44Dallas, United States
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My self-summary
Hey! I love riding my bike and beer - mmmm - and the movie true romance and love and a .45.and ipodsand stuff and san dimas

Self summary ..........
I am john bender,a scene from vanishing point,dave stoller,glitter paint jobs,high top vans,david lee roth,a dandy highway man,frank stien,the bee girl from the blind melon video . I will most likely pick flowers for

I am i am, i am superman, and i can do anything!
What I’m doing with my life
t.c.o.b !

I am a retired bike messenger( its been a year) I bring this up because it is still a large part of who i am.
I work in a small bike shop now remembering the glory days and at night i work at a rehab clinic.
Waiting for you to call me up and want to go drinking in the park and go riding around the neighborhood at 3am.
Ok so for the past yearI actually have not been a bike messenger and its been one hell of a lifestyle adjustment , so if you live in dallas and need something delivered by bike let me know.
I’m really good at
I can do this stupid trick on my bike in which you do absolutely nothing really well. I am an idea man , a problem solver , I can see outside of boxes ,bags, and other confining objects . I like to shop , oh I WORKED as a chef when I was a youthful 20something so I can actually cook .dID I MENTION THE STUPID BICYCLE TRICK,SEEMS I AM EVEN BETTER THAN ANTICIPATED . I can spin books on my finger but not basketballs ?
The first things people usually notice about me
Who knows i am me not people, Ask them what they notice about me , ask me what I notice about other people !

So now a large portion of my hair is blue and turquoise, why not right ?
So let me recap
cycling cap
long blue hair
facial piercings
addiction to eye protection
well you see the pictures .
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I seem to recall allready writing all of this down so somewhere in cyberspace there is a much more eloquent version of what I am writing atthis exact moment . since that dopple-essay is nowhere to be found .....
Burroughs,tom robbins,poppy z brite,neil gaimen .. all the stuff that people my age that subscribed to the title"generation-x" found they where required to read and like .
I the last book I read was the sun also rises , talk abouty a long book about drinking and traveling! Well at least it wasnt kafka , 80 pages of awesome book but one hell of a long read once you start trying to get all of the symbolisim in it .
With all the responsibilities of being generation x comes the music as well . I bet you cant throw a stick at alt music from the 80's and early 90's that I dont like .today its just a lot of boring indie music that is big on the hipster lists .with that being said i wonder if i can stream a list ?
cat power decemberists,red fang,wax fang,black angels,she and him,sigue sigue sputnik,concrete blonde,cocteau twins,faith no more,vampire weekend, bishop allen,man man,neko case,the weakerthans,the builders and the butchers,edith piaf,katastrophy wife,babes in toyland,l7,bikini kill,thrill kill kult,revco,ministry,lush, mazy star,the rolling stones,t-rex,..... well that bored even me !
Oh wait . I have this weirdtheroy about how you are either a stones person or a beatles person its not a both situation . I am a stones person (they where sexy sleazy and fucking hell one word altamont ) where I think beatles songs are cool most of the time the band annoyed me ( i liked ringo and wings is an awesome band) so with that I love beatles covers its fun to see other people interpret that music .

I like food that doesnt compromise the life of something for the sake of making my taste buds happy .
Six things I could never do without
sunglasses,internet/internet enabled phone,track bikes,coffee,beer,you,campagnolo,colnago,lyrics like "I don't know what the world may need,
but a V8 engine is a good start for me.
Think I'll drive to find a place,
to be surly. "the smell of fog machines clove cigarettes and angst ,dennis hopper reminding me that " no matter where you are aint no good unless you can get away from it ",did I mention beer ?
I know everyone says this and its always either the realist that includes all things necessary to survive or the idealist that put fantastical things , but really unless you are ghandi is 6 things really all you need in life ?And honestly I bet ghandi would have shit his diaper if he had an iphone , I mean the thing does just about everything . I would have never survived boston if I had not had mine !Plus the damn hamster launching game rules!
To recap its not 80s television interpretation of russia so six things my ass !
cycling caps that fit , vans, two different colored chuck taylors, tripp jeans( they are so stretchy!) the bti catalog,beer,iphone,slacker radio,epiphone guitars,september issue of vogue,halloween,bloody marys and margaritas,italian bikes,and so so much more !
I spend a lot of time thinking about
too much really!

