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Tests they’ve taken (348)

Test Their result Your result
The Death Test Dead at 63 Take it!
The Politics Test Republican Take it!
The Virgin Game 61% Accuracy (highest: 61, average: 61) Take it!
The Gaydar Test 75% Accuracy (highest: 75, average: 75) Take it!
The has Xenu got a hold on you? aka The Scientology Personality Test Unhappy Loner Take it!
The Smart Ass Often Mistaken Facts Test You scored 45% Smart Assness! Take it!
The Politics Test You are Conservative! Take it!
The Sexual Philosophy Test Moral Angel Take it!
The Fantasy RPG Class Test The Fenrir Knight Take it!
The Common Defense Sense test Tacticool Take it!
The Real Choose Your own Adventure Test R Take it!
The 50 Question Match Perfection Test Sweet but Lacking Take it!
The Are you Dominant or submissive Test The Assertive Sub Take it!
The Mana Color Test The Political Philosopher - White, Red and Blue Take it!
The Am I Gay? Test Way Not Gay Take it!
Body Type test (based on daily routine) Average Joe Take it!
The Do so u think you are great Test DOPE AS FUCK! Take it!
The Age Preference Test (Improved) Take it!
The Proofreading Test Average Take it!
Flesheater survival test Survivor Take it!
The Gypsy Witch Advice Quiz Affection and Happiness Take it!
Which Type of Women's Underwear are you test Bikini Take it!
The Comprehensive Douchebag Test Shallow Hal Take it!
The How Racist Are You Test You scored 33 %racist! Take it!
The Futuresque Test Zombie Slayer Take it!
THE BOOB TEST E Cup Size Take it!
The Random Sex Things Test Unsure Take it!
The Not-so-common Sense Safe Sex Test You are 77% likely to keep your genitals intact. Take it!
The 'Would I Have Your Baby?' test Quick, I'm ovulating Take it!
His DICK : Your TASTE!! Your knowledge! Your choice! Test The Elephant Trunk Take it!
Her BOOBS : Your TASTE!! Your knowledge! Your choice! Test Big breasts Take it!
The Color Personality Test Red Take it!
The Genuine Depression Test Moderate depression Take it!
The European Martial History Test You scored Take it!
The "General" Personality Test The Shock Trooper Take it!
the can you survive my hellish zombie nightmare quiz Doctor Evil Take it!
The Political Objectives Test Ultra-Conservative or Reactionary Take it!
The Lay-Science Literacy Test Apathetic, much? Take it!
The Ultimate G.A.P. squad Test Knowledge of Creatures Take it!
The How Much Do You Hate/Love Obama? test Obama Hater Take it!
The Undead Fiend Test Ghoul Take it!
The Killer In You Test Doctor Evil Take it!
The Hipster Test The Non-Hipster Take it!
What's Your Leisure Suit? Test The Nudist Take it!
The Political Test Ultraconservative Take it!
The Christian Rudder Test Keep researching... Take it!
How long will it take me to get out of the mental hospital test??? friendly lunatic Take it!
The How hot would our sex life be? Test Pretty hot! Take it!
Rights and Society Test Society Oriented Take it!
The "exactly how nuts are you?" Test UnNUTS Take it!
The Are you a REAL Real-American Quiz You are a REAL American! Take it!
The 'How Socially Liberal are You?' Test Right of Center Take it!
The Female Sexual Experience Test 15% Experience! Take it!
The Animal Personality Test Owl & Gorilla (Leader&Student) Take it!
The Genderfuck Test The Super Femme Femmy Girl or The Ultra Masculine Manly Man! Take it!
The Inner Vagina Test Tunnel of Love Take it!
The Jung Type Death Note Test ISTJ Take it!
Are you a dick? Test You're a Dick Take it!
The lets make a test Test The Snake Charmer Take it!
What gun should you use? Test The Crazy Terror Take it!
How nimmery are you? Total Pleb Take it!
The Altemeyer Authoritarian Test 86% Authoritarian! Take it!
Are you already a citizen of heaven for all time? A Citizen of Heaven Take it!
Your Steampunk World Test Western Punk Take it!
The what extinct animal are you? Test Ambulocetus Take it!
The Absolute Language Test The Rain In Spain Stays Mainly In The Plane Take it!
Are you fake? Normal human being Take it!
The Things About American History You Should Know But Don't Test You pulled 60% accurate information out of your ass! Take it!
The how dark are you? Test Black spirit Take it!
The True Viking Test Ren-Faire Viking Take it!
The Who Would You Be in 1400 AD Test The Cardinal Take it!
