28Lisbon, Portugal
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My self-summary
I tend to talk too much or way too little and I'm pretty quiet and polite until drunk or in love. I'm sweet and sour, mostly sweet, but that's part of my charm (or at least I like to think so). I believe myself to be cultured enough and I like people who will teach me something new and excite me. I can be somewhat naïve, a sweet mouth and blinking eyes can get me almost anywhere, but don't get any ideas. I strongly feel that I still have too much to learn and to experience, and struggle with inflexibility and straight paths. I can be overtly emotional or way too practical at times, I tend to guide myself by my survival instinct and can't seem to avoid being somewhat on the edge all the time, in one way or another. I'm not very confrontational and I am insecure and not always congruent. Still I know I am a very interesting person and that's exactly who I want to be.

*** my ideal guy ***

a guy whom I can travel with, have a dog, a summer house.
who likes brazilian music, walking around naked, the beach
who's kinky, versatile, who reads
a guy who is ashamed of a third of his browsing history (yet), proud of the rest
who likes furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s, who's thrifty, likes history
must be political and on the left and love sex
must not actually be my ideal guy or things would get boring pretty fast
What I’m doing with my life
Reading writing and breathing, in that order
I’m really good at
thinking too much. and kissing.
The first things people usually notice about me
my buldge

just kidding. I'm quiet and friendly. I enjoy when others start the conversation but am always glad to keep it going
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm obsessive with books in every form for any purpose. they're my leisure and my work, hopefully my life.

I've been reading some russian and american classics and some queer literature. I love the Spanish movida and almodóvar movies. I have a fascination with the Mediterranean and its history, food and languages and last but not least, its guys. I've been wanting to learn arabic for some time now. I'm very easy to please when it comes to music and I tend not to be much of a snob about it. I listen mostly to electro in its several forms, some indie and classical rock and pop divas ftw. Also enjoy jazzy folky tunes, including flamenco and bossa nova, and have a soft spot for the tropicalia movement
Six things I could never do without
a book, a pen/pencil, a Swiss knife, a penis, self pity, my eyes
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the whimsical proprieties of the world; the interpretation and re-interpretation, critical analysis, eagle-eye to and of the society and its people; me and me and me; some naughty stuff; how to, what to, when to, how not to, what not to, when not to; when did, when did not. question marks are my life.
update in 2012: I can be really lame.
and I don't usually use words like "whimsical"
On a typical Friday night I am
there's no typical friday
2012: laaame.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i am always naked. - as much as possible.

2012: still true. and I'm learning to knit.
You should message me if
if you're interesting, passionate or kind, better if all of the above.
if you wouldn't mind letting things be.
if you thrive on new experiences and knowledge.
if your ideal relationship is one of openness, honesty and self-discovery. unless you don't want a relationship (in which case feel free to message me anyway)

keep away from me:
if you don't feel there's a reason for feminism,
if you have internalized homophobia or don't, at least, acknowledge it
if you can't distinguish between human and animal life
if you're too strict in your opinions and stop listening when people don't agree with you.
The two of us