This is totally stolen from someone elses profile I admit it ,its not mine but its so damn beautiful that I want share it with others .

- In the forest, high up on the steep shore, and not far from the open seacoast, stood a very old oak-tree. It was just three hundred and sixty-five years old, but that long time was to the tree as the same number of days might be to us; we wake by day and sleep by night, and then we have our dreams. It is different with the tree; it is obliged to keep awake through three seasons of the year, and does not get any sleep till winter comes. Winter is its time for rest; its night after the long day of spring, summer, and autumn.

On many a warm summer, the Ephemera, the flies that exist for only a day, had fluttered about the old oak, enjoyed life and felt happy and if, for a moment, one of the tiny creatures rested on one of his large fresh leaves, the tree would always say, “Poor little creature! your whole life consists only of a single day. How very short. It must be quite melancholy.”

“Melancholy! what do you mean?” the little creature would always reply. “Everything around me is so wonderfully bright and warm, and beautiful, that it makes me joyous.”

“But only for one day, and then it is all over.”

“Over!” repeated the fly; “what is the meaning of all over? Are you all over too?”

“No; I shall very likely live for thousands of your days, and my day is whole seasons long; indeed it is so long that you could never reckon it out.”

“No? then I don’t understand you. You may have thousands of my days, but I have thousands of moments in which I can be merry and happy. Does all the beauty of the world cease when you die?”

“No,” replied the tree; “it will certainly last much longer— infinitely longer than I can even think of.” “Well, then,” said the little fly, “we have the same time to live; only we reckon differently.”

And the little creature danced and floated in the air, rejoicing in her delicate wings of gauze and velvet, rejoicing in the balmy breezes, laden with the fragrance of clover-fields and wild roses, elder-blossoms and honeysuckle, from the garden hedges, wild thyme, primroses, and mint, and the scent of all these was so strong that the perfume almost intoxicated the little fly.

The long and beautiful day had been so full of joy and sweet delights, that when the sun sank low it felt tired of all its happiness and enjoyment. Its wings could sustain it no longer, and gently and slowly it glided down upon the soft waving blades of grass, nodded its little head as well as it could nod, and slept peacefully and sweetly. The fly was dead.

I once had a vegan chicken fried steak in portland , it was so fucking amazing ! I still think about how tasty that meal was .
How I can hold my one footed trackstands even longer .
On a typical Friday night I am
working? riding my bike around drunk with my friends ?watching pirated internet movies riding my bike in another city.riding my bike around sober.
robbing banks
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I used to get beat by nuns in catholic school , I think latex nuns are hot now . Is there a connection?
You should message me if
You want to rob a bank!
Your a diy type.
Have hairy pits but shave your legs.
Want to rob a bank.
Like old cars,like old volvos.
ride a bike more than a hundred yards without bonking.
Travel at the drop of a hat ,no plans,shoestring budget.....(well I do like plans and no budget but that would limit my trips)
Like faith no more ( i really have no idea what that means )
are illustrated in skin .
are not brorange in color ( yeah a real outdoor tan is awesome if you are outdoorsy but fake and bake makes you look stupid especially with neon orange or pink toe nails!)
Have clothing from lip service and north face .
arent vapid.
You would be willing to make me a max costume from where the wild things are ,You know how cool I will look on my bike in that costume ! Plus it is going to be the #1 halloween costume for small children this year, I really want to get a jump on all those little brats !
You can make me a dub of wax fang or red fang ( who knew so many bands would use the word fang ?)Hell I love mix tapes ( even if they are on cd ) I think its one of my generations most endearing gestures of love .you want to watch silent movies projected on urban walls sitting on a dumpster couch with me .
this is what you consider a great date.
The two of us