39Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
If this ( http://www.buzzfeed.com/regajha/truths-about-growing-up-in-multiple-cities ) resonates with you, you should read on.

Coming to theaters, coffee shops and wine cafes near you - The story of a man of integrity, moderate intelligence (had to check spelling though) and mis-timed irreverent humor navigating SF & its beauty - where parking tickets are plentiful and everyone on OKcupid loves the outdoors, travel and conversations; Mom you lied to me about me being special..

It all started many years ago, in a land thousands of miles away- battling with a decision genie between comfort and growth. Either take a stable job or risk it all for the sake of learning in foreign lands. Young with curiosity, I choose the latter with a couple of hundred dollars in my pocket.

I touch down to learn that the financial promises I was hoping for has been revoked. I'm faced with questions of anxiety, fear and shame should I choose to go back. After 6 beers(well, i was young:)) and still no clarity in sight, the decision genie is back. Nudging myself into new frontiers and build new realities has become the cornerstone of my learning. Unrelated, i vow never to rely on beer for insight. Ask me how this turns out....

Grateful that my life is filled with great experiences and even greater challenges. I develop a thirst to seek adventure & the great outdoors fulfill it. I ski, camp, travel the globe, climb, fall in love, laugh & dance around the world, and create businesses. I find challenging & fulfilling work creating new technology that touches millions of people every day. I feel grateful. Yet, I'm humbled that living in different lands, embracing new cultures, loving someone deeply and learning from life lessons has been the greatest teacher of my life.

A few years pass, a new opportunity and a risk presents itself to move to Europe & Asia. It was that damn genie again. More on this when we meet but my question is, have you taken the risks to find your match?
What I’m doing with my life
Long long ago, I started life as Spider-man. Wait, that was a movie. Since then, reality has prevailed and I have transformed to mostly human, socially trained and now finally presentable.

The arc of my life bends towards relationships, equality, innovation & self awareness.

Multiple degrees, multiple countries and multiple jobs later, I've finally stumbled to a place that fits me best. Currently, I help create & run companies. Making ideas happen. Both for-profit (mobile technology) and for-purpose (Solar Energy, Netzero, and building schools in the cloud). I dream of a new world. I dream bold & big both in impact and in fun. More on this when we meet over wine/coffee.

Some specifics: Aside from day jobs, started a initiative to enable young kids in developing countries access the internet and a place to tinker and expand their horizons.

Currently, on the social side trying to bring friends together for 3 camping trips for the summer ; one river rafting trip for a bachelor's party (yes, the best kind) and a symphony later this month. If you enjoy dinner parties and hosting friends & family flying in from around the world, we might get along famously.

Ask me about the next travel adventure I'm planning... Hope you want to join in too..
I’m really good at
- Seeing the glass full even when the glass is shattered & broken
- Seeing the other perspective
- Pranks and getting everyone on the floor
- Putting people at peace and ease
- Resourcefulness around problems
- Travel planning & surviving with minimal stuff
- Smiling at strangers & making friends
- Planning epic outdoor adventures
The first things people usually notice about me
Isnt this why we put pictures on here?? Perhaps this question should be on the crazy-blind-date for OKcupid?

I surrender. I smile a lot. I have mischievous energy. That i look like a distant friend - only to realize he is of a different race... You get the drift..Mostly teeth.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - Some of my greatest ideas about freedom, equality and commerce were from Ben Franklin, Thoreau, Emerson & Adam Smith. I discovered I lack brevity from Ernest Hemingway. I laugh with Kurt Vonnegut and think we have lost a great thinker in George Carlin. I find the greatest blend of awareness & humour in Pema Chodron and eastern philosophy in Upanishads. Anais Nin, Rilke, Neruda.

Movies: Any great story teller wins my heart. Too many to mention.

Shows: Everything from international film festivals to coachella. Blessed to be in a city with no shortage of exciting cultural stuff. NPR, American Life, Car Talk, Ira Glass..

Food: A fan of both eating out and experimental cooking. Over all silliness with wine & exotic ingredients, commotion and laughter is a winner...
Six things I could never do without
- Llamas for my morning commute
- Bizzare questions in OKstupid around sex, religion and politics - the three traps of any healthy interaction..:)
- Curated pictures of coffee art ; I think the first few thousands weren't enough
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- Are there cheap tickets to Macchu Picchu ? Everyone seems to have a photo from there
- If we all keep looking down at our cell phones, will the next generation have longer back necks and no front necks?

On a more serious note:
- About the fore fathers of the nation.
- How to express my natural self to the my best potential to serve the world positively
- Advancing humanity through technology
- Responsible government
- Enabling the un-educated and un-connected parts of the world
- Keeping in touch with all my friends/family
- Learning Spanish & Tango
On a typical Friday night I am
Some of the usual and some of the unusual.. Doing all the stuff city dwellers normally do. Culture, food & adventure.
You should message me if
Looking for the right girl with big smile , big heart and big collection of farm animals- himalayan mountain goats a plus. Must have most of her own teeth and obsess over seeing life through a 4 inch smart phone... Will empty pockets for the right girl .. :)

Humour aside,I find confidence, intelligence and assertiveness sexy and have a weakness for beautiful smiles. People with compassion and a big heart have always won a special place.

I'm looking for a long term partnership where we support each other to find our true best potential, we spread our wings, take leaps, learn from each other, build a great community, build a family, plan great adventures together and make the world a little better every day.

And if you're the woman who wants equal parts challenge, support and excitement, then I'll definitely want to hear from you.
The two of us