The Beautiful Faces Test Gwyneth Paltrow Take it!
The Pastafarian Test The Wayward Take it!
The economic knowledge and values test You are an AUSTRIAN ECONOMIST. Take it!
Game: Blouses Doctor Evil Take it!
The Star Trek Quotes Test Take it!
The Hitler/Bush Quotes Test You scored an 66 of a possible 100. If I were female, I would have to say "my bush doesn't start wars" Take it!
The Who's Your Classic Film Alter Ego? Test Humphrey Bogart Take it!
The revised Maslow's hierarchy of needs Test You are well rounded Take it!
How strong are you? The Super Pure One Take it!
The Weapon Test The Sword Take it!
The The BDSM Ranking Test You scored 36 Dominant, 10 Not For me, 0 Sissy, and 2 Switch! Take it!
The US Political Alignment Test Fascist Take it!
Republic Voter Enabling Test Unfortunately. Take it!
The Manner Of Death Test a gibbering hobo Take it!
Insane Dictator Quiz Junta leader Take it!
Lycanthropy Quotient Your Lycanthropy Quotient Is 9! Take it!
Do you know your Wars Quiz? Grunt Take it!
The "how attractive is ur penis?" Test ur penis is 50% attractive! Take it!
The Survival Test Test You Finished The Test Good job Take it!
The Supervillain Archetype Test The Psycho Take it!
Which movie genre is your life most like? Action Take it!
Will Skeptical Pug Kill you. You survived Take it!
SW:TOR Class Determination Quiz Assassin Take it!
The What's Your Self-Image Like? Test Diamond in the Rough Take it!
The Four Stages of Enlightenment Test Spirtual Seeker Take it!
The How Asian Are You? Test Twinkie Take it!
The "What's Your Inner Blood Type" Personality? Test Blood Type B Take it!
What color would your lightsaber be? Red Beam Take it!
The random physics test. Class Clown Take it!
The Predict the Future Test Money Take it!
Are you actually a pirate? test Able Pirate Take it!
The 'Untimely' Death Test The Unforgettable Take it!
The Which Video Game Hero Are You? Test Samus Aran Take it!
The "Could you Hike the Appalachian Trail?" Test The Beginning Backpacker Take it!
The Crazy Alignment System Test Lawful Good (D&D 3.5: Lawful Good) Take it!
The How Gullible Are You Test 44% Informed and 63% Brainwashed Take it!
The Ancient Civiliazation for you Test The Germans Take it!
Alien Slave Test Zoo Animal Take it!
The Could You Be An Evil Overlord Test Parent Take it!
How Long Would you Survive in a Horror Film? The Horror Aficionado Take it!
The Political Personality Test Brainless Take it!
The Secret Agent/Assassin Test Joe/Dirty Harry Take it!
The What Military Leader Are You? Test Julius Caeser Take it!
The Chess Mess Test The Rook's Hawk Take it!
The Your SESAME STREET Persona Test Bert Take it!
The Futurama Character Similarity Test Impulsive Leela Take it!
The Greek Mythology Personality Test Hermes Take it!
The Classic Leading Man Test John Wayne Take it!
Which Rat Pack Member Are You? Frank Sinatra Take it!
The PREVIOUS INCARNATION Test Cleopatra Take it!
The Sexual Fetish Test Domination Fetish! Take it!
The Do Male Feminists Exist? Test The Pretender Take it!
The Roman Emperor's Test Centurion Take it!
The Fetish Knowledge Test You scored 54% for basic knowledge, 67% for advanced knowledge, 56% for perverted knowledge and 22% for obscure knowledge Take it!
Castle Defense Test 95% siegedefence! Take it!
The Aptitude (Divergent) Test Dauntless (The Brave) Take it!
The Toolshop Test The NASA Engineer Take it!
The Were You Born In The Wrong Time Test Lost in time... Take it!
The Classic Car Test Whoa.... Take it!
The Self Realization Test So you'd rather be a robot Take it!
The Whom You Will Meet in the Next World and How They'll Feel About Seeing You Test Gaia... you are a tree Take it!
The Not Another Lesbian Test Hey, baby. Take it!
Semonides' Female Types Test The Bee Take it!
Test: Are you a sociopath or have sociopathic tendencies? Not a sociopath. Take it!
The Zodiac Profile Test P • I • S • C • E • S Take it!
The Politics Test Paleo-Conservative Take it!
Test your neurosis (According to the Ballads of Tom Lehrer) When you are Old and Grey Take it!
The Public Understanding of Scientific Terms and Concepts Test 92% Understanding! Take it!
