57 Montreal, Canada
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My self-summary
There is no one word to describe my personality. I am rarely one way about anything. I am logical and emotional, physical and cerebral, active and sedentary. I am only slightly more rational than creative; visual over auditory.

On many levels I am looking for myself, the round peg in a square world. I am/she is; kind, concerned with the well being of others, communicative, independant, curious, fit and active, courageous, sexual, and fond of laughter.

I am; calm
she is; not so much.

The formula for my happiness is not so secret. If looking at you makes me want to listen to you, and listening to you makes me want to reach out for you..., and you feel the same about me, odds are i'm a happy camper*. All the rest, the things we do to keep the lights on, or keep our minds and bodies oiled and tuned, is extra.

*reference to camping should not be construed as an endorsement of or fondness for, actual camping.
What I’m doing with my life
I am an entrepreneur and have owned bars and restaurants, as well as a private security company. I've spent 15 or so years as a personal bodyguard, and now, being but a shadow of my former self, I am a real estate agent in New York City. Most of what I do these days is via computer, so it can be done from anywhere. I am physically in Montreal.

I enjoy skiing, tennis, fencing, motorcycle racing, cycling, golf, martial arts, bowling...yes, I said bowling....
reading, creative writing, doing nothing, movies and tv, cooking and eating in, dining out, conversation...
I don't need to agree with you to enjoy a conversation. I am always interested in understanding why someone thinks what they think.
I’m really good at
bending probably curves.
hanging with kids
being the exception to the rule
The first things people usually notice about me
Considering my height and complexion, and the fact that I'm usually the only black man in the room, I'm going to go with...my smile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, East of Eden, Love in the time of cholera, The Brothers Karamazov, To Kill a Mockingbird, Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, Hamlet, Calvin and Hobbs, The Discovery of Heaven, High Fidelity, The time traveler's wife, The Wealth of Nations...
Movies: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, The lion in winter, Casablanca, Schindlers list, Amélie Poulain, Truly Madly Deeply, Momentos, Remains of the day, Twelve Angry Men...too many
TV: Game of thrones, House of Cards (US) , Sherlock(UK), Rome, The West Wing (anything by Sorkin), The Big Bang Theory, Shameless, Generation Kill, Grey's Anatomy, Fringe, Battlestar Galactica is perhaps the best tv series ever.
Music: Almost anything, but i do believe that one day the world will come together in a unified effort to stop the spread of country music.
Food: Indian, Italian, vegetarian
The six things I could never do without
I can do without "things", but I would miss...

Visual gratification.
a computer to write with
an instrument to play around with.
a sport to do
a motorcycle to "be" on.
I spend a lot of time thinking about

For the purposes of this exercise; chemistry. How much genetic information must we glean subconsciously even from a cursory glance at a photograph.

I am not looking for someone to look up to, or down to; I am looking for a partner. When I say that, I actually mean exactly that. I am fundamentally a feminist, and as such, not the wooing kind. I'm not interested in putting my best foot forward as I interview for the position of your mate, anymore than I would expect you to. I would like us to simply be who we are. At the end of the day you will look at my picture and I shall look at yours, and if we find one another intriguing then we'll read, and perhaps seek to know even more. That, in my opinion, is as it should be.

I prefer the "like" optio to sending a message to someone who may not be interested in recieving it. You may not see it unless you like me back, but since the person i am seeking is sufficiently proactive to do just that, it all works out.
On a typical Friday night I am
I've never done 9/5, so weekends have no particular significance to me. I'm open to anything and or nothing, as i am every other night of the week.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is not the same as willing to publish. I will confess here though, that my initial, almost allergic reaction to birkenstocks has not waned over time. Besides, I've already admitted that I enjoy bowling.
You should message me if
Your friends tell you you can't use yourself as an example of normal behavior.

You stay friends with your x's

You are young with an old soul or old with a young one. (Which reminds me, Harold and Maude makes the favorite movie). Numbers are of no import, but regardless of age, one should desire to remain fit and active in both mind and body.

You are heteroflexible with great legs and a fondness for public displays of affection.