25 London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
'neuroscientist', disco dancer, anxious body, sad femme-inist, sentimental commie, queer turk, listless hard worker

~ no "sapiosexuals" ~

a glitter-/hair dye-free femme who wears a lot of brown and black [pronouns: she/her]

I'm interested in platonic and nonplatonic friendships/relationships, preferably nonmonogamous. Honest communication and emotional responsibility are important to me. No fuckbois. I'm into polyamory insofar as not wanting to be in possessive entanglements with people and not because I mainly want to pursue many/multiple partners at a time. If you do, I'm okay with that, just that's not my priority.

[Sun in Libra; Moon in Gemini; Venus in Libra]
What I’m doing with my life
Reading/researching neuroscience. This includes 🔬lab work🔬. My last research project was on the effect of chronic stress on hippocampal microglia and neurogenesis in the context of depression. scientists hmu

Getting more into activism which I kinda neglected over the past 2 years due to science work...

Reading and writing things - currently working on an unending paper on sleep deprivation and the brain-immune axis

Cooking and eating meals that consistently include yoghurt, olive oil, garlic and onions. Sometimes for friends. I am really into dinners with friends and family and kitchens filled with music and people cooking together.

Talking to my friends online and offline.

Hanging out with my sister and other family.
I’m really good at
patience, affective empathy, honesty/oversharing, social awkwardness, making themed playlists, giving eye contact when listening (but not that well when I'm the one talking), talking on the phone, texting back... the essentials.

(also slicing brains and according to my bestie: "alienating people")
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know. Maybe check Cancer ascendant (zodiac).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
tldr; I really like pop music and BME feminist/queer fic&nonfic and have a few problematic faves.

reading material: warsan shire, nayyirah waheed, rupi kaur, bell hooks, the will to knowledge, butler, jean rhys, banana yoshimoto, maggie nelson, woolf, my brilliant friend, story of the eye, middlesex, marquez, chris kraus, marie calloway, junot diaz, murakami, james baldwin, zora neale hurston, raymond carver, anais nin, flaubert, le grand meaulnes. I'd really love good LGBT book recommendations.

music: Prince, kilo kish, blood orange, nicki minaj, abra, drake, shabazz palaces, princess nokia, kendrick, kanye, j dilla, rihanna, beyoncé, solange, dean blunt, lion babe, hype williams, JOHN MAUS, dolly mixtures, dear nora, silver jews, julia holter, james ferraro (night dolls with hairspray), mbv, yo la tengo, slowdive, elvis depressedly, fka twigs, atlas sound, bill callahan, dirty beaches, william basinski, TOPS, fear of men, ramona lisa, chairlift, beat happening, fennesz, frankie cosmos, broadcast, asobi seksu, maria minerva, sisters of mercy, clan of xymox, frankie rose, madonna, swans, Arthur Russell, pet shop boys, tlc, Aaliyah

films: Last films I watched and *really* loved: Tangerine and Carol.
The rest: Celine Sciamma (I'm undecided about "girlhood" but the Rihanna scene made me cry lmao) , Agnes Varda, Chantal Akerman, truffaut, rohmer, weerasethakul (esp Tropical Malady but Uncle Boonmee is also pretty sick), Daiseas, kieslowski, haneke, wong kar wai, mike leigh, terrence malick, wim wenders, suddenly (2002), but I'm a cheerleader, clueless, heathers, ginger snaps, virgin suicides, pretty in pink...

television: My So Called Life and Buffy.

food: I like pretty much all of it. Every cuisine afaik. I eat dried chilli, pickled jalapeños, tobasco and pul biber on most things (not all together). I eat yoghurt with practically everything (Turkish/Levantine habit - and good for your gut). My fav cuisines generally include: mexican, north african, middle eastern and Asian cuisines. My favourite restaurant is the mesopotamian one in Kadiköy, Istanbul. HMU if u know it (ain't putting ad placements here lol).
The six things I could never do without
solidarity, honesty, nonbullshit togetherness, nice books, nice music, queers
I spend a lot of time thinking about
"what the fuck is wrong with me", communism, dualisms, ableism, intersectionality, whiteness/white supremacy/racism, being a "white - read" or white Turk ("spicy white" I hear these days too lol), islamophobia, "no borders", 'freaks', femininity, queerness, neurodiversity, 'neuroatypicality', utopia, performance, performativity, my health, the gut microbiome, brains, adult hippocampal neurogenesis, the HPA axis, empathy, anxiety, anhedonia, socioeconomic origins of mental illness, the way the state treats illness and disease as an "economic burden", oversharing, narcissism, "sex", intimacy, gender expression, social anxiety, the autism spectrum, "pretty", sapphism, why I struggle to be concise, how 'normcore' is so rare among queers because I'm kind of normcore, dreams (sleep dreams), whoever I have a crush on at the time
On a typical Friday night I am
There are too many people out there on a Friday night but sometimes I go out.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
~TMI section~

I'm unintimidating. I can be described as "nice".

:') <-- this is my most used emoji.

I'm sick of indie white boys and their fixation with moderation and irony.

People often paint pictures of me and I never even ask them to. Make you think.
You should message me if
You don't need to worry too much about what to write in a first message honestly, I think it's silly that we have to be so careful about it. I'm just a person, not a "job"/employer, so if you like my profile feel free to just say "hi" or whatever. I'll check out your page and if I think we have things in common and stuff to talk about I'll message you back.

My replies are a bit slow atm - not to sound egocentric and I know this might sound like a really annoying thing to say but online dating is kinda at the bottom of my priorities list atm as I almost always have a lot of work to do and am currently trying to get more involved with IRL activism in addition to that (and sometimes, IRL crushes). If you're someone I spoke to before and I stopped replying I honestly just forgot (I mean...this is just a website) and then I remembered and felt too embarrassed to message again because...u know lol

Despite that -

I would especially like to hear from u if:

we have similar interests/politics

compassion is one of your goals

you want to talk about music - especially new blood orange album

you're a queer person with immigrant/refugee parents (like me)

you're a dude with long eyelashes *eyes emoji*

you want someone to study with in a library or a park - hmu especially if we've already met lol

you have a Therese Belivet vibe

your name's Julie and you want to go boating.