33Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
I have dreams. Little by little, I'm doing things to further them. In the meantime I mostly try not to be grouchy. It generally works. Good friends; delicious food; a beer or four; the Michigan Wolverines winning football games and the Kansas Jayhawks winning basketball games; watching movies and talking about them for two hours; getting 9 or 18 in on the golf course on a Sunday; being creative with smart people--all these things help with the non-grouch.
What I’m doing with my life
I work in entertainment. They pay me to read scripts. I want them to pay me to read scripts and tell them what I think about them. I also want them to pay me to write and direct them. That last bit may be a while, so for now I'm doing the white-collar thing because I'm good at it and it pays the bills. The goal is a little less white-collar than that, but then again, I would look damn good in a 3-piece suit telling people on a film set what to do, so maybe if I get where I want to be I'll still dress up. Hoodies are comfy too, though. This turned into a discussion of clothes very quickly. I'm sorry.
I’m really good at
- talking.
- listening sometimes. like super good at it when i don't want to talk. the rest of the time pretty good.
- knowing what i think and translating that into terms other people understand (see: talking).
- trusting my gut.
- taking care of my own. this includes but is not limited to a not-overdramatic but actually quite pleasant sense of chivalry where appropriate.
- playing the guitar poorly.
- yelling at sporting events regardless of whether or not I am actually attending said event.
- yelling at my golf clubs. they are not very good at golf.
- not yelling at humans.
- training a dog to sit. for this i employ copious quantities of dog treats.
- eating delicious burritos.
- dancing. not in an "i will salsa your socks off" kind of way. more of a "let's look like idiots, but idiots who have RHYTHM" kind of way, or a "this is hip hop so i actually don't even look like that big of an idiot!" kind of way.
- writing RIDICULOUSLY LONG LISTS of what "I'm really good at" ugh now I look narcissistic, don't I.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm tall. Also lively (when I'm not grouchy).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I will talk your ear off about movies. If you tell me to shut up, I will, but you might have to tell me from time to time. Favorite is THE THIRD MAN, which I swear is not intentionally esoteric. CASABLANCA. THE GODFATHER. THE TOWN. THE DEPARTED. MICHAEL CLAYTON. THE JERK. STAR WARS. INDIANA JONES. THE LION KING (seriously that movie is very good). THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Favorite this year is probably THE GREY but I've liked a lot of things. As proof my heart is not stone, the chick flick I watched most recently was MORNING GLORY, and I liked it. Also LOVE ACTUALLY you guys because COME ON SO GOOD RIGHT? (<-- this sentence is deadly serious)

The rest quick because I'm tired of listening to myself type:

Books: The Great Gatsby. Of Mice and Men. Shakespeare. I don't read enough and that depresses me. I like Harry Potter a lot. Also The Hunger Games. I'm in the middle of Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner and it's very good. I am also in the middle of 17 other books.

Shows: The Wire. Breaking Bad. Mad Men. 30 Rock. Community. Louie. And I don't do reality much but damn Top Shot is so good.

Music: The National. Fun. TV on the Radio. Kanye West. Jay-Z. Kid Cudi. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Band of Horses. Kings of Leon. And let us not forget the eternal masterpiece that is the first Third Eye Blind album. (<-- also deadly serious)

Food: Anything delicious. Mexican food haters need not apply, as that is a dealbreaker. Thai. Indian. Vietnamese. Italian. American. I will take you to The Bazaar one night and Taco Bell the next, because that is in fact how I roll.
Six things I could never do without
This is totally the dumbest one, right? No? Just me? Ok.

My Volvo. It is bright red and it goes fast.
Family (blood and otherwise).
Vitamin D.

There I did it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to walk places efficiently. How to be better at life. Why stuff is so awesome and how I can be more like that stuff.
On a typical Friday night I am
Drinking beer with my pals at a bar that doesn't suck.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have been known to freestyle rap on occasion. I am not half bad. I have also been known to wear a man scarf.
You should message me if
You take life seriously but not too seriously, you like getting into trouble but not too much trouble, you have common sense, you're confident, you're smart, you have an opinion about things, you like dogs (like actual dogs, not little yappy dogs), this whole thing makes you a little bit nervous but oh what the hell why not there have to be some normal people on here too right?, you like fun but not necessarily mandatory fun, you didn't vote for Mitt Romney, you fucking LOVE burritos, you think you can keep up, and/or, after reading all this, you think I'm super dreamy.
The two of us