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My self-summary
(In memory of the lady who found me - and decided to leave this world way too early)

Yes - the trend is indeed good. I may even be able to offer something substantial again.

I am a scientist. I laugh at the world, while thinking it has gone mad long before I was born, finding tremendous amounts of pleasure in this bewildering mayhem we call Earth.

I am in some respects old-fashioned - I do not panic in formal settings, I do not get scared by holding the chair for my dear sitting down, I know how to waltz...etc.) In other respects I place my foot where it belongs on tradition and history and conservatism. Please me with a curtsey - or with a stringent comment on why many liberals do think they are so liberal while they are clinging to the concept without any resistance or real meaning. That is more interesting than bashing the easy "narrow-minded" victim. Hence, I sometimes think that Stewart/Colbert can be pricks (but must be said - usually very funny, timely and smart pricks).

I simply love paradoxes. Or rather, I find much pleasure in making paradoxes go away. Paradoxes are the fuel for moralism - making the narrow-minded narrow their field of vision even further. Paradoxes are the reflections of lack of understanding. So - to hell with paradoxes.


My singularly happiest day of my life occurred in late August 1991. I was all new to the city and did not know anyone and had just moved into a 9m2 small student studio "flat. I walked into the lecture-hall with 300 other students for my very first lecture at university. Reconstructed antique music from Greece flowed from the speakers. And I had my first lecture in the philosophy of science. And I knew I had "come home" at the age of 20. That night I cried from joy.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working as scientist, trying to save the world (or rather, trying to understand it) - in addition to everything else.

I have visited 5 continents - for those who find that interesting.

I have also spent prolonged periods (more than a few months) in places like the UK, France, Switzerland and Nepal. If that makes any sense.

I have a letter from Dalai Lama exclaiming i am probably a reincarnated Tibetan (jupp - true) but I have no religious inclinations myself.
I’m really good at
Being curious, learning, teaching...

I read really fast. And I am good at finding beauty in what seems like noise.

I am not bad at finding joy in what most would call boredom or solitude - even in public.

I'm also pretty good at smiling

I am rather good at seeing the derivate of stuff. Things may change - and instead of wondering about the difference between before and after states, I find it more amusing to wonder about what is between the before and after.

I also think that I am good at seeing the goodness of this world. Which means that I like to sit in cafés a lot. In a good café one can see a father come in with his kid; students working on an essay, a composer reading trough a partiture. Friends warming up to go out. Couples on a first (or later) date. Or just somebody finding a few minutes escape from the world with a coffee or glass of wine while reading a paper.

The goodness of the world is found in cafés (and in art - see below).

But then my family did own and run a café (almost like a 1950's diner from potential US friends) from 1917 to my grandmother closed it when I was 10. I may be biased.
The first things people usually notice about me
that i am a clever little devil behind that easy-going smile.

(that may in fact be the second thing people may notice - the first thing is more likely the smile)

Many people seems to think I am serious. Clever people notice that I am often not so serious.

I really do not like the word "procrastination". The Indonesians have a much better expression for it: Menunda-nunda. Just listen to it. It is one of the few words that make perfect sense in any language. The Indonesians have invented a word that makes intuitive sense - whereas the other word sounds like we are up for castration. I am good at quality menunda-nunda and think it is valuable and creative time well spent.

The first thing you noticed about me is probably that I visited your profile. I may not have left any words. That is not because I did not like what I found, because browsing profiles on OKC often makes me regain hope for humanity (and - sometimes loosing it again). The reason for not leaving you a message is most likely because of involved physical distance, and because I thought that your inbox probably is filling up with messages from more wonderful and proximal gentlemen than me. If you think I should have left you a note despite the distance, please let me know. Oh - and thank you for allowing me to have a peak into your life. It is lovely!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I will return to this as there is so much to choose from

But art in any form is important.

I do prefer modern literature and art – let us define that as being from the 20th century, give and take a few decades. Most of my library originates post WWII. Some favorites that you may heard about/read yourself: Midnight Children (Rushdie) - the second best book ever written, Bone People (Keri Hulme), Foucault's Pendulum (Umberto Eco). I like Paul Auster. I had a huge magical realism Phase. I guess it kind of went out of fashion? and definitely most that Douglas Adams and Bill Bryson have ever written - just because I like smart funny people. The only book I have considered burning is the Alchemist (Coelho). Seriously. (...book-burning is one of the most offensive things I can imagine). The Physics of Glaciers by Patterson - that is one good book (if you wish to learn about, say, subglacial strain-rates, temperature convection in ice and mechanics of ice movement it is a must-read).

