53Baltimore, United States
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My self-summary
1) Very funny and will meet you at least half way, every time.
2) Loyal, honest and sensitive, and have paid the price to be the person that I wanted to be.
3) Authentic, original example of something rare. I know exactly who I am. This sounds like I'm describing a lizard-like creature thought to be extinct found living secretly on an island (Tuatara?), I think that might be charming and accurate.

I promise to strive to be pleasant in my interactions, so go ahead send me a message. This is great alternative to a noisy bar or waiting for lightning to strike.

I am a conceptual thinker, if you are entrenched in literal thinking we might not have much chemistry. Pedantic characters need not read any farther, we will not get along.

It is hard to find someone who has had heavy duty life experiences and has not become wrung out and embittered by them. The key is to still have fun and retain the ability to love someone.

I like strong, creative women who want me to feel good about being who I am. I'm a very good communicator and understand that listening could be the majority of that skill.

The incredible events of my life have left me with some well earned emotional maturity, but I still worship our inner children. I would like to be on your team, or at least your cheerleader. Sensible shoes have always hurt my feet, so I wear boots. Selfish isn't very sexy, but if you don't ask for it you probably won't get it either. They call it the Golden Rule, not the Golden Suggestion. You truly reveal yourself through the way you treat others in intimate relationships.

The existential overtones of choosing to be a kind person feel very real to me. Continuing to strive to be a good person in spite of this world's insistence that I become a selfish moron is the best revenge!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm 53 with no children and never married. My parents both died of cancer during a 11 month period when I was 22 years of age. I was fortunate enough to have a long and crazy career in the Music Industry that more or less fulfilled my early ambitions. My 30 year career had this strange, Forrest Gump-like quality of putting me in close quarters with icons and luminaries at key moments in history. Some of it still doesn't seem real. I was a nationally touring Rock Guitarist in my twenties and owned a Recording Studio and Record Label in my thirties. I spent the majority of my forties in the manufacturing end of the music business.

This was back when your little brother could not do these things over summer vacation on his laptop. If you're keen on mid '90's Alternative Rock you likely know some of the Artists I worked with. There were a couple Gold Records, but this is all ancient history. I'm focused on taking the skills from my past and building a cool future.
I’m really good at
Inspiring others. Seeing potential where others may not. Following projects through to completion. Deluding myself with positive result. Giving others the benefit of the doubt. Picking my battles. Getting guitar tones in the Recording Studio. Surviving the nearly un-survivable, really, I've seen some world class adventures. Knowing which song should be the band's single. Appreciating the somewhat tragic irony of everyday life without whining too loudly.
The first things people usually notice about me
I like to go out and have adventures, and many people become home bodies after turning 30. This means I may very well be the oldest person at the concert or festival. I am quickly becoming the world's most mature juvenile delinquent. I have an incredibly thick head of hair and I might have a beard.

I walk with a slight limp that you may or may not even notice, I often use a cane. My Pimp Stick looks quite stylish, thank you. I get where I'm going just fine. I'm not a slave to any one fashion and I'm as comfortable in a sport coat as I am in my leather jacket.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Jim Varney Biography, The Importance of Being Ernest, was amazing. David and Amy Sedaris. Too much non fiction, too many biographies. I recently reread Fahrenheit 451, it was like a different book!

Although I do not have a TV , I find the rock band Television to be one of my favorites. The Soft Boys, Wreckless Eric, T Rex, Kyuss, Ian Hunter, Nico Vega and The Upper Crust are all genius. The album Pink Flag by Wire maybe my all time favorite, but maybe it's The Idiot by Iggy Pop. Early Roxy Music and Bowie still sound fresh to me. Locally, Lush Pockets, Arboretum and Dope Body are some of my favorites. Really liked Lungfish and Lovenut too.

Fellini's 8 1/2, The Wizard of Oz, Blade Runner and Ernest-Scared Stupid (with Eartha Kitt) entertain me greatly. Wes Anderson, Dali, Luis Bunuel. Any Coen brothers' film will do, but The Big Lebowski was special. Man on the Moon, Ken Russell, The Devils, Any Oliver Reed film except Gladiator. Mr. Del Toro and Peter Greenaway have made some wonderful films. Todd Solondz's Happiness, Welcome to the Doll House. Land without Bread. John Waters, Mel Brooks. Buckaroo Banzia. Giant lizard movies always break my heart, as I end up rooting for the lizard and see 'em as the heroes.

Bon Scott and Screaming Lord Sutch are personal heroes of mine, as are Liberace and Zero Mostel. I am very familiar with Vintage Port wine (Fonseca '74!). I have great passion for almost all cuisine and love to cook. Sushi, seafood and most Asian food kinda top the list.

My favorite wild animals included capybara, axolotl, coconut crabs, star nosed moles, velvet worms and water bears. I'm not a huge fan of centipedes or lampreys. Goats are the coolest farm animals, their pupils freak me out. I love dogs with squished up faces and cats with very short legs. Toads are noble, sacred beings; cicada not so much. I think weird animals are fascinating. I have never met a salamander that I didn't like.
Six things I could never do without
Music continues to save me. Interacting with other people is something I could never do without; I wouldn't last long on a desert island or in solitary confinement. I have found that I can "do without" most "things", including the ones most people list in their answer to this question. Self respect and friendship aren't tangible but are very important to me. I love my friends dearly. Okay, Spell Check and heat in the Winter are pretty very nice indeed. I have always found electric guitars to be fascinating (I built them professionally for a few years). I've already forgotten more about vintage electric guitars and AMC automobiles than one should ever know.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What a study in the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi the last decade has been for me.

If they make olive oil by squeezing the crap out of olives, what do they make baby oil out of?

How our culture is mostly concerned with its own survival and not the quality of life that those living in our culture are experiencing.

How much human suffering is required to manufacture consumer goods that we all take for granted and "why's it gotta be like that".

The 11 dimensions of our Multiverse and my inability to fully comprehend String Theory regardless of how many times it is explained to me. Dark matter changes everything but we'll just have to wait and see.
On a typical Friday night I am
I like to see my friends and hear some live music. Rubbing your back and shoulders. Feeding your cat. Cooking a wonderful meal.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've got some righteous scars! When a small boy at the beach asked me about the origin of a rather large one on my back I told him "It was a shark and it's still out there in the water!". He refused to even get wet that day.
You should message me if
You respect Bob Denver as an existential hero, Homer style.

You have seen and enjoyed a film by either David Cronenberg or David Lynch. You get extra points if you like both of these directors.

...you are a kind soul. You have avoided social dictates and have become anything other than a embittered suburban consumer watching all the wars from your couch. Just please bring something to the party. I feel that selfish people do the least harm when they are paired with other narcissistic types, if that sounds like you, please run along and find your soul mate elsewhere.

Emotional intelligence and empathy are qualities I can't do without. I would like to find someone who deserves to be adored.

Thanks again for visiting my profile and may you have the very best luck in finding someone special or at least have a fine time looking!

Don't take yourself too seriously, and remember: It's only a movie, and sometimes an animated one at that.
The two of us