30 Elmont, United States
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My self-summary
I guess this is the box in which is allocated for me to begin to type up awesome things about myself. Seems unfair seeing that any monkey with half a brain can type their name and add a good adjective next to it. The same thing over and over again, "I like to spend my free time dining at fine restaurants" or "I enjoy laughing and smiling" seems quite boring.

I find, it might be a little bit more interesting if everyone posts everything bad about themselves. So here goes, for all your visual and intellectual entertainment:

I am stubborn, loud, obnoxious, a little too care free, there was this one time I cried during a movie (maybe twice), I have no trouble making fun of people, I'm a bad boy disguised as a dimpled faced simpleton, I'm vertically challenged (there I admit it ::sigh::), I actually leave some sort of facial hair on my face or I would be mistaken as a 15 year old girl with guys clothing, I find chick flicks actually fun to watch, I eat ketchup... alone... for fun sometimes, I can't cook, I don't know when to say no, I have the largest sweet tooth ever(feed me cake, own my heart), I'm always really hot (awesome for the winter, bad for the summer), I'm really bad with money (I like giving it away for some reason), I'm the only child so if you leave me alone, I don't care.

Who am I looking for? None of the above please.

Just someone normal, no drama, who can sit down for some conversation over a nice dinner (of course not something I cooked, unless I don't like you), and who can laugh at my goofiness.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently a commercial sales manager at an automotive chain. -this is a lie. It's my anti-brown girl filter. Ask if you want to know.
I’m really good at
The first things people usually notice about me
My dimples.
You should message me if
Want to have a grand ol' time and relax. Dinner, drinks... Food. Lots of food.