38Carlow, Ireland
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My self-summary

Although my original profile still applies, I feel it is time that I perform a small update to further describe myself and what I am looking for, indeed, I wish to illustrate some points that may have been lost on certain people from reading my original text.

To that end I shall add the following...

I am a Philosopher, in the real sense, if you actually understand this statement you will agree, indeed, perhaps you are one too?

I am a pure nerd/geek and I am seeking the same.
I find wonder and inspiration in Science and Philosophy.
I see and love the great beauty and completeness of Mathematics. I adore Logic.

What I am looking for...

Are you willing and able to, when an issue of the profound comes before us, discuss it, argue it, to really care about it, to not worry about the scene we might be making in the restaurant or to not care if we miss or offend one of the societal norms?
Indeed, are you capable of just sitting there on a park bench (or) in silence for hours until we come to an answer and to not lose interest in the topic because some other mundane issue crept in?

(Or at least sit next to me on the bench allowing your words and presence to soothe me, while I obsess about the problem?)

Do you possess the stamina for prolonged thought? (and not only when something has gone wrong)

Do you enjoy it?

Do you know that you are smarter than those around you, and not just random people, but even your circle of friends?

Are you a member of the very few elite and not of the mass of intellectual peasants?

If you can honestly answer yes to the above questions, then perhaps we may get along.

Incidentally, I care not if I appear arrogant or obnoxious. I care not if you find my words offensive or unnecessary, I do not want or need your approval or your popularity. Am I alienating a large number by my words? Well so be it. I would much rather receive only one more email from one girl, the right girl than converse with a large number I know are just not good enough. I no longer can sit and tolerate the dribble that I have so far be forced to swallow.

I refrain from mentioning physical characteristics because, I have seen far too many profiles on this site with pictures of very attractive girls that I might have found interesting only then to discover after reading a few lines of their non-unique information or their unconsidered responses to questions that they are not for me. So, it matters not what they look like.

The term beauty is used inaccurately and far too much to describe women. Pretty, Cute, Sexy (depending on amount of skin shown?), Glamorous (amount of makeup worn?) may all apply in different situations to different women, but these women are not actually beautiful. In fact, I can think of very few girls/women that I would actually call beautiful. That applies to the dubious celebrity world as well.

Real beauty is so very rare, and therefore so very special. However, if I were to pick somebody it would be Daisy Chute.

The most beautiful flower in the garden.

Individual taste may be subjective, but actual pure beauty is not.

I put it to you however, that a beautiful mind is even rarer than a beautiful girl and therefore more precious, so with that..

I am looking for, and will settle for nothing less than a genius.

What follows now is my original profile...

Hello my name is Wayne. I consider myself an intelligent, passionate and romantic person. I am a lover of beauty, and though it is indeed a subjective term, for me it resides all around, in the laughter of a child, to the smell and sight of a flower, from the colour of the sky at sunrise to its shade at sunset, and all it achieves in between. Time and responsibilities permitting I enjoy walks along a beach gazing out into the sparkling ocean or sitting in the middle of a field looking up at a full moon and the twinkling of a billion stars.

Evidently I like the sky, I guess I am a dreamer, always have been. I spend a lot of time thinking, pondering, wondering what is out there, what is the meaning of life? I adore Philosophy, which I have been studying up to just recently. I am also a lover of history, I am amazed and fascinated by what humanity has achieved and potentially can achieve. I love technology and love contemplating what the future may hold for the human race and indeed what does exist in outer space?

I am fond of museums, drama and theatre and perhaps the odd gallery. I love computers and computer games, and intend to make them my career as I have returned to college once more this time studying computer programming and indeed software engineering. I love the sound of the piano and indeed the violin. To relax I like to listen to music, nice music, soothing music, lately a lot of classical and indeed choral music, although I do also listen to other genres.

I am attempting to avoid repeating some of cliches that get said in these profiles, and I wonder is it really necessary to mention actual specifics of taste or genre in a big long list? I am not sure it is. However, I will assert that I am quite fond of South Park and I do love Sci-Fi (Star Trek TNG, for example) and some Anime. I have seen and highly enjoyed Dara Ó Briain and other comics live a number of times.

End of original profile.

If you have read this far I applaud you. Yes, my profile is intentionally long and indeed it does not follow the traditional okcupid format. A way of filtering out the lesser minds that do not possess the stamina or indeed sincerity to read to the end.

Thank you.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I cannot fathom why people keep insisting on answering this question with … “OH!! I'm not going to tell you that” or “It would not be private if I told you that” or some other non humours mundane variation of the above.

It asks what you are WILLING to admit.

If you are not WILLING to admit anything do not answer it.

For the sake of whatever gods you believe in, do I really need to state this?
You should message me if
...you are someone who is intelligent, someone who is romantic, someone who is kind, caring and gentle and who is able to think for herself and not swayed by popular opinion and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

I would like you to be friendly and easy-going and yet serious at the right time. Someone who is loyal and honest. Someone who is affectionate and who likes lots of hugs and cuddles and physical attention, hand holding, etc. Someone who although living an independent life and successfully, still sometimes wants and needs a man to protect her, to hold her and tell her everything will be alright.

I would like you to share some of my passions, but by all means to have your own as well. I want you to be my soulmate, my lover, and my best friend.

I'm not perfect, you may also not be, but perhaps we are perfect for each other?


You are a Genius!
The two of us