The What Starfleet Rank Would You Be? Test Lieutenant Commander Take it!
The Adventuresome Test Fairly Adventurous Take it!
The What Kind of Diaper Are You Test Diaper Lover Take it!
The Does 300 MYA Matter To Me Test Palaeontologist Take it!
How Powerful is your Spirit? Holy Strong Take it!
The Hero or Villain Test Typical Bond Villian Take it!
Grown-Ass Test Grown-Ass Man/Woman Take it!
The 'WILL YOU TAKE ME HOME?' choose-your-own-adventure. Rejected! Take it!
The Could you survive South Africa Test 1 Day Take it!
Do You Want To Play With Me? Waay too Hetero! Take it!
The Sapiosexual fetish Test You scored 70Variable #1! Take it!
Which White Sub-Race Are You? Nordic Take it!
The Choose Your Own Adventure Test Slammed Take it!
The Funny/Not Funny Animated GIFs Test Your humor is sexual! Take it!
What Planet are You From? Test You are from Saturn! Take it!
The how cultured are you test? Cultured! Take it!
Which Knight Are You? Samurai Take it!
Is that a Terrorist or Conservative speaking? A quiz. 40% correct! Take it!
TEST OF NARNIA Susan Pevensie Take it!
The Futurama Personality Test Philip J. Fry Take it!
The Excessive Cuteness Tolerance Test Cute Hater Take it!
The Homicidal Maniac Test The Right Hook Take it!
The Underwear Personality Test The Classic Cotton Brief Take it!
The Deathtrap Test You used cunning to survive! Take it!
The Back to the Future Personality Test Mr. Strickland Take it!
Are You From Heaven or Hell? The Balanced Center Take it!
The True Insanity Test 27 creativitity, 48 imagination, 53 sanity Take it!
The are you a killer test Test just dont have the guts Take it!
Are you a Tea Bagger Test 35% Pure! Take it!
The US Citizenship Test Citizen Take it!
The Viking Age Persona Test Warlord Take it!
The Nietzsche Personality Test Test Masked Strong Man Take it!
The CNE Political Parties Test Libertarian Party Take it!
The way you deal with reality and your role in life quiz Tom Cruise Take it!
Are You a Monster Test? The Undead One Take it!
The Fruity Commie Pinko Leftist Test The NeoCon Take it!
The Sex Slave Collar Test Nickel Shy? Take it!
The How GGG Are You? Test GGG to the max Take it!
Cave Dweller or Uber-Nerd test Junior Nerd Take it!
Science-Fiction Spaceship Command Test Prometheus Remix Take it!
The 39 Steps to Choosing a Weapon for 1930s Characters Mauser C96 Take it!
The Homeric Character Test Gorgythion Take it!
The "Will You Survive If All Hell Breaks Loose" Test 72% Knowledge! Take it!
The Fate's Companion Quiz The Scholar Take it!
The Will This Asian Girl Go For U Test ASIAN SPICE IT UP Take it!
The Cultural Identity Test The Noble Traditionalist Take it!
The How Well-Read Are You? Test Quite Bookish Take it!
The ADULT CONTENT Real Kinky Test TWISTED! Take it!
Quaint and Curious Volumes of Forgotten Lore Test Dabbler Take it!
The Steampunk Style Test The Officer Take it!
The What Works Best For You? test Ready, Set, Spritz! Take it!
The Stealth Test (Stealthy)% Stealthy, (Attention-Drawing)% Attention-Drawing, (Social)% Social and (Invisible)% Invisible! Take it!
The WWII Trivia Test You scored about 60% on the WWII Trivia Test. I suggest you have WWIITT60 tattooed on a butt cheeck. I'll tell no-one. Take it!
Would you survive the Holocaust? test If the Germans come you'll probably die. Take it!
The Do You Use Twisted Roger Logic Test Dali Take it!
The U.S. Presidents' and U.S. History Test! Ready to serve as Governor! Take it!
The Hippopotomonstrosesquippedalio Test You scored 29 super-coolness, 0 fatness, 32 thirstiness, and 47 radicalniss! Take it!
The What kind of Lesbian Are You Test DM Take it!
The Should You Teach High School Test Substitute Take it!
Are you a nice guy? You're terrible Take it!
Which Dwarf from The Hobbit are you? Dori Take it!
How Creepy Are You: A Self-Reflective Creep/Freak Test "That Person" Take it!
The What Warhammer Faction am I? Test Dwarfs Take it!
The Firearms Identification Test Military Trained Take it!
The Freakishly Kinky Test Slightly Freaky Kink Take it!
