33Red Bank, United States
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My self-summary
Hello Ladies!
Dan here. Below I go into detail and as a quick summary for those breezing by I have a great sense of humor, compassionate , into nature, yoga, nutrition, music and more. More details below:
I've always had an outgoing personality and love to laugh. Assuming you enjoy a good sense of humor you are in for a treat. I have my own brand of silly
Laughter is what the doctor orderered and I dispense that shit.

While easy going I am a highly ambitious, creative, focused person who likew to get things done. I am confident but not to the point of cockiness. I make it point to not take myself all too seriously & live for life's absurdities & enjoy myself in the process.

I have a deep passion/fascination for health, wellness & Sustainability- particularly around nutrition, food, natural approaches to health & businesses that are mission driven. I could spend all day in a natural food store and not be bored. I've built a successful career within the natural products/ organic food industry. It's my life's purpose without a doubt :)

Do you like being outdoors? I do! Not only do I enjoy it, I feel it essential to connect with mama nature whenever possible. I'll never turn down an invite for a hike. I've camped in some beautiful places with beautiful people & often while visiting the west coast. I lived a few blocks from the beach in NJ for a decade and I've got that salt water in my veins. I miss being able to run down the street and hop in the water for a quick surf.... update moving to Red Bank!!!

I have a spiritual side and open to deepening it. I have a yoga & meditation practice which has been a part of my life for a while though at times more consistent than others. My intention is only to dive further in as its brings me so much benefits.

In summary: I deviate from all things that suck. I am Funny, Passionate, Healthy, Smart, Successful, Not so bad on the eyes & Not Your Typical Bro.
What I’m doing with my life
You know, doing my thaaaang.
Very Driven-advancing my career and connecting with like minded folks who give a shit about and are taking action to support the health of our planet & peoples. I am also working to develop my own food brand. Entrepreneur

Welcoming synchronicity on both a personal and business level.

Knowing that you are coming into my world soon and are the absolute perfect soul mate.

I am forever exploring new music-
Here's an all encompassing playlist I made: https://open.spotify.com/user/danieldemuro/playlist/4g2A6vdf0FHbiH5ZLhwZqk

Spending time with my friends, family and being the best pet dad EVER to my 13 year old three legged dog, Karma.

Traveling to beautiful places for pleasure and for work.

Learning everything. I read a good amount, and suck down audiobooks. I really like reading on personal development, spirituality, business and other whacky shit. Open to recco's!
I’m really good at
You & Others Laugh
Tasty, Healthy Food
Smoothies & Tonics
Enjoying Music
Being Human
Generation Ideas & Problem Solving
Being Excited & Excitable
The first things people usually notice about me
That when I am around time slows down, the clouds part by glistening rays of sunshine and a choir begins singing hallelujah....

Most people notice my voice. It's distinct, more baritone and per awkward compliments from little old ladies at the super market i am told its a sexy voice.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books- I've thoroughly enjoyed every Tom Robbins book and could use some fiction recommendations as I've been reading mostly for knowledge.
I read a lot on spirituality and personal development- The Four Agreement, The way of the superior man, The Power of Now, Anything by the Dalai Lama.
Business/Marketing- Any Seth Godin, Mission in a bottle (honest tea), Let my people go surfing(patagonia)

I do alot of audible.com books when traveling. I like learning.

Movies- I netflixiate occasionally.
I love documentaries on foood/environment. Stand Up Comedy and artsy films. Open to whatever

Shows- Not a huge TV guy, but enjoyed "masters of none" aziz ansari and Californication, TED TALKS

Music- AH this should have its own section! Music is HUGE passion of mine. Its does something to me. I had radio shows in college- music is magic. Want me to list a hundred artist? HAHA

I teeter on the side of Indie and all its sub genres. Indie: Rock, Folk, Hip Hop, Indie Electronic, Shoe Gaze Droney Music Etc....I like Alt Rock, classic rock, surf rock, punk rock, and any combination. Reggae, Ska and all their sub genres. And then of course anything from the 90's, most 80's & 70's. And I am not ashamed to really dig New Agey Music & Kirtan

A smattering of artists: Real Estate, Fleet Foxes, Talking Heads, Air, Junip, Modest Mouse, Sufjan, Radiohead, Tame Impala, Greatfull Dead, The Police, Krishna Das, The Specials, Dick Dale, Gorrilaz, Paul Simon, A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Alt. J, LCD Soundsystem.

Food- I predominately eat healthy, tasty food preferably Organic whenever possible. Food is thy medicine. I make great smoothies, the best salads you'll ever had and I like to put avocado or hemp seeds on just about everything. I was vegetarian for a decade & have a deep respect for it though I still eat primarily plants I no longer consider myself veg. Although I still don't eat red meat/pork/dairy)
I know how to cook like a champion. I have a deep relationship and knowledge of all foo though.
I love Ethnic Food. Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Japanese & Mediterranean (I am 100% Italian- Ciao Belllla)
Six things I could never do without
Karma My three legged wonder pup!
Health Food Stores and their contents
Technology, Apple Products
The beach - Time outside
Spotify & Music
Friends, Family
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything and Nothing. Training the brain to sit still :)
How to make things more efficient.
Magical Yoga Pants
The environment & all of the challenges man imposes on it
How to have a positive impact
Manifesting the perfect woman into my life.
Re-writing Emails
On a typical Friday night I am
Relaxing after the work week. Sometimes I will hit yoga class, or relax at home with some wine. Friday is usually more low key than Sat. I am more adventurous if prompted but if left to my own devices I keep it chill
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was the high school mascot, as well as the mascot for some national food brands when I was a kid. This landed me on TV occasionally dressed as a donut, once hugging Al Roker

I’ve been electrocuted by an asparagus before
You should message me if
Well, you made it this far into my profile! You like totally dig me..... don't you?
You want to laugh, everyday.
You're ready for a real man....Dan The Man
You’re cute unique, creative, spunky maybe even a bit weird.
You want, or have good music recommendations.
You have pretty eyes (my weakness).....Let's see those baby blues
You want a yoga, spiritual buddy
You want to talk about yummy food, or food & environmental activism
You have a vowel in your name
You think plants are cool
You wanna share some wine, good coffee, or snacks with me and see if we do indeed pair well.
The two of us