48San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
i’m whipsmart, but i can be really low-fi. i have a dry, warmly sarcastic sense of humor. i am incredibly creative and very conceptual in the way that i think. i love design but i also love patina and evidence of life lived in a city and of urban decay. i love the pairing of unusual things together. i have an amazing ability to switch rapidly between left brain and right brain, but find i often have to trick one side into distraction while i’m trying to get the other side to focus! (that means a lot of multi-tasking!)

i'm a designer . . . and while i love design, my own life has been spare in the material realm. i sold everything i owned (save 4 boxes and a bag of clothes and my camera) when i moved to thailand in my late 20s and have never felt more liberated . . . i’ve been a bit of a gypsy.

i'm generally an optimist and really enjoy life. i believe absolutely in kindness and am revolted by cruelty in any form. i make excellent thai food (and i do not spare the chili peppers). i know how to use the word “phylum” in a sentence. just learned how to SCUBA DIVE and it is my new MOST FAVORITE thing to do. was learning to surf and still have the board, but now am getting more active on a bike. bought a great road bike and getting up to speed on it.

i am a true sci-fi geek . . . my imaginary playmates (when i was young) were the original cast of star trek - there was a tree in the backyard with a nook in it that i used as the transporter. this was in new jersey where i grew up, but i do not (never did) have the accent . . .

i have all of BSG on my laptop. i love reading the index in harper's, listening to human interest pieces on NPR, am avidly into yoga, and kick butt in backgammon and cribbage. i also have a burgeoning robot collection . . .

i believe in simplicity and in hedonism, and i know when to exercise which . . . happy with my life and my trajectory, but open to meeting others and seeing what kind of synergy we create.

NOTE: this profile was first posted a few years ago. the info is all still relevant, but i'm now older, and would currently classify myself as "a little extra" in the body dept. i love my more curvy self — i love the more grounded feeling of 'more me'. and i'm also back into a more active lifestyle and am becoming more fit again, and will be less curvy soon. (i was derailed for a bit by a fire and some other events.) i appreciate this spectrum in my self, and my partner should too. so please only apply if a range of "fit to a-little-extra" appeals to you.
What I’m doing with my life
interior designer running my own studio. beginning to design furniture, and starting to make sculpture again after a long hiatus.

looking to make a difference . . . thinking about trying to start a 'habitat-for-humanity'-like organization focusing more on interiors. did my thesis at CCA, in the interior architecture program, on prison environments with the understanding that they are not transformative and not helpful to society long range. spent time with inmates and staff at a max-security correctional facility for my research - incredibly interesting, and incredibly horrifying.

have been to burning man several times and loved my experiences there, but i CAN live without the playa and think it's inane when someone says they cannot. (yet i still think about going, and i love a good "burner" or dance party.)
I’m really good at
parallel parking
drawing parallels between seemingly unrelated things
conceptual thinking
sarcasm (not the mean kind – oh okay – the mean kind too, but only in private)
and using the word parallel, apparently
The first things people usually notice about me
my eyes, my neck, my height
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
it's always changing, but some favorites are:

dune, all other frank herbert, hyperion, malcolm X, dan millman, lao tzu, secrets of the talking jaguar, the god of small things, invisible cities, the poetics of space, neruda, anything by dennis lehane, most stephen king, melville (took me a long time to appreciate him), the next industrial revolution (essay by william mcdonough), some writings by noam chomsky, many essays by ralph waldo emerson, writings by or biographies about designers or artists i admire . . .

'being there' is, hands down, my all-time favorite movie . . . blade runner, aliens, american beauty, dave chappelle's block party, lawrence of arabia, rivers and tides, all the real girls, upside down, doing time doing vipassana, ben hur, inside man, i'm sure there are many more i'm forgetting in this moment . . .

lately listening to a lot of old and new red hot chili peppers (they're an all-time favorite) . . . the talking heads, the beastie boys, and van morrison are probably the other top favorites . . . led zeppelin, pink floyd, mos def, pretty lights, miami horror, tame impala, little dragon, fitz and the tantrums, everything but the girl, muse, roxy music, LCD soundsystem, nirvana, coltrane, miles davis, ben webster, erykah badu, me'shell ndegécello, CSN, the white stripes, wilco, tribe called quest, tom waits, david bowie, shelby lynne, ella fitzgerald-louis armstrong, cesaria evora, thievery corporation, moby, michael jackson, bassnectar, morphine, nina simone, mark growden . . . stuck lately on an old faith no more song for some reason – "evidence"; and on the pretty lights song "finally moving remix"

(i have a great talking heads story . . . ask me . . . )

a really good burger with a really good zin, flytrap, absinthe, fresca, country station (now gone), this little indescribable thai place, the coast cafe . . .
Six things I could never do without
my laptop (i know it's so cliche), my toothbrush, sunlight, rain, a bad-ass sense of humor, my friends, a really good red wine, NaCl, color, dirt and a way to clean it off, contrast, compassion . . .

I spend a lot of time thinking about
the past
the future
the universe
my next dinner party
On a typical Friday night I am
home working
home mixing up materials in search of some aesthetic connection
out dancing
out at a gallery
out for an amazing meal with friends drinking a fabulous red wine
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i'm a geek (design geek, sci-fi geek, mac geek, and i'm sure a few other kinds of geekdom apply to me)
You should message me if
i suppose i could write a lot about what i'm looking for, but the most amazing men in my life have never fit my "ideal" description . . . so i'll just say i'm looking for someone who is insanely smart, fun, inspired, interested (as opposed to just interesting), compassionate (truly), sexy (and comfortable sexually), creative, kind, and also definitely a little bit wicked. (being dive certified, and interested in going diving anywhere and everywhere is a huge plus!)

[i try to get back to people who write me, but i run my own business and time is precious. if you contact me and i don't respond, my apologies – just means i'm buried . . . and best of luck in your search . . . ]
The two of us