28 Grand Blanc, United States
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My self-summary
I'm always bad at these. I once asked a friend to describe me.

She said I'm the person you ask when you want to know something. She said I'll say I did some "cursory research" (which would be more effort than most people would've put into it), come back with an answer plus three more answers to related questions, apologize for the lack of depth, and provide citations for where I got the information.

So I guess I am a hunter, and answers are my quarry. Aside from that, pretty boring. Doing the law school gig. Keep to myself for the most part. I enjoy coffee. There was a time when I'd have called myself an introvert but I don't think that's really true anymore. I guess I'm what they call an ambivert.
What I’m doing with my life
I exist and flow with the opportunities that catch my eye. More specifically:

+I'm a third year law student.
+I am a sound editor for The Partially Examined Life philosophy podcast.
+I summarize medical records for litigation. It can be slightly depressing.
+I am also a research assistant for one of the law school professors.
I’m really good at
Not this, that's for sure.
The first things people usually notice about me
I actually asked people this question. Here's a quick summary of of the results:
• Conversational qualities such as curiosity, humor, and wit were commonly reported. These attributes were most commonly reported by females so I guess I have that going for me.
• The next set of commonly reported attributes either involve flexing mental muscles or kindness.
• After this, the data is very scattered.


"What was the first thing you ever noticed about me?"

• "Well honest answer is the fact that you had a desire to know everything about everything. Like you would always look up little factoids on your phone and stuff." -best friend (male)
• "It was probably a comment you made about movies or music making me think 'I like this guy's style'" -film aficionado friend (male)
• "I'm not sure what the first thing I noticed about you was. Probably how smart you were. Are. Or at least very curious and willing to learn." -somewhat estranged friend (female)
• "Your intelligence." -first girlfriend-type person (female)
• "You were the one to bring something new and unexpected to the metaphorical (and sometimes actual) table." -longest-running friend (male)
• "To answer your question, I'm not sure. The first thing I can remember is your sweetness and loving heart. This describes perfectly many of my first memories of you." -longest-running friend's significant other (female)
• "I don't know. That was a while ago. I noticed you were friendly and quirky. Your smile probably. I notice people's smiles." -Chicago friend (female)
• "First thing? How quiet you were at our apartment signing. Then, how sarcastically funny you were when you did talk. Instant friend." -college roommate (female)
• "Your incredible ability to absorb information, retain it, and then pull it out and slam it into the conversation at the most appropriate (and often hilarious) time." -friend in Windsor (female)
• "Laugh. Duh." -fellow law student (male)
• "Glasses." -acquaintance (male)
• "Your facticity, but I love you for your transcendence." -former colleague in philosophy (male)
• "Your Lenovo ThinkPad. I've been shopping for one for a year." -fellow law student (male)
• "Dry/dark sense of humor, completely counter-intuitively endearing." -high school friend (female)
• "Your dashingly good looks." -high school friend (male)
• "Your beautiful eyes." -fellow law student (male)
• "Your lovely singing voice." -fellow law student (female)
• "That you remind me of my brother because of your sense of humor, wit, and seemingly endless supply of trivia facts. Also, you and (another law student) were talking Hegel, Weber, and Marx." -fellow law student (female)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read from a variety of genres, from the ultrapopular things like Fifty Shades of Grey (it was bad, by the way) to adored PNR series such as Fever, from philosophical works such as Dialogues concerning Natural Religion to classics such as The Great Gatsby (not my cup of tea). So take that for what it's worth. I will say that I tend to actually write reviews for the goofier ones.

As far as movies go, I tend to appreciate comedies, documentaries, and any film with philosophical undertones. However, there are two movies that I am pretty much always down to watch at any given time: Die Hard and High Fidelity.

I don't watch a lot of TV anymore but I do like 30 Rock and Arrested Development. I used to watch Dexter but that show got a little stale for my tastes after a while (same story with House). Instead of popular television, I tend to watch YouTube videos.

When it comes to music, I'm lame. I actually don't actively listen to a lot of music anymore. I don't hate it. It just doesn't cross my mind. I'm open to most genres of music.

I don't really have favorite foods because my tastes largely depend on my mood. I am a texture-eater though. I prefer dry, crunchy textures. A lot of mushy stuff makes me feel like I'm going to get sick as it rolls around on my tongue.
The six things I could never do without
Ever since I've been on this site I have tried to figure out answers that are neither trite (friends, internet, etc.) nor obnoxious (water, air, etc.). I have been unable to make a list that satisfied me.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
+The philosophical underpinnings in children's media, whether they be placed there intentionally or not.
+Why did I go to law school?
+Napping, specifically when or where I can nap.
On a typical Friday night I am
Relaxing from a week of law school. Unless there's a writing assignment due next week. When that happens, I'm freaking out and probably pulling all-nighters the entire weekend to fix it up for a passable grade.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm extremely upset that they removed the ability to hand out awards to profiles. One of my favorite activities was perusing okCupid members and doling out awards to the most interesting profiles that deviated from the typically banal formula. Now I actually have to contact you folks just to say, "Hey, your profile is pretty cool. Okay, bye." And that's just weird.

Also, I'm psychic. Here, I'll prove it. You probably are a little shy at first but are really talkative when you get to know people. You probably enjoy outdoor activities and have a penchant for grammar and/or spelling. You love sarcasm, insist you'll use it frequently, and possibly even think others don't appreciate it much. You probably can't live without your friends, family, cell phone, and possibly even coffee. The first thing people notice about you is probably your eyes. How did I do?
You should message me if
You made it down here and are inexplicably still intrigued.