40 Chesterfield, United States
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My self-summary
I'm silly, but thoughtful. I like to laugh and try to be an optimist. I like people, but I also can't stand them. I'm reasonably intelligent, science minded, and not at all religious. I'm kind and giving. I work hard, but I'm a procrastinator. I love exercising and good meals. I like nakedness. My sense of humor doesn't involve always cutting down the person I'm with, and I won't tolerate others who do that to me. I'm attracted to women who are confident and make no apologies for their strong sexuality because I make no apologies for mine. I believe most morality is relative. I'm always a work in progress; for example, I'm not always a good listener and have a tendency to talk too much...but I'm trying to value others more by talking less and listening more to what they have to say.

Current events that are the most important to me that i support and my vote depends on: absolute separation of church and state, pro-choice, pro-gun control/reasonable gun legislation, pro-vaccination without exemption for religion or anything else except medical exemption, pro-sunblock, universal free basic healthcare for all, and sex+.

I'm from STL but have lived in other parts of the country for many years before moving home several years ago. I went to grad school and decided my field wasn't gong to work out. So, post doctorate, I now work for an airline and can fly anywhere in the U.S. for free! And if you interest me enough I might fly out to see you! (unless of course you live in St. Louis too. I'll just drive then)
What I’m doing with my life
Traveling for work more than I'd like (paying off grad school loans). I love travel but would prefer do it for fun rather than work. If this doesn't work out maybe I'll just dress up like its Halloween every day of the year and leap tall buildings in a single bound. Maybe you can be my sidekick?
I’m really good at
Being friendly? IDK...Tying my shoes? I'm really good at that....
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile? I'm not sure...its either that or my crazy party trick to recite mathematical Pi to three digits. I can do it right now: 3.14, see? I know, amazing.

Some people might first notice that I really am 6'2" tall. I've been told a couple of times on dates that I'm the first person they've gone out with that actually looks like his pics. I guess many people post old outdated or misleading pics of themselves, and many guys are not truthful about their height on this site. I don't know why people do that. Surely, their end goal is to meet someone in person, and that person will see that they lied about their height and body type, and posted misleading pics.
Also, some people think I look like Chris Pratt, some think Blake Shelton, and some think I look like Derek Theler. What do you think?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: Sex at Dawn, The Great Gatsby, The Shining by Stephen King, A Separate Peace by John Knowels, The Notebook, and the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, A Short History of Nearly Everything

MOVIES: Rudy (with Sean Astin), Lean on Me, When Harry Met Sally, romeo and Juliette (leo d version), Hitch, Gladiator, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Bridesmaids, The Borne Identity, the big lebowski, and The Shawshank Redemption

shows: (tv) Big Bang Theory, friends, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon (which is always in a death match with late show for my viewing eyes!), forensic files;
(theater) oklahoma, phantom of the Opera

MUSIC: John Mayer, Jason Mraz, DMB, Colbie Caillet, Pearl Jam, Bush, Green Day, Nirvana, Boyz II Men, Usher, TLC, Babyface, Black Eyed Peas, Pink, Simon and Garfunkel, Chicago Transit Authority, John Denver, The Jackson 5, Katy Perry, and Ingrid Michaelson

FOOD: Taco Bell, Arthur Bryant's BBQ in KC. salad with chicken, strawberries, feta, and balsamic vineagrette. Thanksgiving turkey with dressing, chocolate, cheese, milk, sparkling water with some fruit flavoring, wine, Capt morgan spiced rum and coke, bud light platinum and there are many others.
The six things I could never do without
Air with the right mix of O2, food (including meat; I'm liberal but not a vegetarian, not going to change), clothing, H2O, shelter, good sex...isn't that the same for just about everyone?!? If I could add one more (making it seven) I would say a good support system as in friends and family.
Ok, maybe put the family thing first, but who are we kidding? The sex thing is really more exciting. So that first, then the family thing. .oh wait oxygen is more important. So, oxygen second. The sex thing first, then oxygen, the crap about the family, everything else, and i would like to add at the end: all the children of the world holding hands and singing in perfect harmony.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why are there so many assholes in the world?
What else do I think about a lot? Why would a woman get lip implants? So people think they regularly have fist fights at bars resulting in perpetual fat lippery?

