32Charlotte, United States
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My self-summary
First thing's first, the make-or-break for several people: "Why are you on OkCupid when you're seeing someone?"
Multiple reasons:
(1) My girlfriend and I have agreements about certain things, I believe "open monogamy" / "open monogamous" is the closest label to fitting our agreements.
(2) There's always the possibility of making new friends.
(3) This site is entertaining as hell sometimes.
Just recognize that my girlfriend comes first. Honesty and open communication means a ton to both her and myself.

Aaaanyway, let's see, about me... reaction-junkie of sorts (love people watching, seeing reactions, responses, teasing to get said reaction, and how differently people act to similar things), as well as testing out theories on reading people ("I think they'll react this way, let's find out").

I've always had a hell of an interest in psychology, which I'll get into a little more later. I can be unpredictable and random. My personality is definitely unique, go to the beat of my own drum and all that. General picture, I know. I can be quite goofy if I'm comfortable with you... I've had multiple conversations lamenting that everyday society doesn't feel like it approves of people being goofy like that "whenever," even though we both feel most people are when behind closed doors.

While it's not my profession, I am a hobbyist hypnotist, and interested in recreational hypnosis, as unusual as that might sound. Really goes along well with the people watching and reaction-testing stuff I mentioned before, along with the interest in psychology. It's a lot of fun for me, and I'll admit right here, you'll likely catch my interest if you ask about it genuinely.

Aside from that, standard geek stuff, I love anime, a bit of a gamer though minimally above average at gaming, and interested in tabletop games (like Dungeons and Dragons) though never been in a game as of this profile-edit, just no one around when the timing worked out...

It's difficult to attempt to answer questions before knowing what they'll be, so if you want to know something, ask!

Confident but not cocky.
Can be funny and serious at the same time.
Cynical without making people feel like there's no point to life.
I have a slightly more dominant personality once I'm comfortable with you, even though I enjoy giving to someone I like.
Love to relax but hate having nothing to do.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a professional software engineer, so 8-5 every weekday is spent around that, along with some odd hours here and there.
I also put some free time in toward helping friends in recreational hypnosis circles.
I’m really good at
Software engineering, hypnosis, videogames, divulging random trivia on various interests, going on random tangents, having those conversations where you go "Ok, we were talking about A.... and we're now at D... and it all went fluidly... how'd that happen?"

Oh yea, and also good at being a smartass geek and/or nerd.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes, my laugh, or my being a smartass.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Sherlock Holmes stories and some books on hypnosis.
I take my time when I read, I'm not the type to blow through multiple decent-length books in a week. Might have something to do with needing to hear the words in my head as I read it, so I basically read only as fast as one can talk, and I have trouble reading with too much auditory distraction.

Dogma, Clerks I/II (Kevin Smith movies in general), Spaceballs and a good number of Mel Brooks movies, a lot of "not-intentionally-idiotic" comedy, and various flavors of anime (for TV and movies).
Sidenote: If you love Jackass and don't really get a movie like Dogma (there's something to "get"?), we probably will NOT get along well.

Anything except rap or hip hop, though I have a preference toward jazz and classical, mainly instrumental music.
I mention classical, but not big on opera.
Also, I don't tend to remember song titles or who did what song, even when it's famous.
I'm also somewhat entertained when a 50+ year old guy will hear me sing something fairly unknown these days, example: "16 Tons" (YouTube it, good song), and be like "Someone as young as you knows that song?!" :P
It's also cool when I can reference lines from "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha!" and not be looked at like I'm truly nutty by at least one person lol.

Various anime, such as Fullmetal Alchemist (and FMA: Brotherhood), Baccano (possibly best dub job to date), Yu Yu Hakusho, and Monster (very unknown anime that's very good, recommended). Believe me, I can go on.
What about stuff that's not anime, you ask? Doctor Who, definitely, though I haven't looked into the classic series yet, just 2005 onward.
From the US at all? Witty drama shows more than most others, like House, White Collar, and Psych (is Psych drama? Yea, I suppose...), though give me GOOD comedy any day, like Daily Show.

Steak, ravioli, ice cream (I tend to want it more in the winter than in the summer... is that wierd?), and especially sushi and sashimi. LOVE that stuff.
Six things I could never do without
Food, water, air, anime, internet, and friends. Not in that order. Money has to come in after those, because, well, let's admit it, a certain level is needed in this world.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Psychology of other people, "why," "why" of that first why, "why" of that second why... you get the picture.

When I check OkCupid, I often think a lot about why OkCupid thinks someone that their own metrics say "No WAY! You would not work at all!" is a match for me. You know, like 20% match, 15% friend, and 50% enemy. Why's that show up in my matches?
On a typical Friday night I am
It's my time to relax from a full work week before enjoying the weekend. I'm an introvert, so that "recoup" time is usually on my own or only with close friend(s) and/or girlfriend. Saturday is usually my "party night," Friday is quiet time to be ready for that party night (woot introvert battery recharge time).

Watching TV, playing videogames, chatting online, that kinda thing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There's a lot I'm willing to admit that "should be private," but putting it in a public profile for everyone is very different from saying it in casual conversation with a few people.

You want to ask me about something "private"? Just ask.
You should message me if
-You'd want to be friends with someone you end up being intimate with (friendship first, end of story)
-You're not expecting a long term relationship from me, as I am currently with someone who I am 100% honest with. Do not expect "I can steal him away from her," either. You want to talk details of what is possible? Let's chat.
-You're open minded
-u do nt typ in txt abrev all times. Probably took me an extra half a minute total to think up those abbreviations, and rereading at a later date made me wonder what I had tried to write, how does that help *anyone*?
-You have a broad sense of humor, and this includes dirty jokes, but clean ones as well.
-You can deal with me babbling about a random topic and/or going off on a tangent. At random points.
-You're not "brainwashed" by religion, politics, or any mix of the two Having an opinion is perfectly fine, talking about those opinions is fine, having a belief is perfectly fine. I can have political and religious discussions, and we may or may not agree... but I will not talk to someone who will seriously call me a "blasphemer/heathen" or a "traitor" for thinking for myself. This comes with the "open minded" thing above.
-You're an independent woman who understands that clinginess is not attractive in anyone. Wanting attention is entirely understandable. Not being able to spend a moment alone is entirely different.
The two of us