43 North Bend, United States
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My self-summary
Artist, seeker, environmental and civil lawyer, consummate late bloomer, friend to animals everywhere. Multi-lingual never married dog mom seeking life-loving partner in crime, animal (and eventually) kid co-parent.

I have lived in a suburban Masaai village in Tanzania with a local family (6 sisters!) in the woods outside of Vienna, and now a small ski resort outside of town. Back in Seattle in 2014 after a 19-year detour and turning my nomadic ways to the incredible Evergreen State. A converted mountain/rural girl born and raised in L.A. so grateful to be in close proximity to a place like Seattle. A sizable garden, chickens, cat and one more dog (or yours), maybe a retired horse? foreseeable in my future.

INFP. I worked in the journalism section of the Pentagon (a lifetime ago), I have driven for Uber, and I worked in wildlife conservation in Eastern Europe with WWF for three years, because always been important to me to see the world from a variety of perspectives - especially before settling on a career and a relationship.

Humanity basically good (and it makes a big difference if you feel this way). Still have places to see but nothing interests me more right now than exploring the Pacific Northwest and spending time with my man and family.

I am the last one to get the joke, find out the gossip, believe the truth -- I am way overeducated and still pretty hopelessly naive and suffer from Biden-esque foot-in-mouth. But I love making people feel good about themselves, through food, laughter, whatever means possible.

One extraordinary two-year experience with a wonderful man and his three beautiful children on OKC brings me back here.

Will be doing the baby thing w or wo a partner this fall (and parents retiring up here part-time next year to help out), but it'd sure be nice to meet him sooner than later. I am here for the real deal - can't wait to find each other. :)

I am already filled with so much love and hope, I imagine that when I become a mom I'll be veritably flowing over with it - for everyone in my life but especially you.

Epic friendship and romance first and always as a basis, but if first- or last- time parenthood / having small human around is not something you are open to, please move on and I wish you all the best!
What I’m doing with my life
Turning art into more than a hobby; converting garage to art studio. Immersing myself in beauty - natural and man-made. Trying to get a piece into the NYT Style section. Quality time with good friends, including over Skype. Playing piano again for the first time in 22 years - classical and jazz - not too poorly. Ugh, scales. ;)) Blogging, hiking, yoga, finally learning Spanish. Plotting next hikes out my front door in the Alpine-Lakes Wilderness.
I’m really good at
Making people laugh, crocheting hats, Jeopardy, writing cover letters, cooking, golf, chess, snowboarding, kicking a soccer ball, serving tennis balls, following ice hockey and basketball, identifying songs or films from incredibly short outtakes, detecting foreign (and regional U.S.) accents, swearing in foreign languages and swearing efficiently in English, sleeping in, drawing portraits, putting absolutely every ingredient in the fridge to use, making fun of myself, making fun of other people, making my man and/or his kid(s) meals and desserts.

I am horrible at fixing things and figuring out how things work mechanically -- please help. I also want to learn to paddle board, back country ski and maybe get my diving certification.
The first things people usually notice about me
Eyes (medium-almond shape, when in unsmiling form; dark brown), listening ability, authenticity, my dog
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Dostoevsky, Atwood, Faulkner, Eugenides, Coetze, Diamond, Dawkins; The Lives of Others, Man on Wire, pretty much any French film, Fargo, In Bruges, Lars and the real Girl, 40-Year Old Virgin, Borat, Untouchables, 3:10 to Yuma (the new one), Empire of the Sun, No Country for Old Men, Sideways, About Schmidt, Midnight in Paris, Match Point, Darjeeling Express, Moonrise Kingdom - incidentally, very good insight into my values/tastes, Cinema Paradiso, Casablanca, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Ghost Writer, Dan in Real Life, Pan's Labyrinth, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Godfather I and II, Goodfellas, Raging Bull, E.T., Barney's Version, The Muppet Movie, Inception (will be adding about 50 more later); Homeland, Top Chef, The Wire, Sopranos, Arrested Development, Mad Men, Family Tree, The Office, Curb, Boardwalk Empire, Amazing Race, Actor's Studio, Portlandia. MUSIC: Classical and jazz and then everything else. James Taylor, Radiohead, Sarah Vaughn, Nina, Miles, Dizzy, Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Freddie Hubbard, Colin Hay, Johnny Cash, TV on the Radio, Brenda Fassie, Phoenix, Mumf, Bon Iver, Bowie, Smiths, Pearl Jam, Melody Gardot, Kacey Musgraves, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Police, Clapton, Brahms, Dvorak, Rachmaninov, Bach, Beethoven, dozens of film scores; Rage, Indigo Girls, and Phish got me through college; Rent soundtrack got me through the 90s - this list is far from complete.
The six things I could never do without
First snow, pieces in minor keys transitioning into major, love, American pancakes, my imagination, airports.

