tempus fugit and what have you. Want to do one of the million things with me? Shoot me a message.

Also science and the universe. WHOA! Am I right?

Also getting the fuck out of here. Next up:
Arctic - Finland
Norway bike tour
Georgian wine adventure
S.E. Asian backpacking cliche
Caribbean spearfishing and bushwacking getaway.
Can I have somes monies?
On a typical Friday night I am
On a date with you. Smoov...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes the burger needs mozzarella sticks.
You should message me if
You are tall, have red hair, hilarious, frighteningly intellegent, have a trust fund, sharing, a nympho, have nice (big) hands, enjoys doing laundry, PUNS!, will coddle me while simultaneously enjoy my independence, have a thing for people that look like me.

I also recently saw Thor, so...yeah, you get the idea. Australian Viking add Scientist, please.
The two of us