The Alcoholic Test The Lightweight Take it!
The Body Knowledge Test The Nurse Take it!
The Messed-up, in-the-head, Test:) The Super Pure One Take it!
Are you an Imperial Roman or a Republican Roman? REPUBLICAN Take it!
What kind of supervillain are you? Evil Genius! Take it!
The Why are you single? Test Shrinking Violet Take it!
The Are you good at cunnilingus Test The Cunning Linguist Take it!
The Gun Attitudes and Knowledge Test My Friend Take it!
The Are Zombies good Test Zombie Hater Take it!
The Secret World Illuminated Faction Test Illuminati Take it!
The How Kinky Are You Really Test Novice Take it!
What Kind of 80s Metal Are You? British New Wave of Heavy Metal Take it!
What Kind of Drinker Are You? (Beta) The Hipster Take it!
The Social Orientation Inventory The Walden Take it!
The How Classy Are You Test Middle Class Take it!
The general and special fetish tendency Test Fetish & Lycra Hero Take it!
The Star Wars Personality Test Yoda Take it!
The Free Boobs test C-Cup Take it!
The How White Are You Test Cracker Alert!! Take it!
Who are you and how much potential in this life do you have? Quiz The Best friend Take it!
"Surviving The Singularity" Test The Prepared Post-Human Take it!
The Catch-22 Test! Hungry Joe Take it!
The Blinded Individual Test 21% Blind! Take it!
The Beer Geek vs. Beer Snob Test The Average Guy Take it!
The dumbest Test 45 friendliness Take it!
Do you follow my political philosophies or are you my enemy? (Test) My enemy Take it!
The Real Zombie Attack Survival Test Veteran Take it!
The Past Life Regression Test The Philosopher Take it!
The Music Personality Test (Stereotypes.fm) The Music Intellectual Take it!
how crazy are you? 25% crazy! Take it!
Reincarnation Placement Exam Spy Take it!
The What Gender Are You? Test Mostly Masculine Take it!
Test your readiness for Lesbian Dating. Hopeful Romantic Take it!
The Really Easy German Words Test You could pass as 86% German! Take it!
The emo Test punk rock? Take it!
The Where You Should've Been Born Test Germany Take it!
Am I worth a fuck?Take this test to see! Nope,you are not worth a fuck. Take it!
True Colors Test - A Self Inventory SJ - Guardian (Gold) Take it!
The "Life is Hell" test Take it!
The Cute Animal Test Slightly Pretentious Take it!
The Kubrick Character Test Alex (A Clockwork Orange) Take it!
The Jedi Type Test Weaponmaster Take it!
The Civil War or Not So Civil War Test You scored 66 % Knowledge! Take it!
How Racist Are You? Conservative Take it!
The International Relations Theory Test Everyone else Take it!
Monster Creator Nothing Take it!
What song describes you? Quiz. Blow-Ke$ha, or Turn Me On-David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj Take it!
The Know Your Killers Test Potential Dumbass Take it!
The Stranger's Acknowledgement Test You are Ordinary. Take it!
What Sort of Being Are You: PERSONALITY QUIZ You're A Vampire! Take it!
The Test of Worship (What is your Idol?) You worship LOGIC. Take it!
Classic Fascism Test No Pasaran! You did not pass. Take it!
The I Know My Political Isms Test A little knowledge Take it!
The president Test abraham lincolin Take it!
Could You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Test Apocalypse Surviver Take it!
The Sexual Turn-ons Test The Passionate Lover Take it!
The 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Alignment Calculator Lawful Evil Take it!
Second Order Theory of Mind Test Pass Take it!
Captain Beefheart's WHAT'S YOUR MUSICAL IMAGE? Quiz Tiger Roach Take it!
The Serial Killer Test Jeffrey Dahmer Take it!
What Colour Is Your Aura Test Physical Tan Take it!
Quiz 2 How White are you? % of Whiteness Take it!
The War Test Military Aficionado Take it!
The Ancient Roman Civics Test Aedile Take it!
The Third Reich Proficiency Test You scored 75 knowledge. If this disappoints you, try again. Take it!
Which 80's Movie Character Are You? Darth Vader Take it!
The Big LSD Test MADE IT! Take it!
Gettysburg Battle Simulation Test Minor Union Victory Take it!
Can you tell the difference between Asians test 1 out of 3 Take it!
The Chakra Test The Passionate One Take it!
The What country are you? Test Australia Take it!
What temperture is your heart? The Super Pure One Take it!
The Personality Defect Test Spiteful Loner Take it!
The Salty Pirate test The Sea Peoples Take it!