For good measure: sourdough bread, Christian Bale, chèvre, Jimmy Fallon
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The fact that I shouldn't be thinking so much (vastly easier with a guy in my life), becoming a better person, being in 'the now', etc. What nature is trying to tell us; the impact of social media on presence and self (summer detox from FB); why nature/conservation is a bi-partisan issue; the endless fascination of dogs and wildlife; how much comfort and love my dog brings me. :) Forgiveness.

P.S. My spirituality/agnosticism is increasingly important to me. Spend huge amounts of time digesting Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson and Tara Brach, among others - they totally totally get it; I have started meditating every morning (even only for 10 minutes at a time), and am just on a quest to disassociate as much as possible from form and ego, which can only ever bring very fleeting "happiness." It's going to be a lifelong journey, but worth every breath. No point in being alive without manifesting ones core identity fully (thus enabling one to be fully available to another human), and that can only come through presence and dis-identification with story.
On a typical Friday night I am
Totally depends. I like to stay in and watch a movie some nights, happy hour or take in a band and stay up all night, others, fancy or non-fancy dinner with others (I love entertaining), falling asleep to great music always.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Cookie Monster is a very distant relative..

I still listen to KCRW/Morning Becomes Eclectic and KUSC more than their Seattle counterparts.

I love Rachmaninov.
You should message me if
After years of doing this dating thing, I've come to really know myself and realize there is one thing that matters to me (and says almost everything I need to know about you) more than anything else: the way you relate to animals. I realize this is not the way every one was raised, and can be learned, but it's such an important part of my core values. On a practical level, I need to be with someone who gets this stuff now, as I have an older (but still extremely active) dog who means the world to me. If you relate to critters in the same way, I can learn to live with just about everything else - we all realizing and licking our wounds and will be the rest of our lives.

So, be as crazy and curious about animals/other forms of life as we humans..not into the Judeo-Christian dominion model but rather the ecosystem/sentient beings as equals a little less (or no) meat, live for wildlife encounters, not be afraid to refer to yourself as a pet parent, more than adequate exercise, care, attentiveness, love for a dog (if you have dogs). I cook meat, etc gladly for omnivores but try to use sustainable, humanely raised products where possible.
-You're at least 5'10" (sorry). Most guys I've dated are my height, which I like a lot, but I like taller equally. A tango partner would be nice someday. :)
-The robot thinks we're pretty compatible
-"Near me" = Greater Seattle area. Do not fret - I will be moving back down the hill on the Eastside in the spring, but enjoying paradise on the Pass for now - and one more epic winter. <3 Outliers - greater Vancouver or PDX areas, but you'll have to move here (it's better here anyway). I've moved about every three years for the last 20 and Seattle is the best city in the world. Never moving again lol.
-You're at least agnostic or pantheistic, like Einstein (not aetheist); in "searching" mode
-if you don't think that starving children and abused animals are equally bad, we probably wouldn't get along
-if you don't mind, even enjoy pets on the bed often or all the time, you're my man
-You got the glove and other pSAT-type questions right the first try :)

Looking for someone who saw the world first or pursued his career and passions first but is still solo or got and stayed married for the wrong reasons, never ended up having kids (or has kid(s) and still got and stayed married for the wrong reasons lol) and still has passions independent of parenting to pursue.

Ready to dote on someone amazing and like-minded. Experienced in life and evolved, but not jaded. Happy. Able to appreciate the smaller things. While I'd never rule out someone in a particular profession, I'm taking my own life in a much more creative direction, and have avoided inherent 'nurturers'/emotionally expressive men until now.. so if you're either or both, bonus points. :) Just please be passionate and driven about something and a life-long learner.

Opposites attract..only in the physical looks, professions and interests departments..I think peoples' core values, ways of looking at the world and timing in terms of current relationship needs, have to be pretty similar for anything to endure.

Obviously be naturally great with animals and kids and adore their innocence, playfulness and present-minded states of being. My god, what on earth is so great about being an adult most of the time -- I want my money back, lol.

On the completely superficial side - bonus points for East Coast or foreign origins and/or sensibilities, foreigners, accents, including Southern and Canadian. Aussie/NZ and Scottish my faves. :) Definitely more into facial hair since I've moved up here.

Otherwise, just looking for incredibly kind, joyful soul. <3 I like, and need to laugh. A lot.

I only reach out or respond to people I'm fairly certain I will connect with - physically and otherwise. I don't want to waste anyone's time. I look for internal qualities first, and then hope to connect with a person as much physically, though there has to be some mutual physical chemistry there to begin with.

P.S. Sunglasses are nice, but if I can't see your eyes in at least one pic, I can't know whether I might ultimately like you, lol.
P.P.S. Smile, guys! At least in one pic.