What's the deal with many people using a disgusting word like "queer"? To me it is liken to using the N-word to describe black people. I find it to be offensive and not really describe anything in the LGB community that isn't already described with a less offensive word. I've asked many of my gay friends and most don't know what "queer" is supposed to mean except a derogatory word for gay. Some have described it as a catch all phrase for the entire LGB community. But there are already terms for that: Gender and Sexual Diversity (GSD) or Sex Positive community (Sex+), and these are way less offensive. Also, I'm truly tired of adding letters. That's why i stopped at LGB. LGB is about sexual orientation. "T" is about gender identity. It doesn't even belong with LGB. I don't have a problem with T, I just think that it is a separate issue. For that matter, wtf does "cis" woman mean? Cis means "the same", so a cis woman is just a person who is anatomically female who was born anatomically female. Isn't a person either a woman or a trans woman? I think the cis is implied and doesn't need to be stated...that's just redundant. I'm still trying to understand trans. I don't have a problem with it b/c it doesn't hurt anyone, but I still have a difficult time calling an anatomically male person in a dress with makeup a woman. I thought that was a drag queen, yes? Ok, so how about genderqueer? Genderfluid? All of this has gotten out of hand. Stupid.
I don't mean any of this to be offensive, but the heading of this section is about things that i spend time thinking about. I'm trying to be honest so you, dear reader, understand more about my thoughts. I'm liberal, I'm logical, I'm confused about the things I'm mentioning here, and I'm trying to understand. I certainly think that people can use any bathroom they want (maybe all bathrooms should be unisex single person or family style bathrooms like Starbucks has, then that does away with the whole "issue" of who uses what bathroom). And people can dress how they want. On understanding this topic, I'm a work in progress (-:
I'll never say LGBTQQIAAP b/c there are too many letters...when do we stop? What about the heteroflexible people? ..and the homoflexible people?...and the people (like me) who desire or are in open relationships?...swingers?...polyamorous?...strippers? film stars?.. .prostitutes? ...other sex industry people?.. sapiosexuals?.. .sapioamories?. ..Bondage enthusiasts?...Sadists?...Masochists?.. .And so on...
Besides, if Queer is the umbrella term for the entire LGBTQQIAAPOSPSAPSSSBDSM community then why is the letter Q representing queer also in the group of the letters since the whole thing should just be called Q? That's just repeating yourself. Shouldn't it be LGBTQIAAPOPSPSAPSSSBDSM (notice one less Q) because the whole thing is Queer? Its a kind of tautology, similar to "the department of the redundancy department." If you meet someone who is gay and you are straight but an ally, then aren't you both Queer b/c you fall under the umbrella? This is stupid. So a straight person is Queer? Or maybe (as I is my opinion) we should cut the confusion and just drop the whole letters thing and the word Queer altogether (never say queer again) and call it GSD (Gender and Sexual Diversity) or Sex Positive community (Sex+). I'm Sex+. I'm in the GSD community. Doesn't that sound nicer and cleaner?

On a different subject I sometimes think about my career and why I should have just played Major League Baseball like I wanted to when I was a kid? Those guys make a lot of money.
Why don't they ban profiles with people shooting guns? Its not impressive. It just makes them look like paranoid backward ass foolish hicks.
On a typical Friday night I am
Depends on the Friday night, but sometimes creating a complicated algorithm that will feed all the hungry and lead to world peace all while reducing carbon pollution in the atmosphere...other times I'm working at the airline.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not really able to say, but once I'm famous for it you'll know.
All kidding aside, sometimes the messages I send are unintentionally stupid awful, content wise. I tend to over think and say something long winded and sometimes just stupid in an attempt to try to stand out from the million other guys on here...although my goal is to be funny or clever. Just trust that you'll probably like me in person. Most people do. And then we can laugh at my silly attempt to interest you!
Also, I'm open to moving from STL someday. Like maybe Vancouver? Or I might stay in STL.
You should message me if
You are Nikki Glaser. If you're not Nikki Glaser then maybe at least have a good sense of humor, and you're an athletic, attractive, non-smoker with straight teeth, politically liberal, 4 year college educated, NO profile pics of you with a gun or in a wedding dress (or in a wedding dress with a gun), open to possible non-monogamy or at least a discussion about non-monogamy, fun but responsible woman who is smiling in most of her pics and can talk me out of my tendency to rob banks from time to time. Or you could just drive the get-away car...I'll give details later.