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My self-summary
So anyone wanna see some kind of live performance this weekend or meet at the gym or at the museum after work , or sit outside, have some food, have a drink, and talk for a while?

Urban-type professional guy here. Been in the area now a little more than three years but still feel pretty new. Keep pretty busy at the office and the gym and running and with occasional travel but still eager to make friends here in the RTP area.

I've very recently realized that I am seeking to develop a life partnership with someone who shares a lot of my same values. That process could take a while.

Until then, I'm just wonderin if there's any one out there who might be interested in just meeting for a cupla drinks or a trip to a museum or a mall and maybe somethin to eat and then go from there, and, as ridiculous as this might sound on a site like this, long term, I’d like to find some one who would just like to just take a walk with me, help me pick out shoes and clothes, go grocery shopping with me, and I’d definitely love having people to vacation with me.

For special occasions, I’d like to have some one who wants to dress me up for Halloween (I don't have very good fashion sense), do a little Christmas shopping with me, watch the Tony Awards with me, and watch fireworks with me on the Fourth of July. I’d like to have some one who would like to see the Nutcracker and Swan Lake with me. I’d actually like to get married some day.

For less special occasions, I'm looking for people who won't pull away from me when I have a cold, for people who are more interested in me than the tv or their handheld device, people who will take a nap with me (maybe it will lead to other things) or maybe just hang around and let me take a nap, and people, who if choose to watch tv while I'm around will at least ask and consider what I might find interesting on tv. Ability and desire to engage in shared decision-making with me and ability and desire to share mutual support are both high on the list for me for long-term relationships.

I like to sit outside in the sun, either for a cup of coffee, breakfast with a friend and a newspaper or two, for drinks and dinner in the evening, or even with a beer at a Friday night Bulls Game with fireworks!

I love to exercise. I exercise a lot. I go to the gym almost every night, once or twice most weekends and also sometimes on weekday mornings. I participate in a morning boot camp. I also take various mind/body/core classes about four times a week so if anybody ever wants to join me for about any kind of exercise, I would love having someone to join me for about any kind of exercise. Also, because I exercise so much, I also eat frequently and in large amounts so if anyone ever wants to join me for something to eat, I would love having someone join me for something to eat!

I also like to have fun. I am always eager to meet other interesting, like-minded people in person for fun, friendship and new experiences especially in the RTP area and other areas where I happen to be traveling for work/fun.

I was travelling a lot for work for a while, but I’m hoping some year to have enough free time to some day compete in a sprint distance triathlon. I still have a lot of preparing to do though. I do like to swim although I’m not particularly good at it. I'd like to find an adult swim class some where nearby. I also have been looking for a local club or group for novice bodybuilders so if any one is aware of a local club or group for novice bodybuilders, please let me know.
What I’m doing with my life
Well, I work a lot. I work in regulatory affairs in the chemical industry. I've moved around quite a bit in the last few years. I'm still a fairly recent career transplant from the far northern suburbs of Chicago. I’ve been hoping that this site might help me meet a few new people as I’ve never really adjusted to suburban living. I’m looking for people who want to spend time with me.

I’m still not real familiar with the area. I’m still hoping to learn about the restaurant scene in the area but its hard living and working out of the city so for now, I’d like to be able to just jump in my car, leave my office, and be able to just meet some one not too far away for a late dinner and a cupla drinks. I love eating out in restaurants, almost any kind of restaurants as long as they have table service, even dive restaurants as long as they have table service. I especially like restaurants that have table service outside especially now that the weather is warm and the sun is shining.

What I'm seeking from relationships seems to me like it should be fairly common, but in the past cupla years has been almost impossible to find.

I like sharing good food, good drink and good conversation with one or more friendly faces and I enjoy sharing mutually pleasurable sexual experiences with one or more people as well. I'd like for both types of experiences to be a routine part of my life and ideally for both types of experiences to be shared routinely with the same one or more people. On most weekends, I'd like to wake up naked with one or more other naked people in bed with me, cuddle for a while, then have breakfast together.
I’m really good at
I'm kind of like Julia Child in at least one regard but not in the way that you might think. Shortly after moving to Paris when asked what she most enjoyed and at what she most excelled, Julia replied, "Eat." Well, superlatives aside, I definitely love to eat.

