27 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
How about a poem I wrote to describe myself:

"The ball I threw while playing in the park
Has not yet reached the ground."
And It will stay that way
frozen in mid-air
trying to grasp a glimpse of
afternoon dare
fallen, one day.
shattered but whole
for the one scent of love

I believe in love and innocence. Even though childhood innocence could have been fallen from mid-air from world experiences, I still have the pursuit of pureness in me that remains whole to find love.
I have been praised as a beauty, but I am at ease in my own skin.
I am smart, yet unpretentious. Well-educated and independent, but creative and ready to make accommodations for my gentleman and a family.
Humor brightens me and yet it does not disguise my honesty. I am down-to-earth, but with a touch of ethereal.
I cherish what I have and know how to indulge and enjoy the moments of life.

I have traveled to 23 countries. Lived in four different continents. Europe is my favorite

I was born in Seoul, South Korea and was raised in different countries. I was in Argentina for 5 years, Spain for 2 years, Korea for 10 years, and came to America in 2007 for college.

I come from a very loving family. I had a mix of an art and business background from my parents. My mother is an awarded artist with many works of oil paintings and oriental paintings. She also is an elementary school teacher. My father is a CEO of an international company. I have a younger sister who is in school for dentistry in Manhattan. My other family relatives are in Korea.

My hobbies:
Flower Arrangement
Sports: Skiing, Squash, Yoga, Biking, Golf, Tennis
Art: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Salvador Dali, Pierre Gouthiere, David Febland
Music: Played Violin and Piano since age 5, Listen to: Acoustic guitar, Pop, EDM, Bach Cello Suite No. 1 - Prelude
Video games
Art galleries