44Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
Hello there! Born & raised in the Midwest, relocated a few years ago to LA. Still acclimating. Miss the seasons.

I'm an actor/improviser/writer - I used to perform improv regularly, but have eased back on that within the last year for work and classes out here. I miss it, but did my share in Chicago. I write a ton and always have a lot of projects going at the same time, so I feel busy.

I have two dogs, mutts, who are "big" for LA. 35 & 60 pounds of dummies. I love them and they love California. It's been really good for them. Though I keep thinking I want to rent a cabin in Big Bear or Arrowhead and get them some snow. It's been a while since they've played in the snow. :)

Blam. That's me, right? You know me already just from reading those three short tiny pieces of information. Oh, online dating, you sassy minx. Just message me already. :) I'm too deep of a thinker to be summarized in a dating profile.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a full-time actor, which means that 95% of my life I'm unemployed... but I earn money facilitating corporate communication workshops for several companies. It's great occasional work. I also teach online sketch comedy writing and TA at my acting studio.

This past year I have been collaborating on a few projects with people and so they've been delightful ways to fill my time.
I’m really good at
Articulating an idea
Finding my way back somewhere without dropping breadcrumbs
Parallel parking
Fast forwarding through scary parts of TV/Movies
Remembering to use my reusable bags at the grocery
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably the large horn protruding from my forehead. I'm a unicorn. Did I forget to mention that?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm terrible at picking favorites. Whenever people play that desert island game I literally get anxiety because I can't choose favorites.

I do have one favorite song, and that's it. Everything else I love equally.

I plow through books before bed. I'll read lots of fiction and some non-fiction if people are raving about it.

I watch a lot of TV and movies as I write a lot of it, and aspire to, but mostly because I like it. The requisite: no reality tv (save for one or two shows that I parody) and it has to be excellent writing.

I'll eat almost any type of food - I'm always game to try something new, and I can always find something at a restaurant that meets my needs. About five years ago I gave up beef and pork, and I am really picky about the food that I'm consuming, especially meat. I don't eat factory farmed meat or dairy. Probably 99.9% of the time (when I travel it gets hard). I'm not a person who imposes my food-beliefs on others.
Six things I could never do without
I'll amend this to when I fly, because I can't choose favorites (as you know):

1) mophie charger
2) bose in-ear noise-cancelling earphones
3) burt's bees lip balm
4) alcohol wipes for the seat tray & back (how I never get sick traveling)
5) full, reusable water bottle
6) comfy sweater with hood
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Is our entire financial system based on a core set of beliefs that are wrong? And also what I'm going to have for lunch.
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably unaware that it is Friday. I'm working, studying, doing things around the house and then I'll realize "It's a typical Friday night, quick - what am I doing so I can write it in that one section on OKCupid."
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not allowed to watch scary movies. But I do.*

You should message me if
You are 5-6 years on either side of me. You live near me. If you want to have a normal conversation. And if you are generally nice. Nice is good.

I like chatting quickly and then meeting people (if there's interest) instead of the incessant back and forth messaging.

Also, I get a good laugh if your screen name is dirty. And by laugh, I mean I will laugh at you. Seriously, stop doing that.
The two of us