35Valentine, United States
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My self-summary
I have one thing to say to all of my Mexican friends. Move to the small towns in Nebraska and in South Dakota. I really miss you guys around here.

I often get told to act my age, but there is no point. Maturity is arbitrarily submitting to the superego. I believe in doing unto myself as I would that others do unto me, because that actually works. For example, why do smokers gripe about how corporations are polluting the environment? And why are Christians affraid of communism? I also like to care about people that are close to me. I hate mayonaise, and I hate listening to impotent music. I like feminism. I don't like Judaism nor its offshoots, because it often delves into misogyny. That is also one thing which I do not like about Nietzsche. I like to think in platitudes, because I like philosophy. I dislike it when people claim that I am judgemental, because I am not. I usually don't care what other people do unless it hurts me. I believe in pulling the baby from the bathwater. For example I like the way that the KKK asserts it's rights, but I do not think that it should be used to repel harm exclusively from African Americans. If a W.A.S.P. hurts you, I think that you should terrorize them also.

What you believe shapes who you are. I believe that love is not lust but more akin to envy. It means that you want the other person, their personality. If you were starving you would pick being with the one you love over a hamburger. Also I believe in not being mean to people who are incessantly mean to me. And I believe in conclusive evidence of a "priciple" before I close my mind to other possibilities. And I believe that biblical morality is subject to rational doubt. Most of it seems to be motivated by fear. And I believe in magick because of rather compelling a posteriori evidence. Efficient magick requires absolute faith and analogous imagination/action (e.g. a voodoo doll). My best atheistic guess reduces it to the subconscious brain manipulating nonlinear dynamical systems (i.e. the butterfly effect). And I believe that morality is based on self-interest and the ambition to accomplish your own will. However, I am often ambivalent due to interest in women who believe in altruism.

I like to listen to hard rock. I also like to go to concerts when I can. I am somewhat of an artist and I like to be controversial sometimes.

And finally, I will put my political views for those people who like to associate with other people who embrace similar views. I am pro choice and pro gay marriage, because I don't care (i.e. De minimis non curat lex). However, I think that it would be nice if women used other forms of birth control before resorting to abortion. I support war for defense, because Osama Bin Laden has slightly worse policies than Bush. Imagine having to fast for a full month or having to pray 5 times per day. I think that people should be allowed to drink and gamble when they are 18 and should not be allowed to join the military till they are 21, because the military is more detrimental. I am pro 0.5% income communism to disseminate unadulterated currency. I am against most other social programs, because they are expensive and regulatory of those in need. And foolishly they charge the middle class for those programs. Besides that I believe in laissez faire capitalism. I don't even support the existence of the Better Business Bureau nor of the plethora of legal regulations pertaining to business. I am also against coercion of young children into their own parents' religion, but I am concerned that implementing that value might be intrusive. Why is it your parents' right to choose your religion for you? I think that church attendances would drop dramatically if everyone had to be of a rational age before admittance.

I am egoistic, creative, and intelligent
What I’m doing with my life
I like to party with friends. I am trying to get more free time so that I can do more thinking and creating.
I’m really good at
dialectic, logic problems, math, art when I am patient or I guess that it reflects my mood, editing digital photos, setting up home theatre, keeping myself from getting bored, ripping mp3's, thinking outside of the box, subliminal messages (your mind now belongs to me).
The first things people usually notice about me
I have red hair. I often get the reaction that I say what people want to hear. I think that I say things that I want to say, but people hear what they want to hear.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a)The Power of Logical Thinking, Aesop's Fables, The Apology by Plato, the writings of Friedrick Nietzsche (b)Clockwork Orange, Fight Club, The Last Boy Scout, Not Another Teen Movie, Blue Lagoon, The Story of Us, Man on Fire, Ray, Braveheart, Adaptation, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Dawn of the Dead, Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Batman Returns (c) Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana, Muse, STP, Bush, Alice in Chains, Blind Melon, Radiohead, System of a Down, Eminem, Chevelle, Deftones, Disturbed, Garbage, Good Charlotte, Godsmack, Perfect Circle, Metallica (before they sold out), Hole, Kittie, Led Zeppelin, Linkin' Park, Live, Nickelback, NIN, No Doubt, The Offspring, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Silverchair, Soundgarden, Staind, Temple of the Dog, The Cranberries, White Zombie, My Chemical Romance, Smashing Pumpkins (d) I basically like foods that are full of fat and sugar. chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, biscuits with butter and syrup, ice cream and things that contain ice cream, chocolate cake. I also like ethnic foods like Italian, French, Mexican, and Asian.
Six things I could never do without
sleep, music, sustinence, cognitive stimulation, pleasure, ambition
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whatever I happen to be doing. I think about how much IMing sucks because it makes reading people's moods nearly impossible. I think about how hard it is to define the word opposite, because it is so ambiguous. I think about how my life is going nowhere, and I need to get on the ball, else I stay a lowly part of the proletariat for my entire life. Converse to Hollywood I believe that being good to one's own family includes having a lot of spending money. I think about how I need to take the time for perfection in stead of hurrying. I think about how I don't do enough interesting activities. I think about all of the apparently mistaken thoughts that run through my mind on a regular basis. I think about how many lies there are on TV. I think about how watching someone else live in TV and movies makes me contented not to have a life of my own. I think of how much work you can get done while listening to music, and I think about how little work you can get done while watching TV. I think about how stupid it was at my old job to have a machine that makes cinder blocks while still cutting the rebar by hand. And I think that I don't think enough. Maybe I'm fooling myself. I also think about how I could often be doing things that are so much more important to me. And I think of how the Harry Potter books are fundamentally unrealistic. Witchcraft is something that you can choose as an adult right? And I wonder why people insist that you are doing something wrong when you do not obey. I don't like fascism unless I get to be the dictator. And why do Bible thumpers talk about how life is so sacred and then reelect a warmonger?
On a typical Friday night I am
Whatever, I do what I want. I don't like to get extremely drunk. I feel nauseated, but all else is numb. Not fun.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
q.v. "I spend a lot of time thinking about". That's fairly personal.

I spend too much time watching HBO. I daydream a lot when I am bored, so I guess I am never really bored. For some reason I like to befriend random people.
You should message me if
You want to. And if you can overlook the fact that writing about myself on the internet is not my forte.

You can IM me or email me at:

You can also use my AIM SN: verilitas
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