59Knoxville, United States
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My self-summary
SINGLE.....IF INTERESTED, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS I AM FAR FROM INTRUSIVE OR INVASIVE...... You need to know that I do not hook up, do not have casual sex, and do not touch married or attached women.... Other than, I'm good.......lol.....

I am an elementary school teacher....love to watch the light come on in children and adults. I suspect that you will find me to be very stable. Most people say that I look younger than I am and I try to keep myself in shape. I am six feet tall and about 160 to 165. I exercise my physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and relational sides on a daily basis. I am passionate about the places that I invest myself in and the people who I have the privilege of crossing paths with.

I spend most of my week with kids and I am looking for some adult conversation with depth, a great friendship, and chemistry with the right person. I am searching for a friendship with some depth and fun.....I just need to get out more.....By the way, I love to dance and actually do have some rhythm......lol......I would prefer that you IM me, wink, or drop me a note if you are interested in some fun and a great friend as being appropriate is really important to me. It would also let me know that you are interested...

BTW........I suppose if you consider the pics a little risque', then you would probably not appreciate my artistic, creative side that sees this as an expression and a revelation of a moment and a hopeful attitude stripped of all pretense rather than just pictures that are insinuative and lewd....

I stand at my door every morning and I look into their faces and their eyes to see if there is an ember, a glimmer, or a bright ray of light that displays itself. All of them get my best "Good Morning" with their name attached. I get a smile, ignored, or sadness, but nothing can stop me...........nothing..... For those with an ember of hope for the day I blow softly on the ember to see if I can turn the spark into a small flame of joy. For those with a glimmer of hope, I do my best window cleaIner impression to wipe away the film that is keeping them from experiencing the full rays of life into their life. For those with that bright sunny smile I attempt to interject more light so that their day is even brighter and more beautiful and nothing can stop me from my task....There is that word "NOTHING" again.....lol.... It is what I do. It is who I am. I eluded to this in the "novel." I have the privilege of giving without knowing whether it is working or not. I am not deterred. I am a "gardener." I plant seeds. I nurture them, water them with love and compassion, provide warmth and light, and then I hope that they grow. If you need immediate gratification, you are in the wrong place. This is a long haul, "road trip", if you will, that might have a dead end or deluge of delightful delicacies at the end of the meal. You just don't know. You feed them every ounce of sustenance that you have and then you must be patient,.....wait and watch. In the in between, I expend creativity, enthusiasm, encouragement, social skills, some good old fashion fun, and every ounce of energy I can muster. I stand at my door at the end of the day to see if the ember was fanned enough to start a fire, to see if the glimmer is turned into a solar flare of fun and excitement, and I watch to see if the bright light becomes blinding and the day became even more rich and full. If it was about me I would probably be negative, but it is all about them. And then I hope........... I hope that the next day when they walk in that the best 8 hours of their day was because they were and are in my classroom..... I teach not because of what is, but what can be. I have the opportunity and the privilege to focus away from what is going on in their present and emphasize their potential. I am parent, teacher, counselor, psychologist, mentor, friend, an ear, a hand, a smile, a warm hello.......It's a lot of hats, but hats that help facilitate character and expand their capacities............. It's not just teaching..... It is soooo much more. So, I teach so I can give because "Giving is living."......JMM....... I dream for the dreamless some days as I see futures they cannot see. I hope for the hopeless some days and provide encouragement that prompts some to hang around and hang out with me one more day so they can see what the crazy guy is going to do the next day.........lol........ I am tough and tender and it is always about them.....I am tough in that I set boundaries for kids who have no internal compass and dish out consequences so that great character and behavior are escalated.....I am tender in that those who come in battered and abused in whatever way that happens to be get the comfort and care combined with the soothing salve of love that lets them know that they matter........I love my kids... I am called, committed, compassionate, and passionate about what I do and the way I do it.......Some days orthodox and other days off the wall, but always for the sake of the student......I major on the majors which means being present, personal, positive, professional, and persistent.....The "Sweet P's" of success that feed my soul and hopefullly theirs...I eat my green stuff everyday so that they can soak up and sponge up and grow up in ways that would ordinarily never occur.......I am a teacher; called and committed to the excellence of my students in every arena........That my dear friend can only be stolen by me and I will guard the fortress of my heart, mind and emotions for the sake of my kids (students) from the negativism that would thieve their future......I just can't help it. I am a teacher....

I am very romantic and love intimacy that connects two people on a level of depth. I believe that this area keeps two people connected and keeps the relationship alive and fresh. I love rain on a tin roof, long walks on the beach when I go, snuggling on the couch, long soft warm kisses.........you get the picture.......I am a romantic. I love spontaneity and freshness in a relationship. I have never done drugs, drink rarely, but on occasion, do not smoke........My only addictions are long hugs, kissing, dancing, and dark chocolate.......pretty bad, huh? I play a little guitar and when inspired write some music.........It's a therpeutic hobby....

I believe you will find me to be stable, safe, and sane and a happy camper........ : ). A passionless life is a living death.
What I’m doing with my life
Expending myself to others as much as possible as this is the only thing that I will leave behind......... standards and truth.
I’m really good at
"A passionless life is a living death"......JMM.......Giving.......
The first things people usually notice about me
Are my eyes and my smile and then my wit and personality. I am not drop-dead gorgeous, but my face is not bag-over-the-head material either. I think you could probably look without turning to stone.....lol
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
As Good As It Gets....Kate and Leopold....The Bucket List.....The Princess Bride.......Cars...A Few Good Men.......Serendipity...These are just a few of the many I enjoy.......My music tastes are very eclectic..........Seafood, Chicken, veggies, and someone reminded me that I love great Cajun food........
Six things I could never do without
My kids, food, shelter, clothing, love. nice hugs, snuggling, intimacy.......the order is dynamic based on the need of the day.......
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how I can help other people.
On a typical Friday night I am
dancing, kayaking, dancing, weights/cardio, dancing, hiking, dancing, reading, going to watch high school athletics, watching a movie, golf, tennis, dancing, a "blankie" and a fireplace and maybe a glass of wine and some conversation with depth with a special someone......
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
that I love kissing and someone reminded me that I despise yard work.......Maybe that is because my yard is on the side of a mountain.........lol.......
You should message me if
If you actually read this whole thing.....lol......You are looking for a stable, solid guy who loves to go dancing and would be a great friend, confidant, and lover to someone. If you want someone who knows the value of a female and treats women with respect, courtesy, and dignity. If you love music..............and if you like riding a motorcycle every now and then just to feel the breeze on your face.................
The two of us