62Cambridge, United States
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My self-summary
Under construction. Hard hat area. Forever. I am in constant renewal, and so should be my page as long as it exists. Enter at your own risk or come back later. Further construction is shovel-ready but suspended pending receipt of federal stimulus payment.
Update: I am sad to report that no federal stimulus support is coming. You should never trust the government's ability to make rational decisions to grant money to deserving projects.
What will happen to my profile?
Solution might be in web 2.0 technology. You should contribute your work to make my profile better. It is not enough to flag inappropriate pictures to make OKC better. You should propose edits to improve my profile. How about pretty please??! You mean, you do not know me?! That is OK. That way you are objective. And some subjective things do not interfere with editing my profile. I cannot possibly be that objective.
Thank you.
What I’m doing with my life
I am trying to figure out how to live much better for the next 150-year.
Recently my life is in rebuilding phase with all its excitement, joy and pain. I moved back to the city. I became full time empty nester and I am in the process of reinventing my profession.

I am also trying to figure out the best way to create quinoa sushi a la Vinores.
I’m really good at
I am really, really good at looking intelligent. I'm able to maintain the illusion until the moment I open my mouth. I have been admired for being a very good listener. Then I make the mistake of commenting. I'm good at enjoying new experiences, knowledge, people even when these might seem unpleasant. I do have a decent EQ.

I am also very good at debating Life's Big Questions: human behavior, the economy, politics, science, futurism,and most of all: paper or plastic.

I can create very healthy and yummy dark chocolate desserts with Stevia.

I am also a great lover.

I have perfected my special talent of getting along well with women smarter than me.

Generally, I am the perfect human specimen.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have two eyes, two ears, one nose.
Yes, I am the quintessential average.
Have you seen Zelig? That is me.
Six things I could never do without
Air, movement, human relations, water, food.

That is all. I do not need a sixth.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a very close relationship with a family dog. It is the usual bone-support obligation with walking rights. Both are strictly enforced by the dog.
Moreover, she claims that I am her biological father and insists on having a DNA test to prove it. I have been refusing to have it because of the obvious differences: Two legs vs. four legs, the enormous difference between our abilities to like identifying signatures left on water hydrants. I thought that logic was pretty good, but it did not work on her.
Even worse, lately during some sleepless nights, I have started to admit that I might possibly be her father. What does that mean for her? And what does that mean for me?
What does that mean for the human race?
How will I sleep ever again?
(I hope it is clear from the above, that I speak the languages of all animals fluently. Of course I might have an accent in Pigeon and English, but no accent in Pigeon English.)
You should message me if
I am really looking for new friends, activity partners.
You are looking for partner for outdoor concerts (e.g. Tanglewood) swimming in Walden Pond, hiking camping or amusement parks, etc.

You fell in desperate deep love with me at the first sight of my profile. (gently indicate if that is the reason of your message.
I understand. The ambulance is already on its way.)

You feel like it.
You do not feel like it, but something forces you.

On the other hand do not message if you have no intention to meet.

According to reliable studies men do not fancy funny women. ( ) I am an exception.
The two of us