I’m not very domestic, that is, I’m not very good at cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry. In fact, I'm one of the world's worst housekeepers. However, I do admire people who are good at these things, and I can be a pretty good helper, errand-runner, and list maker. I usually stay on top of things, but every once in a while, I end up on the bottom. I’ll only let a very special person get on top of me. I’m a little bit of a homebody and not much of a late night person, but I do like to Travel and see stuff, eat at restaurants (I could write a whole section on restaurants), see live entertainment (just not too loud), and dance (just not too late).

As far as exercise goes, in the past, I liked to water ski, snow ski, golf, play tennis and go to the gym a lot but frequent moves have made maintenance of most of these skills very difficult. I have finally gotten in the habit of going to a new gym (the RTP FITNESS CONNECTION) and regularly attend a 6am boot camp and also pilates and yoga classes in addition to my usual, cardio and lifting.
The first things people usually notice about me

Hard to say...

Probably the first thing that people mention is my smile.

A lot of people comment on my facial hair.

However, I think that people are most likely to notice that I tend to wear old shoes and baggy clothes. :-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Lotsa stuff! Short List of things that fit into multiple categories: Broadway, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Lord of the Rings, and about anything by Shakespeare. I'd be curious to know if people think this combination is either odd or eclectic.

For food... well I try to eat healthy but I don't like to cook.

My real favorite is tofu and brown rice which is sometimes hard to find in restaurants. Current favorites are Spring Rolls and Cafe Asia which are both on Six Forks in Raleigh.

I do have a few weaknesses which are:

Really good pizza with lots of sauce and lots of cheese and a really good crust and

burritos, bruschetta, pasta, ice cream

Going out for breakfast on the week ends

Really good, really strong coffee (I like coffee even when it's not that good or not that strong, but I really like coffee when it's really good and really strong!)

Pretty much any thing with tomatoes in it and/or on it and any kind of fish

Indian cuisine
Chinese restaurants
Diners and coffee shops
Kosher (dairy) food
Elaborate breakfasts (Especially late morning weekend breakfasts at diners or breakfast buffets at European hotels)
Enchiladas, vegetarian tamales, fish tacos, and chili rellenos
Almost any thing made from corn meal
Eating (but not preparing) home prepared meals
Vegetarian cuisine (especially vegetarian soups, especially chilled soups like gazpacho in the summer time)
Fish, pasta (especially puttanesca), vegetables, and fruit
Really good hot tea (not the kind that comes in tea bags)
People who like to buy and cut up fruit
All kinds of fruit (except for apricots, watermelon, and raspberries)
Crispy potatoes (fried or baked). Any one on here like to make oven fries?
All kinds of cuisine (especially garlic)

I'll eventually be more specific about music.
Six things I could never do without
Water (I drink a lot of water)

food (I eat a lot of food)

sleep (I think I need more than most people and definitely function better when my sleep is more routine)

wireless access, coffee, and sex
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What I want out of life and how to go about getting it.

What I want to say in this profile more specifically that I've let it get too long and really need to spend some time editing it.

Sitting outside in the sun having coffee and breakfast and looking at art books.

How much I enjoy hot weather.

When I'm finally gonna break down and get a smart phone.

Aside from that, I spend too much time thinking about things that are happening at work. Some other things I like:

Long, hot showers
Wearing shoes without socks (when its warm enough)
Long-sleeved t-shirts (actually any kind of t-shirts especially if they're really old or really tight.)
In room coffee makers
On a typical Friday night I am
At the gym at first. Ideally, I'll be meeting somebody afterwards for dinner, some drinks, and ????? afterwards. Anybody available?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not very neat.

I like to wear tidy whities and old t-shirts.

Also, I don't like cars as much as most people. I don't like to drive. I lived carless for many years in Philadelphia. I don't tend to recognize people's cars or makes or models of cars (mustangs, beetles, and cavaliers are the exceptions), and I tend to put off auto maintenance for longer than most people think is appropriate. I also don't find cars a particularly interesting topic of conversation. There, I said it.
You should message me if
Feel free to message me for any reason but especially if you've got some free time now and would like to get together some time soon for a meal, a snack, some drinks, a movie, some kind of live performance, a museum visit, some dancing or some other combination or if you have any other ideas to share. Or if you'd like to go clothes shopping with me. I need some help! I had a guy tell me recently that it's fun to help other people with clothes shopping cause you don't have to spend your own money.
The two of us