30 Ballwin, United States
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My self-summary
Silver Dragon Claw

Watch out son, I got a taser gun. Take a look at my face; I am the future. I'm gonna get you after midnight, like a spark in the dark. Coming to you, 1000 beats per minute. Hell yes. Body and soul, I'm a freak. I can feel it in my teeth and it's driving me mad. For now, but not for long, under control. I got the beatbox, blastin' fast and loud. I got to turn it up tonight. I'm a live wire, gonna set this town on fire. I'll never be your monkeywrench. I'm your sledgehammer, let there be no doubt about it. I can touch the wall of sound and feel alive. Fill this night with me, be my star.

White Tiger Paw

Calling sister midnight. I'm feeling good, we're star surfers. I ain't the one to get your hair and nails done. I'm going in for the kill. Yes sir, I can boogie. Slow like honey, heavy with mood. Need a sugar high, but it's just a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby. Night life, hot spotlight, I'll show them how to dance tonight. Rock dust light star, coming at you baby, thirty-six thousand miles an hour. I'm still groovin' and if I like it, I do it. Closing in, I hope that you make it. The trick is to keep breathing. Would you love a monsterman? Have mercy, archer. Just a shot in the dark, always creeping up on you. Coming right behind you, swear I'm gonna find you, one of these nights. Romeo is bleeding but nobody can tell. I'm snowblind, I can't see a thing. Loud is the music, the sky is ringing, out of my head as the winter marches on.

Stray Wolf Strut

When I see you out on the street with some two-bit little creep, that's it; I quit. I'm leaving you for the groove. I'm gonna marry the night. In the whites of his eyes, there's a supersonic vibe. Demons worry when the wizard is near. It's hard to explain. Bring on the secret life, twist away the gates of steel. I'm waiting for the sound of thunder. So fresh, I'll search until I find it. I've got my soul education; you know it's stitched into the clothes that I wear. There's a world within me that I cannot explain. We're through with being cool. This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof. We're the bright young things. Dangerous and moving. Bring it on, come along, on the road to somewhere. 'Cause I'll be gone and then you'll think of me.

Contact Info:

personal email - silverheart42@gmail.com
skype - silverheart42

cell - 314 629 1376
texting - 314 695 8902
kik - draco.argentea

i'm always online, just not always around.
never hesitate to say hello.

i'm everywhere

okcupid - whorestar
fetlife - thevampirelexxy
bangme.net - whorestar
facebook - alex blankenship
modelmayhem - 13479
deviantart - silverheart42
vampirefreaks - poisonwhore
twitter - silverbanshee
tumblr - crimsonembrace.tumblr.com/ask
You should message me if
...you have the strength to let your wonder trump your fear and put yourself before me. Make the effort and I will reward you with my time. Fail to do this and I cannot guarantee that you will hold my interest.