The best book ever written is, however, The Birds by Tarjei Vesaas. Please do not think Hitchcock now! It is a disaster it never won the Nobel Price. Unfortunately for most of the world it is written in Norwegian - so beautiful, with so much texture and layers and embedded symbolism I think something must be lost in translation, even though it has existed in English since the 60s. It is however still the best book ever written. Read it.

Here is a strange fact – almost all I read is written by men. This is not from principle – just an empirical fact. Exceptions exist of course – I enjoy both Nadime Gordimer and Siri Hustvedt (and Keri Hulme, of course, to mention three). I am not sure why.

Films range from ArtHouse to Hollywood productions. I tend not to need to label good stuff. And I tend not to be too analytical about art – it's a free space where I can just enjoy (or not) what I see (the Alchemist being a note-worthy "not" - but then that book does not qualify as art in the first place)

Modern ballet, where I have many friends working. Classical music ranging from baroque to Philip Glass (I grew up learning to play church-organ – an instrument not very handy to take to Uni - and I did not have the talent to be really good).

If you do not yet realize that you like contemporary classic music I dare you to search for Arvo Pärt on youtube. You may start with Alina (piano), Tabula Rasa (orchestra), Stabat Mater (vocal) or if you feel sad and need to cry your tears out try "Cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten". You may thank me later.

Jazz – especially the newer concepts of it – moving towards pure noise or electronica or the darker sides of metal or folk. You make sense of it.

Art is good – it reminds me that the human race is more than destructive.

Food - well - bring it on. Eating Dalbat in a remote Nepalese village is good. So can food served in a fancy restaurant be - like a slice of bread in the evening is.
Six things I could never do without

I can provide myself if needed in some post post-modern world.

Friction. Friction is important. Not only because I am "walking on ice". What would one do without the friction of a touch? Or the friction of feeling, thought or a different but enlightening opinion? Could we ever hope to learn or experience anything without friction and the resistance it gives us? Friction is underrated. If one embrace friction it becomes smooth.

Hope is the concept I can not do without.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My science

Why curiosity is thought to kill cats

Dominance as caring kindness and expression of love

The beauty of receiving submission as a gift when it carries absolute personal integrity

"We have not succeeded in answering all our problems. The answers we have found only serve to raise a whole set of new questions. In some ways we feel we are as confused as ever, but we believe we are confused on a higher level and about more important things." E.C. Kelley, 1951.

What is written below is for people who love ranting - if you do not like silly horizontal reflections, please skip to next section:

This is relevant for anyone on a dating site (and who like scientists with a sense of humor). Peter Backus (a post-grad in math from London) used the Drake equation (used to calculate the potential for intelligent alien life in the Universe) to calculate the statistical chance of meeting his love, by taking into account age-range, chance of being single, being attracted to him (and vice versa), education-level, interests etc. His conclusion?

there are 26 potential girlfriends in the UK for Backus. The good news is that the odds of him finding a partner are 100 times better than Drake finding a communicative alien civilisation. The bad news is that no-one yet has discovered a communicative alien civilisation.

So, on a given night out in London there is a 0.0000034 per cent chance of meeting one of these special people. That’s a
1 in 285,000 chance.

Statistically, this can be boiled down to the idea that if we meet 10 people every day - we are in shooting distance of finding one true love within a typical life-time.

Now, you may find this depressing. I think it underscore a good case for really care and devote oneself when we are so lucky that we beat the odds. Love is precious :)

I am not sapiosexual. And I have a strong feeling that most of the people who put that in their profile is not either. Since I have taken a hobby-interest into the "phenomenon", I have noticed something that I urge people to check out: Did you also answer "no" to the match-question "can overweight people be sexy"? That does not really compute. Did you define a preferred height for the person you search? Any mention of facial hair (or hair on the skull?), a wish for the person to be fit, healthy or any other physical trait?

If so, I think it is important to note that to have had a big crush on i.e. the late Carl Sagan - who was handsome, rich, successful, charming, world famous AND rather smart - does not qualify as being sapoisexual. That is rather more like saying "I want a successful, handsome, fit, charming, funny person who is also able to hold a conversation/has read a book/can match my own intellect"

What will the next hit be? My suggestion is "I am Ludosexual". (For those curious Ludo is the base-form of "Ludens" used in "Homo Ludens" - aka the "playful human". Consequently Ludosexual should mean anyone who likes to be sexually playful...Do we really need all these latin terms?
On a typical Friday night I am
Stupid question. Instead I will share something that I think carry some interesting insight - associated with what one may do on a Friday night:

I have a friend who had a project trough a winter back in '93 or so. When hanging out in this student-driven 'radical' rock-bar he walked up to unknown girls and simply asked "do you want to go home and fuck like crazy?" - nothing else.

