60Alameda, United States
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My self-summary
Blessedly cursed with being smart, funky, artistic, and honest. A public health “warrior” by day who welcomes the weekends to play. I realize in this high-speed technological world, the more definitive is needed, so enter my world below at your own risk.
BTW---I don’t subscribe to the “A” list so unless you directly email me, I don’t know you are interested.
What I’m doing with my life
Working stiff…countdown begins on Monday until TGIF. After hours: A waterdog... swimmer, sailor, scuba diver, kayaker. I volunteer once a month on weekends for waterway safety patrols to aid boaters who might need assistance. I’m on high-powered boats for the patrols. Although I’m a tiny sailboat owner, I have to admit I love those airborne moments flying off a wave.

Speaking of speed, my other happy time is biking, but let me clarify; I’m not a “spandex warrior” biker but a “tee shirt and cutoff shorts” biker. I refer to my bike as my “horse”…. And I so enjoy the wind in my face.

Overall, I enjoy a little of everything…occasionally theater, museums, dancing, ball games, shows, etc. All in moderation, I’m not fanatic about any one thing and absolutely enjoy new experiences. I like to be out and about. I’m not one to sit home. And in the past, an adventurer I have been and I hope to continue to be into the future.
I’m really good at
Reading the energy in people
Being clear--communicating
I love learning—e.g., enjoying the logistics of how anything works from harvesting walnuts to putting together a big event—thus a willingness to listen to people tell me what they do, even if it’s not related to what I do.
Staying healthy—e.g., some days it is a push but no matter what my mind thinks, my car will not let me drive home after work without stopping at the pool. Once water-borne, I slip into my own orbit and happiness is…
The first things people usually notice about me
i'm clueless....You tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Love to read, wish I had more time….there will always be a current pile by my bed or the bathtub. Whoops, no longer bathtub, I’ve switched to audiobooks because my reading glasses steam up---really annoying. An ex-pat friend turned me on to my first audiobook, “Shantaram", and WOW it was awesome...I felt like I was back in India.
Finally got to see two of my all time “fav” authors speak… John Irving (guess which is my favorite book of his) and Tom Robbins.

TV: I watch some TV. There have been some great shows (bummer—they cancelled “Dead Like Me”, “Battle Creek”) and there are still some really great shows (e.g., “True Detectives”, “Big Bang”…I can’t stop laughing, they really exist; I went to school with those types.) I have noticed it gets harder and harder for me to be totally into some… I’ve seen so much “real” in my lifetime, it’s hard to suck me in totally.

Podcast: In the silence of BART, I’ve been know to shamelessly laugh out loud listening to a podcast of “Wait Wait, Don’t tell me.”

Movies: I love a good genre (e.g., suspense, thrillers) of movie with a plot and/or character development. BUT unless really absorbing, I tend to remember the sound score better than the movie itself….first movie that I saw that I realized this about myself, Clint Eastwood’s “Fistful of Dollars”….knocked me out! I bought the sound score the next day.

Food: Life is too short to be picky about food. I enjoy eating out occasionally; I spend Sunday mornings preparing my weekly umgahwhaaaa ... that gets me through the work week….. Everybody at work laughs about my umgahwhaaa…

Travel: I’m well traveled and have worked in the bowels of America and developing countries (e.g., India, Africa). In the mid-1990s, backpacked through parts of Africa on my own.

Music: I was a classically trained musician at one point in my life and I still occasionally tickle the keyboards and pluck a guitar but I stopped dancing on tables years ago. Now I enjoy listening to live music, which brings joy to my soul, blues, rock-n-roll, jazz, classical...AND my all time favorite commercial band is U2... I haven’t missed a concert tour in 30 years...“Public Health Rules”... and Bono never misses a beat... check out my attached photo. :)

Art: Self-taught artist, it’s in my soul—love drawing the human body. Scattered around my eclectic living space are some of my own drawings
Six things I could never do without
sweet and thoughtful people
never being without something to read
dancing to good tunes
international travel
my independence, when needed
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Actually, I live most of the time in the moment. I wish I had more time to be reflective but in the fast paced world we live in now, I’m mainly responsive.
On a typical Friday night I am
Happy to off the "hamster wheel" of work/commuting....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
To you and oh yes, the other zillion people on the net.....?! I used to wear a pocket protecter.
You should message me if
You are willing to tell me bedtime stories, occasionally…

Honesty and integrity are extremely important. Likewise, knowing when to offer or hold my hand at the right moments.
Plus, you are:
1) Well-grounded responsive soul who likes to push the envelope of life;
2) Willing to share some of your day, whether blues or highs with me;
3) Willing to be adventuresome and have an interest in some of my activities;
4) Willing to share some of your activities with me whether the same or different than mine; and
5) Sweet and thoughtful--greatly welcomed.
BUT most importantly, you don’t have to be totally sure of yourself. BTW---Narcissists need not apply.
The two of us