30Ansonia, United States
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My self-summary
Hey my name is Tevell

Well I'm a really nice guy and a very understanding person and kind of shy a bit too but I'm very honest, loyal, fun, sarcastic, humorous and a intellectual person. I like to help people when they need help with something. Oh and I like to joke around a lot and make people laugh a lot too. Um I like to have fun or sit back and relax and watch movies and do anything that's interesting really. Also I'm a very open minded person too, I like being on the computer talking to people online or going out and hanging out with my friends and doing a lot of crazy stuff with them. Also I like animals too. I also like to have intelligent conversations too but I do like to have fun in my conversations as well.

My family and friends are important to me. Also I'm very caring too and I like to show the girl that, I'm with that I care about her a lot and will do anything for her no matter what. I will cuddle with the girl I'm with anytime and show her that I care. Also I know how to treat a girl right and with respect! Oh and I'm a sucker for a girl who has really nice eyes too. lol

Oh and I really want to go too Japan one day and see what it is like over their and I want to get a lot of cool stuff when I'm over there as well. Also I want to know more about the culture as well.

Um sometimes when I'm bored out of my mind I send my friends crazy funny messages when I talk to them online and try to have some fun. when I'm feeling to bored or I just fall asleep or find something else to do later on. lol

Well kind of don't know what else to say right now. I guess I will put more info on here. I'm still adding some stuff about me on here but I will do that later or just message me if you want to find out more about me. Okay! yeah I'm new to this site lol
What I’m doing with my life
I just been hanging out with some good friends and seeing what happens next in life. Also just working at my job.
I’m really good at
I'm really good at listening to what others have to say and helping them out when they need it. Oh and I'm good at drawing too but I haven't drew anything in awhile and all my drawings are anime base because I like the art style of it. So I watch anime to see all the different art styles and try to use them in my drawings. Also I am good with computers and giving people advice, and I'm really good at making people laugh a lot and hanging out and having a good time outside or indoors.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I'm a very nice person to talk too and that, I'm a really smart guy. Also that I'm very funny and kind of silly at times when I want to be lol :P and I can be a dork sometimes too. Also that I say some crazy and funny things sometimes too to get people to laugh. XD Oh and that I'm fun to be around a lot. yeah I have a good sense of humor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Well I have a lot of things that I like but it's kind of to long a list to put down here lol but here is a short list of what movies I like.

Movies: I like all the Harry Potter movies, all the Austin powers movies, Jay and silent bob strike back, Dogma,Little Nicky, Fifth Element, and all the Clerks movies, X-men movies, Interview With A Vampire, Friday movies, Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood, and all the Rush hour movies, oh and all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, south park bigger longer and uncut movie Oh and I really love vampire movies too.
TV: Doctor who

Music: Anything that sounds good to me really. Rock music, Heavy metal music, Hip hop, Nu-metal, alternative rock, instrumental type music.

Food: I like pizza,Chinese,Spanish type foods,ice
Six things I could never do without
1. My computer with internet
2. friends and family
3. games
4. music
5. anime
6. food
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Well thinking about life and about anything really as long as it's interesting to me. Oh and my future to and too see what will happen next a long the way to it. Also what am I going to do the next day too. lol
On a typical Friday night I am
Well I pretty much hangout with my friends or watch some movies, listen to music, playing some video games, go online and talk to people. Also watch funny videos online and sleep lol oh and talk on the phone. yeah I just like to relax and have fun as much as I can no matter what!!

Well if I'm with someone in a relationship, we can do anything together like go out and have fun or walk around in the park with each other or cuddle up and watch movies together all night long until we fell asleep. Also we can go to the beach at night or to a park and lay down next to each other looking at the night sky together and the stars and talking to each other about anything and everything, Oh and we can go and spend the whole day together doing whatever we wanted to do.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well sometimes...when I have dreams they come true!

Well like I said before I'm interested in Japan's culture and trying to find out more about it and Anime and Manga, Cosplay are a part of Japan and they put a lot of culture stuff in them. So I like this stuff because it's fun and it lets me learn more about how things work over their and it helps me out with my draws too. I like Anime and Manga and I like the art style they use when making them. Also some of them are pretty funny to watch and are cool too. I have always wanted to make my own anime show or make a kids type of show with my drawings.

Also like Cosplay, Anime, Video Game Conventions. Well one of the cool reason why I want to go too Japan is to go too one of those Conventions over there one day. Oh and I want to see how people in Japan do there Cosplay and how they make all those cool outfit to do it. I mean I really like how they look just like the characters from Games, Anime and Movies too and I think it's pretty interesting! how much work people put into making their outfits and I want to go too some Conventions they have in the US too with some friends of mine one day. I think all this stuff is pretty interesting.
You should message me if
Well if you think that I'm interesting or if I seem fun to talk too. Also if you're open minded, and like to have fun and if you like to laugh a lot and have a good time doing anything funny with someone. Oh and if your honest, and are willing to try anything new. Also if you’re looking for a relationship or being friends or being in a relationship with someone who likes you for who you are no matter what and will care about you a lot!! Oh and if you like vampires too. lol Well you don't have to like vampires to message me just sent me a message I will always reply back!
The two of us