54Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I love to laugh; have many interests (eating out; walking (the latter possibly being necessitated by the former? :); reading (mostly fiction); live music; NPR; a few favorite TV shows; have been a very regular movie goer all my life; culture - love the Frick; Metropolitian Opera (even if I'm sad that the more "everyman" City Opera is no more); off-broadway; love stand-up comedy; sports (Jets & Mets...I really can pick them :) and I was museum docent for a decade.
I have a lovely circle of friends in NYC; around the country and in Ireland (where I grew up), who are (on most days) joyful; enthusiastic; grateful, generous, non-judgmental & reliable and I can't imagine my life without them.
My friends would say that I'm a good guy...then again they would woudn't they!!

What am I looking for?...A romantic spark...I've been fortunate that most women I've met over the years have been fun; interesting; good people; often beautiful and sexy, whose company I've enjoyed, but that spark is a rarity, which for me seems to happen very quickly or not at all.
What do I like in a woman? and laughter; some shared passions are I think essential. A woman who is smart, stand-up, soulful & sexy (with a love of alliteration!)..Independent, a little quirky (within reason!) and edgy is cool, where we complement one another and who & what we already have in our lives (I don't really believe in the idea of people completing one another).

I'm looking for a relationship where we are committed to one another; enjoy our time together and at the same time value our independence and alone time.

I prefer to meet, rather than have extended correspondence, as I enjoy an hour spent over food/ a drink much more than a dozen e-mails.

Passing trivia
...If there is a better pizzeria than Arturo's in NYC, I've yet to find it
...And whilst I'm at it, Naples must be the world's greatest city...for no better reason that it invented both pizza and icecream!!
What I’m doing with my life
I'll tell you if we meet...I think life's stories are much more fun when told over a beer or a nice glass of wine
The first things people usually notice about me
My Irish accent...I moved to NYC in 1999 after having lived for 8 years in the UK
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Big fan of Pete Hamill

Loved Anchorman (in fact most things with Will Farrell...The Cowbell skit makes me laugh every time I see it, but my favorite skit is still Jon Stewart's riff on Donald Trump and NYC pizza), La Vita e Bella, Dodgeball, Scott Pilgrim v the World; Argo and more recently Silver Linings
Big Bang Theory, South Park, Person of Interest; Elementary and Channel 13

I used to describe my tastes in music as I realize that its just all over the place!

Love Italian, Spanish, Indian & Chinese food in particular

Possibly my favorite expression is - "True nobility of spirit is not being better than anyone else, its just being better than you were before"...I also liked something that I read recently..."We may not control the length of our life, but we control it breath and its depth"
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Trying to stay in the present moment - it's much harder than one would think!
What we're all doing here (and I'm not talking about being on OK!),
Domestic & world affairs
Whether the Mets will ever have a winning season...when I get to this last one, I try to stop thinking :)
and finally..."where the hell did I put my glasses?"
On a typical Friday night I am
Dinner with friends or sometimes movie night or a live show
You should message me if
If something I've written resonates.
The two of us