31Austin, United States
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My self-summary
Fun-seeking creative-technologist.

I've biked more miles than I've driven and (mostly by plane) I've travelled a lot of the world.

I like gmail, crosswalks and when the rain washes my car for me.

....There's some other stuff but I feel like I should save it for when you're losing interest and I need to reel you back in.

Disclaimer: Not a redsox fan... sorry boston. My username is the captcha from when I nonchalantly signed up.

Message me goddamit, I'm a delight.
What I’m doing with my life
I do organization research and design at a big company. I have a masters and experience in architecture. Currently nursing a desire to be a full time artist.

Also just finished a first episode of this: A Foreigner at Home
I’m really good at
Having a good time.

Asking hard questions.


Rock Paper Scissors.

Mass generalizations.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
American Pastoral, Enders game, Immortality

Mulholland Drive, No Country for Old Men, Parenthood, Blazing Saddles

Seinfeld, HGTV

M. Jackson, local finds

Tuna Sandwich

Podcasts!: The Nerdist, Debbie Millman, Political Gabfest, Song Exploder,
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Critical acclaim from anonymous messengers!
(References to retired profile.)

"So you're awesome, I think anyone with such bare honesty and confidence must know that. But either way I wanted to reassure you that you are truly awesome. I have a much more in depth observation of you profile but allow me to give you the bullet points of awesomeness: the numbers 1-4 are even necessary, are you talking Steve Martin's Parenthood??? Cause yea, I'm gonna name a kid Awesome because of that movie, brain dumping."

"I enjoyed your obnoxious responses to past messages and was wondering if you're interested in discussing things that don't matter over a beer or scotch or both."


"haha best profile and best picture ever!! i dont have much of a profile because im checking this thing out and pretty skeptical of it but i definately would not mind having a conversation with you and telling you about myself, so if your interested in talking definately let me know! "

"Keyword: Awesome
Fact: I cannot be defeated at Rock Paper Scissors
Saves: Movie tickets
Loathes: Bad drivers and talking on the phone
Likes: Your animated gif (yeah, it's cool) and meeting in person
Star sign: Scorpio
Travel: Yes - lots
Worst train ride home: Last night when the drunk bum urinated on my leg (without apology)

I hope to hear from you! ;) "

"I think we are a great match...we should talk!
Hope to hear from you soon us sox girl "

"question, do you mediate?"

"I'm just avoiding work for a few minutes and I came across your profile. You seem intelligent, fun, and intriguing. I'd like to hear more. Any plans to get up to something fun this weekend? "

"So what's a guy gotta do to get a lovely date from you? ;) Thanks for checkin me out."
You should message me if
I'm usually the, "oh who knows what my type is" type, but fuck that... here are some must haves....

1. Real real smart.
2. I want to laugh most of the time.
3. Optimism!
4. Curiosity gets me.
5. You gotta be lookin for sassy.
6. Humility, it's awesome.
7. If for some reason there is this amazing, fiscally-optimal, opportunity in the Philippines... we can't pass that up, right?! I'm bad an language though so you better start reading up on Tagalog.

I keep dating Leos...not that I care or anything, but it keeps happening and my horoscope says I don't get along with Leos. So I have slight preference for Scorpios. Is that wrong? Is that so wrong?
The two of us