He found that statistically he would have to ask about 90 girls before getting a positive response. I find this very very intriguing and funny, being RW fuck-spamming before Internet dating was invented! I think there is some useful insight to be found in this story. Especially for anyone who is spending time online. On a dating site.

Personally I am more in accordance with a quote from the movie "Shortbus":

'I used to want to change the world. Now I just want to leave the room with a little dignity"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
what is considered private these days?

I never had a LTR with someone younger than me. (But that is probably not a statistically robust finding)

I do try follow this proverb: "A boy makes his girl jealous of other women, a gentleman makes other women jealous of his girl".

If you have heard about the Kakapo - and has an instinctive understanding of how these lovely creatures must feel in their longing for love (or, well - mating in their case really; we do not want to anthropomorphize parrots who do not fly), then you know how I feel.

If you do not trust me - trust Douglas Adams:

You should message me if
That is for you to answer.

Update - if you think this Norwegian reality-show (webcasted day and night for the next three monte (counting from March 2014) is the best ever. I mean - one bar, lots of birds and tits, males trying to impress with their feathers....seriously - you may write. I will love you.

Link: http://www.nrk.no/piipshow/

If you have some idea why 90% (or so) on this site who define themselves as having a D/s-inclination are also defining themselves as poly-lifestylers. That is a question I can maybe wrap my mind around but never the less wonder about.

If you think this profile is not a joke - but still funny.

You should probably not write me if you think D/s and feminism are mutually exclusive. If you think they are mutually dependent, please write. In summary - I do not trust nor hang out with people who think that organized/structural discrimination based on gender or ethnicity is a good idea.

If you think paradoxes are over-rated, and think paradoxes are commonly caused by lack of insight and understanding - please write.

Please be adviced - I walk around with a strong sensation of having one love left in me. Hence, I do embrace new friends and experiences, but I do not do part-time/side-kick projects well. They may make me bite.

Let me finally share the following conversation as an apologize to all ladies receiving less than elegant proposals here on OKC. The following excerpt is by no means unique:

"her" (first message)
I'm extremely horny right now:) Do you think you can get me off, master?

Lovely. Thank you for calling me master and wanting to use me as a human vibrator. :-) your respect for me is amazing. Allow me to respect you back on the same level. I am sure that you will cum with or without me. Even though I do not care much. Thank you again for being such a respectful lady for my person and profile. Good luck with your orgasm

I would like to cum with you directing me, master.

Thank you for understanding my deepest wish. Thank you for understanding that the meaning of my life is to direct strangers into orgasm
Thank you for making me feel so special and rare
I am in awe for how much i must mean for you.
I can not remember the last time I got such a beautiful compliment

Hmm, you sound a bit submissive now. Are you being sarcastic? Did not mean to offend you at all:)

This is exactly what I have lived for as 20 years of hoping to be taken as Master. I am so proud. And yes. I may be just a tad sarcastic now
:-) Thank you again for showing me such deep respect
You must be a deeply loving and caring girl. Am am humbled by your love :-)

OK, sooo we are an ocean apart and obviously not finding a common language. I have to admit I' m curious about M/S but nobody here that I can find is willing to explore:) That is all. Not trying to get/offend/etc to you or anything:)

I may confess that... Well... Fun that you are horny now... But honestly... Imagine this... Your approval did not make me go crazy with lust. Just write how horny you are for any American boy. I am sure you will cum like hell
I can do that:) ...

Great :-)

I'm already way wet

Now I feel so proud

what about you? what really turns you on?

Thank you for making me feel so special.
Have you seen the blog where girls post really sad messages from men on okc?

No, not really. Is this a warning from you?

No, it kind of turns me on thinking that you allow me to share as man.. Something equally worthwhile on that blog. as an example
Not a warning. Just laughing so hard i tear.


....and such are some days as man too on OKC.

I hope you enjoy seeing that the eloquence of men are lovely mirrored by females.

I share this in the name of gender equality.

PS. Every year or so someone seems to "like" my profile by giving it a star or two. For your information I am not A-list member so I have no clue who this someone may be. Please forgive me for never writing a word of thank you for the compliment - as I do not know who you may be.
The two of us