26Raleigh, United States
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My self-summary
I'm basically pre-destined to be your hair guru. I'm a free thinker, lover, and attempt to maintain a positive energy as much as is possible. I am a new mother...and that will always be my first priority. If you like babies we are off to a good start :) I am still in the process of getting back into shape post-baby, so you should be comfortable with that :) I have no definite expectations of what I want from this website...lol. I will say, however, that I'm open to friendships,dating, and possibly a relationship. I pretty much love all types of human...Gender and race are not a factor ever. it's very rare that I don't get along with someone, so don't hesitate to drop a message if you think we'd get along! I appreciate an intellectual mind and I love a person that can carry a good conversation whether it be about something as simple as the weather or something as complex as spirituality or conspiracy theories. I love to see someone with ambition and drive...if we can better ourselves and make life more interesting together, I'm all for that. I am not, however, looking to rush into anything. I believe that when things happen in their purest, most natural form...they can then be truly enjoyed.

Enough of that, though...I almost put myself to sleep...

I like British accents and am fascinated with Indian culture. I love learning about Buddhism, Hinduism, and religion in general. Please, please make me laugh...or we can't be friends. People are too serious these days.
I'm a workaholic, so if you drag me out and make me have a good time you will greatly multiply your chances with me. I'm a cancer, and if you don't know what an indigo child is, look it up. You'll understand me a bit better.

Talk to me about poetry/books, astrology, sex/love, the universe, conspiracy, music, funny things. You should probably note that if I look at your profile and don't message you...it doesn't always mean I am not interested. I'm a busy lady ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Hair...all the time. My career is my passion and there's nothing I'd rather be doing...

Bettering myself mentally, physically, and above all - spiritually.

Trying to work on balancing motherhood, work, "me-time", and possibly you-time ;)

I'm really trying to make it a point to travel more in the near future. There are SO many places I need to experience before I leave this beautiful earth.
I’m really good at
Doing anything with a baby on my hip...really...this should be a division at the Olympics.

I assume I'm good at my job, lol.

I can pretty much imitate any accent really, really well.

I can make out a damn good resume.

Controlling my emotions. It's a strange gift and sometimes... a curse. Lol.

Dancing. Especially if I have glow sticks.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes or my fair skin.
How often my hair changes.
Whatever weird ass necklace I wear that day.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This section could have me typing forever.

Pablo Neruda is my favorite poet. I also love Walt Whitman. As much as I love fiction and literature, I've been prone to read non-fiction/informational books about random things such as health, business, and spirituality lately. I've been craving knowledge. But I do read at least a few poems every day...it's good for the soul.

I enjoy music of all kinds....but mostly-
xxyyxx, sango, Banks, minus the bear, warpaint, thievery corporation, alt-j, active child, fleetwood mac, third eye blind, Maxwell, zero 7, kaki king, common, the weeknd, local natives, everything but the girl, pinback, cults,fleet foxes, the smiths, death cab. Basically anything from trance, ambient/lounge, to folk...I love 90's rock and cheesy 90's club music Some pretty amazing stuff came out of the 70s too.

Any movie that may be considered a mindf*** lol.
Also Hero and Into the Wild.
The office. Parks and rec. Little Britain. Reno 911. (When it comes to TV shows I have the sense of humor of a 16 year old boy lol.)
Also a bunch of random documentaries and independents that you'd probably shoot yourself watching lol.

...Food! I like everything, especially ethnic food (INDIAN plz), and Sushi of course. I love fruit. I was a vegetarian for over a year and plan to try again....eventually. I'm very much into organic/local food and the benefits of consuming both.

I also love art, of course. Especially repurposed art, glass art/mosaics, abstracts and anything that makes me think "how the hell did they ever come up with that!?" I love watercolor.
Six things I could never do without
Julian phoenix.
My extremely practical suv.
Everything I own for the sake of my hair.
My siblings, for sure.
Music that makes me feel.
Whole foods.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I really should do laundry.
The universe. How small we are. How humans work.
The concept of energy...how everything possesses it's own and how it's shared...and especially how it connects people/affects the universe.
Where I am in life, where I'd like to be, how I can get there.
Zodiac signs.
How cold my feet are.
On a typical Friday night I am
Being a grandma at home because I have to work most Saturdays.

On the rare occasion I'm not working the next day, I may go downtown for some overpriced drinks and some bangin' ass food. Preferably from somewhere new, I like trying new things.

erase all that and rewrite "getting baby to sleep and basking in the silence afterwards. :P"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I really don't enjoy being intoxicated very much for some reason.

I have never flown on a plane. ;(
You should message me if
A-You enjoy talking about music, poetry, the universe, movies, etc

B- the glass is half full.

C- you think you might be my spottieottiedopaliscious angel.

One or all of the above works :)
The two of us