29Trabuco Canyon, United States
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My self-summary
If conversations about and/or the exploration of art, philosophy, spirituality, sex, sexuality, anthropology, culture, social dynamics, psychology, education, food, history, religion, politics, economics, scientific discovery, travel, science fiction/ fantasy/comics, literature....(the list goes on) do not interest you, read no further!

I am:
A man of the world; well traveled, well read, and well groomed.
A wild rover; at home in the wilderness, the urban metropolis, the suburban sprawl of south OC, the beaches of Saint Pete, next the mountains of Colorado.
An educator; dedicated to the betterment of the human condition, be it a single child or the spices at large, via the art of learning.
An artist; working to bring beauty into the world through the expression of my mind and actions of my body.
A lover; sensual, compassionate, clean, safe and if you ask for it creatively kinky.

I want:
Companionship; be it as friend, co adventurer, casual lover, partner in intoxication, life-partner, soul-mate.

I am a Gentleman of the world, I've spent a a lot of time both within and beyond the Orange Curtain (Belfast N. Ireland, Alaska, Iceland, Columbia and Florida, just to name a few), and have made it my mission to experience, learn from and enjoy as many of life's opportunities as I possible during my short stay on this Earth of ours.

I've been called a renaissance man on more than one occasion, and while I do enjoy attending renaissance festivals (in costume of course), I believe the label stems from my insatiable curiosity and fondness for the acquisition and application of esoteric knowledge and skills, both modern and anachronistic. My greatest passion is for the cultivation and creative expression of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

As a Gentleman, I believe that the ability to communicate respectfully and articulately, to support and defend one's self and family, and to engage meaningfully with the cosmos are essential life skills. I also believe that life is enjoyed most in good company, hence this profile. I hope you enjoy it, and take the time to communicate with me! :D
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently a fishmonger at my local organic market. Before that I was working at a bar near the beach, and before that I was working with my cousin making amazing micaceous pottery and cookware, before that I was a history teacher at a private school in Irvine CA, doing my best to provide students with a knowledge for life. Now that i'm not reading, writing or grading school work, I am usually working on a craft project of one kind or another. Metal, wood, leather, hemp, fabric, plastics, you name it I can probably fabricate it. I enjoy Netflix as much as the next modern media consumer, If i'm feeling bookish, I have a library of books that I've collected from college days and my many adventures abroad, which I raid every so often in order to expand my mind as well as my functional vocabulary. When hungry, I make the most of my culinary skills in any available kitchen or grill. For more sociable leisure I look to swing dancing, table top RPGs (D&D), pub trivia nights, or any other adventure that comes to mind. Speaking of adventure, wilderness excursions (hiking/camping), expeditions to far off lands (road trips/ international travel), and exhibitions of physical prowess (martial arts/ flow training) happen as frequently as possible!
I’m really good at
Being myself, building and fixing things, telling stories, cooking, Swedish massage, listening, sex, being a genuine human being!
The first things people usually notice about me
How good I look in my leather hat and beard? And or my generally positive and playful attitude :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite books: World mythology is a passion of mine and Joseph Campbell is one of my all time favorite authors; The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Robert A heinline; stranger in a strange land, the cat who walks through walls, the moon is a harsh mistress, for us the living, Robert Jordan's wheel of time series, J.R.R. Tolkien's the hobbit and lord of the rings, Orson Scott Card's enders game and speaker for the dead, George R.R. Martin's a song of ice and fire series (Game of Thrones), Ovid's metamorphosis, Beowulf, T.H. White's the once and future king, the art of war, the book of five rings, treasure island, the count of Monte cristo, how the Irish saved civilization, pedagogy of the oppressed, she comes first... And so on ;D

For movies, my favorites include all of the star wars films, the lord of the rings trilogy, hook, labrynth, the Indiana jones trilogy, the boondock saints, my neighbor totoro, snatch, swing kids, almost any comic based movie, galaxy quest, inglorious bastards, pulp fiction, crouching tiger hidden dragon, the Harry potter series, the underworld trilogy, most James bond films (preferably staring sean connery)... The list goes on.

my shows include, Firefly, Spartacus, Sons of Anarchy, Vikings, House of cards, Star Trek (any/all), Avatar: the last air bender, Full metal Alchemist, The Blacklist... and many more.

As for music I like a lot of things, SoCal punk, Celtic punk, classic rock, hard rock, Irish folk, swing, jazz, blues, electro, dubstep, and classical, I'm pretty eclectic. Some examples include beats antique, the Beatles, the Fenians, me first and the gimme gimme's, daft punk, the dubliners, rancid, dropkick murphies, rage agains the machine, Johnny cash Mumford and sons, the real mckenzies, metalica, disturbed, credence clear water revival, big bad voodoo daddy, avenged sevenfold, trans-siberian orchestra, the jive aces, stone temple pilots, cage the elephant, bad religion, red hot chili peppers, green day... Just to name a few :)

When it comes to food, I love the diversity of human culinary creativity, and trying new things. Some favorites include Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Filipino, American, Irish... I pretty much love it all :)

Ps I think it's hilarious when the only books people list are those they were required to read in high school ;D
Six things I could never do without
My Clan (family/friends)

Opportunities for meaningful interaction (mental, physical, or spiritual)

Freedom of expression

Access to wild places

Blissful states of Consciousness

I spend a lot of time thinking about
What to do next?
How to be the best me.
Craft ideas and how to make them real.
The intricacies of the cosmos.
Humanity, where we've been, where we are, where we are headed (I'm an anthropologist and a teacher).
Where I might find the woman of my dreams?
On a typical Friday night I am
Celebrating my freedom from the toils of the week now over! By swing dancing, getting into whatever shananagins I can muster! Or simply relaxing at home, partaking of some cannabis and enjoying some quality cinema ;p
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Beneath my rugged, masculine, intellectual, goofy exterior beats the big squishy heart of a true romantic ;P
You should message me if
You are willing to invest in a respectful and stimulating conversation over coffee, tea, or a pint, which may lead to a new relationship (friendly and/or intimate)
You want to go on an adventure (swing dancing, hiking, watching a movie, cooking a meal, playing a game, soaking in a hot tub, shopping for sex toys... )
You're cannabis friendly,
You are sex positive,
You like men with beards ;D
The two of us