45 Porter, United States
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My self-summary

Quiet geek type guy.

Always lots of wires and circuit boards and techno paraphernalia laying about.

I read a lot of Scifi. My default thing is reading. I don't get sports, don't watch broadcast tv. I do like movies and will Netflix a series occasionally. When I listen to music, I stop, and listen. Don't like background tunes, won't talk over music with you.

I'm self employed as field service eng for a variety of things by day, and I have stage & club lighting biz by night.

I've been a stepdad. I have no children and want none of my own. But your kids are not a deal breaker.

I am currently living with and caring for my grandmother. I do, however, have my own home just down the street. I live 30 miles outside Tulsa and need to be home most nights these days. But I can make arrangements for play time.

So, a bit complicated this dating me, but I do try to make it worth your while.


Well, I think the questions are good way to get in the ballpark. I've answered them honestly. But opposites can be fun too. Keep in mind however, that while I do enjoy reasoned discussion, I don't argue.

If you felt the need to mention god in your profile, move along.

Still reading? This is a good sign!

I need a snuggler, definatly. Standoffish touchmenots need not apply. Perhaps frisky might be a good word. Exclusive certainly is, Fun, Quirky, Uniqe too...

I like my girl to be an adventure, yes, but not a survivalist expedition.

If public affection turns you off, move along. Holding hands, hugging, kissing, I do it when the urge strikes.

I tend to picture little nerdy geek girls in my head when I think about such things. But if you're into me being me, you could be green with purple spots and 7 ft tall and I'd be happy.

If I've rated you with the stars thing, I am interested. I don't do it often. If you are still reading you've seen the picture, read the words, and you're still here. You should say hi. I've tried writing myself at times, and I get dates, but I want someone interested enough in me to click the send button.