56Plymouth, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I AM HAPPY TO SAY I FOUND MY TRUE LOVE SO NOT LOOKING ANYMORE THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AT MY PROFILE ALL THE VERY BEST TO YOU IN YOUR SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE :3:6:2013:please note at the moment I am chatting with someone and I am going to see if it works out .thank you for looking at my profile.I LIKE TO THANK THE PERSON WHO RATED ME HIGHLY I AM SORRY I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE AS I AM NOT ON THE A LIST.THANK YOU SO MUCH.p.s i love reading peoples profiles ,just a little update as from 9/6/12/ and seeing how it goes .i smoke a pipe i like the hot summer days sunbathing and swimming also like cosy little walks hand in hand i am a bit of an old romantic .i like to cook stews .hotpots .roasts .chocolate covered fruit cakes. i prefer to cuddle up and watch a romantic film than watch football yes sorry i dont like football but if you like watching it i can do the washing up and listen to some music .like to go for walks beside the beach or in the countryside enjoying the scenery and holding hands and kiss and cuddles.i am at the moment got a part time job and hope to keep just have to wait and see ok and i am not deleting this because ive found my one and truly and also i love doing the tests and questions hehehe most our true but some our not
What I’m doing with my life
at the moment i have a p/t job cleaner/derriford.and no hope of winning the lotto but still trying so i can retire and work on things i want to do .like grow allsorts of fruit trees and nuts as well as flowers and veg .plus have a nice home and land and travel around the world and see where i would like to live and have a lovely woman who is loyal and honest and tactile and affectionate as i am i suppose you could call me real old fashion because when i am with a woman i give it all. my love my respect hopefully my best friend as well my affections my tactileness i love just to touch her in an affectionatly way .i have no eyes for anyone else .sorry to say it might sound soppy but ive all ways believed in one man one woman thats how i am made up .if you read my profile .and dont like it .i thank you for your time in reading it and hopefully you find what you ar looking for .but if you like or want to comment on it your welcome to contact me i do hope we on here do find what we want .a loving person who you would love to cherish growing old together for internity.
I’m really good at
i like growing fruit trees and veg flowers all sorts.and diy of most sorts.dreaming of what i would like to do if i was lucky.
The first things people usually notice about me
i am a bit dark do to sun tan it takes almost a year before i go white .depends i might be bald or have hair i chop and change depending what i feel like looking
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books of knowledge and facts.ancient riuns and some others . oriental martial art film jackie chan and jet lee horrors comedys all sorts,classical irish folkmusic all sorts .meat lamb and pork chops chicken beef.chinesse take away hotpots stews and roast
Six things I could never do without pipe and and cold drinks.meat ,3.heat and more heat a relaxing sunny day.4 a razors for when i changed my mind about my hair beard mustash to shave it all off i am bald.5imagination.6 growing friut and veg and flowers and exotic fruits.clean shaved most of the time here and there
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i just need to win the lotto and move abroad a hot country .i do love the countryside and coastal and the land in brittain but cant stand the corrupt government they dont care about the brittish government and there illegal laws as well. unless your wealthy then its no problem just make sure you put your money in an off shore account.because if a bank folds all your entitled to is i think 35,000 thousand sorry its now 50,000 all the rest they nick.i hoping to emmagrate or relocate somewhere perferabily hot and have a lovely home and nice plot of land either by the sea or in the country my goal is to be self surficient grow my own veg fruit trees and nuts as well as just trees to put on a open fire or to make things out off wood i do like art and craft work making i said earlier i am loving very tactile loves holding hands and showing affection a kiss and cuddle loyal to a fault plus i like doing things with my hands:my downfalls are i smoke a pipe and i am not wealthy and i do drink occasionally and have a part time job at the moment as to date 22/7/2012 and i would definitely live abroad especially a warm climate and would love to be a committed husband to the woman thats loving honest faithful woman .as i am honest and faithful and affectionate to the woman i am with as i am a one woman man
On a typical Friday night I am
when i was working and before the corrupt aparthied politicians brought in that prejudicial law against smokers i went to the pub and sometimes down town to the clubs. now its cosy nights in at the moment
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't wear underwear .allways sleeps nude if i had my own lovely warm home i would be naked most of the time
You should message me if
please note i have put located anywhere .but do to circumstances thats only if you want someone who will love you and respect you and to grow old with you and enjoy life with you. and is committed to you and only you. your looking for a long lasting loving faithful man companion who loves the sun and gardening and who is very tactile loves to cuddle hold hands show affections. PLEASE NOTE NO SCAMS.PEOPLE WHO ARE STRANDED OR LOST THERE MONEY SEE YOUR EMBASSY .OR YOUR LOOKING FOR A RICH MAN I DEFINITELY NOT ONE BUT WISH I WAS ONLY SO I COULD HAVE HOLIDAYS AND MY OWN HOME .PLEASE NOTE I AM NOTE GIVEN OUT MY EMAIL OR SKYPE ADDRESS UNTIL WE CHAT ON HEAR FOR AWHILE DUE TO SOME PEOPLE
The two of us