The Horrifying Stereotype Test Jewish Princess Take it!
The What tarot card resembles you Test The High Priestess Take it!
The What kind of alcoholic are you Test Hardened Drinker Take it!
Raptor Attack Quiz The Adventurer Take it!
The What Greek God Are You Test Ares Take it!
The what kind of girl turns you on Test so you eather liked girl A, B, or girl C. Take it!
The Can You Really Drive Stick? Test MTX Driver Take it!
The If You Were A Beer Test Guinness Take it!
The Have You Been Using OKCupid For Too Long Test Almost too long Take it!
The 8th Grade Science Test Test You scored 86 % 8th grade science smarts! Take it!
The Director Who Films Your Life Test Edward D. Wood, Jr. Take it!
The Barack Obama Test 100% Knowledge! Take it!
The How Loveable are You? Test The Supporter Take it!
The Golden Compass Daemon Test Distant Loner Soul Take it!
The Tolerance Unlimited Quiz You Make Parties Awkward. Take it!
The Which Biblical Villain Are You Test The Antichrist Take it!
The Right Brain vs Left Brain Test Left Brained! Take it!
The What Leader Would You Be Test The Sun King Take it!
The Freudian Character Test You scored 61% Oral-receptive, 38% Oral-aggressive, 47% Anal-retentive, and 41% Phallic! Take it!
Monty Python Test Very Good. Take it!
The ZIM-vs-YOGI Personality Test of DOOM!!! Johnny The Homicidal Maniac Take it!
THE KILL YOURSELF QUIZ Suicide Embracer Take it!
The Perverted Test Not Perverted! Take it!
The Which Hindu God Are You? Test Krishna Take it!
The Are You a Psychopath? Test The Law Abider Take it!
The Which Looney Tune Are You Test Bugs Bunny! Take it!
The Multiple-Choice Voigt-Kampff Test You scored 60% Human and 59% Replicant! Take it!
The Lovecraft Vocabulary Challenge You are Wilbur Whateley! Take it!
The Mythological Profile Test Selkie Take it!
The Sublime Philosophical Crap Test N-A-O Take it!
The Animal Archetype Test The Raven Take it!
The Freud's 5 Sexual Stages Test Genital Stage. You're 13-18 yrs old Take it!
Are You A Realist Test? Are You Machiavellian? Nicolo Machiavelli Take it!
Are You a True Texas Republican? The Quiz Radical Conservative Wingnut Take it!
What Do Others See You As Test 31 to 40 Points Take it!
The TruthTest 100% honesty! Take it!
The Feng Shui Test Wood Element Take it!
The Terrorism Test Risk:24% NUCLEAR33% BIOLOGICAL9% CONVENTIONAL Take it!
The Would You Have Been a Nazi Test Der Kommandant Take it!
The Which Japanese Feudal Lord do you most resemble? Test Uesugi Kenshin Take it!
The Which Karamazov Brother Are You Test Pavel Fyodorovich Smerdyakov Take it!
The Are you a Lesbian Test Raging Homo!!! Take it!
The Roman Military Test Centurion Take it!
The What Roman Are You Test Patrician Take it!
The Rank Are You? Test Company XO Take it!
The Nazi SS Test Mittlerer SS-Führer Take it!
The are you fit to rule Test Category 5 Take it!
The nazi knowledge Test You scored 100 % anti-semitism! Take it!
The Medieval Character Test "Good" Lord/Lady Take it!
The Which Monarch Would You Be Test Alexander the Great Take it!
The Are you a good Roman Test Senator Take it!
The Freethinker Test Fundamentalist Take it!
The What Chess Piece Are You Test A White Rook Take it!
The Ideal Job for Your Personality Test Lawyer Take it!
The "Are You a TOP or BOTTOM" Test THE VERSA-TOP! Take it!
The "Who's side are on light or dark?" quiz Dark Lord of the Sith Take it!
Zombie Apocalypse, Will You Survive? - Quiz Surviver Take it!
The What Type of Human Are You? Test Upstanding citizen Take it!
The Three Variable Political Test Apathetic Republican Take it!
The Are You a Dick/Pussy/Asshole Test Dick Take it!
The 3 Variable Funny Test the Idiot Savant Take it!
The Evil Overlord Test Sauron Take it!
The Which DOORS song are you? Test FIVE TO ONE Take it!
Which Supreme Court Justice Are You Test You are Justice Samuel Alito Take it!
The Dark Triad Test You scored 75Machiavellianism, 56 Narcissism, 40 Psychopathy! Take it!
The Which SUPER HERO are you Test Spiderman Take it!