35Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
a fast walker. a caretaker. a horrible, horrible voice impersonator.
decidedly not vegetarian, and decidedly less vegan... i sometimes feel guilty when i eat salads. (poor vegetables.)
soft spot for butter and cured meats and breakfast sandwiches. seamster of obsolete ideals. incessant crossword puzzler (i usually finish all seven days).
i recently quit my grown-up job. byebye, corporate law. hello, brave new world. i do have three undergraduate majors and two graduate degrees, so please treat me kindly, voluntary unemployment... (also, the brave new world includes finally watching the wire [check] and running the paris marathon [check] and eating my way around nyc... nay, around the world [in progress].)
born and raised in texas. (some say reared, i say raised.) prefer hoodies and flipflops to suits and ties... but wear them with equal regularity.
its been said that i need (new) shoes. its also well known that i despise shopping for myself. most of my wardrobe consists of gifts that, if i had a say in the matter, were too expensive to begin with. (my little brother insists i wear too many neutral colors.)
my height, 5'8" (or maybe even 5'7" plus a fraction on bad days), is the bane of my existence.
an occasionally good storyteller. an occasional whiner. an occasional adventurer. an occasional homebody and hermit. unreasonable distaste for phone conversations -- and cellphones in general.
i think iceberg lettuce is stupid.
i quite dislike hot and humid weather. viva la air conditioning!
one will also notice quickly that i am unreasonably afraid of getting older and becoming overweight.
i make an annual trip to new orleans, but never during peak tourist seasons.
What I’m doing with my life
trying to do something else
I’m really good at
i have a penchant for seeing greener grass everywhere else.

im also good at etiquette. parents tend to like me.
The first things people usually notice about me
it has to be my poofy hair. dammit.

oh, or maybe that id be much cuter if i were much taller?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: the structure of scientific revolutions, manufacturing
consent, a theory of justice, on the shoulder
of giants, the mating mind, blahblahblah.... oh, and calvin and hobbes, winnie the pooh (milne books), nabokov

movies: a man for all seasons; breakfast at tiffanys; good will hunting; y tu mama tambien; harold and maude; titus; lolita; mrs. parker and the vicious circle (occasional pangs of overacting aside); grosse pointe blank; chasing amy; rushmore; imaginary heroes; totoro; the sandlot; the royal tenenbaums; spring, summer, fall, winter; glengarry glen ross; bad boys; searching for sugar man; etc... and sorry, i dont think american beauty or donnie darko were particularly good.

tv: orange is the new black. breaking bad, obviously. and, if i am being honest, pawn stars and storage wars.

music: in serious need of some musical hand-holding. if youre awesome, i may confess what my pandora stations are one day. (aside: as above, this may sound naive or ignorant, but i really REALLY loved "searching for sugar man")

food: its a little hard to describe how much i like basil, cilantro, and pata negra. BUT, fried bananas, fried plantains, banana-flavored runts, pistachios, and most melons make me slightly nauseous. also dont care for mayo or beets.
Six things I could never do without
its the seventh one i really need.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to change jobs, make lots of money doing what i love, retiring, and tackling the worlds problems... in that order.

whether i should surrender my emphasis on manners, politeness, and courtesy. sometimes you really suck, new york.

whether every cute girl on here really is taller than me. that sucks.

why everyone feels compelled to say how long ago they moved here. whether anyone considers themselves not laid back and not down to earth or anyone does not like to have fun. would that be like believing one is actually below average at something?
On a typical Friday night I am
trying to salvage an appreciation for the new york social scene or dangling string in front of two spoiled and mischievous kittens who are either getting too smart or too dumb.

im really quite sure everyone is just as happy staying in as they are going out.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i follow one or two japanese cartoon series.
crap. not sure im ready to admit that. not even to myself.

bonus answer: there are boy-meets-world and saved-by-the-bell shaped holes in my life. update: i just heard boy meets world may have a sequel! my life is nearly complete.

this isnt embarrassing, but in the full spirit of disclosure, i dont own a bicycle. nothing against them, but i seem to be the outlier here.
You should message me if
you might want to take scuba diving or ballroom dancing lessons.
you are a ball of contradictions, but not unreasonably so. logical and emotional. you embody both science and art without needing two masks...
you are not easily intimidated. foodies and oenophiles warrant abundant brownie points. and theres a good chance i might swoon if you wear tanktops, sundresses, and glasses well. spelling skillz are much preferred.
flakiness and unreliability are problematic.
you dont mind that i love spicy foods, despite the fact that they make my face sweat.
you probably know more about music and art than i do, which is fine, but you do not treat knowledge of them as some kind of trophy case.
someone once eloquently put it "a perfect combination of low-brow and high-brow". well said, stranger. well said.
you might have southern or midwestern sensibilities with east or west coast panache.
ive dated a very disproportionate number of lefties. this isnt a requirement, just an observation.
maybe youre dorky and cool enough to play video games on a rare occasion (although i dont own a video game console) and maybe youre uptight and elitist enough to complain when the biscuits and gravy or fried chicken just arent up to par.
everyone says knowing the difference between your and youre, and there, theyre, and their. so, i will say, 1) knowing the difference between "could care less" and "couldnt care less" and 2) having an opinion about the oxford comma.
The two of us