43Baltimore, United States
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My self-summary
I want to date a girl from Ellicot City...I am an artist and fine art photographer. I was lucky in that I discovered this passion early and have had the opportunity to do what I love my entire life. I love Baltimore but have spent enough time living outside of it that it is not a love without comparison. I don’t kill bugs except roaches and mosquitos. I want to retire to an airstream trailer and travel the country eating in diners and drinking in dive bars. I don’t want to sell my art in galleries and become famous but would rather do craft fairs and street festivals where I can see the people who look at my art and talk to the people who buy it. I would rather buy art supplies than new shoes. I read a ton and am a news junkie. I enjoy discussing politics, religion, art, current world events and current life events. Most of my friends are female. I can't help but rub Ethiopian bread on my face at least once every time I eat it (before I put the food on it) I play a lot of pool, like to go duckpin bowling, eat crabs by the bay at sunset and drink a lot of cheap beer and expensive scotch. I’ve lived in Baltimore most of my life but spent 7 years in NYC. I have traveled all over this country and a few others and like to take the unbeaten path. I studied photography, religion, literature and art history at Sarah Lawrence College. I worked in a comic book store in the 90’s. I used to have purple hair and still have a few tattoos. I played soccer and lacrosse in high school until I discovered girls and art. I am very close with my family and have dinner with my parents at least once a week. I have lived life a little on the wild side but never got into too much trouble. I don’t have a criminal record. I like the outdoors. I would rather spend 40 minutes walking to work than 10 minutes driving. I love art shows, live music, street festivals and drinking outside in the sun. I wore large women’s glasses before Bono. On Sundays I like going to the farmers market, come home and make omelets before going back to bed. I was a lifeguard and bartender for 10 years. I live in Hampden. I like The Charcuterie and The Bloody Bucket equally but Frazier’s is my favorite spot. I like burlesque but I don’t like strip clubs. I’ have taught high school photography. I laugh every time I am listening to classical music and they introduce a piece and say the word "pianist"
What I’m doing with my life
The good news is that after years I have my dream job, doing what I love at a place which, since my youth, has been very important to me and my development as an artist. I manage the photo department at MICA and am surrounded by photographic equipment and young energetic artists which have given me the access and energy to continue to create my work. I have both the best analog and digital photography equipment all around me and cannot think of a better place to have landed.
OK, Truth, I recently lost my job but in a way that I am collecting unemployment at almost the same level of income as when I was working full time. I am using this time to focus on my art and think about my life and my goals. It has given me more time to do the things I love and see the people whom I have missed while working the horrible schedule I was. I want to meet new people, date, see the things that I've missed and enjoy life in all the ways!!!
I’m really good at
I have gotten good at art and life. It wasn't a surprise to me to find that it isn't easy to live as an artist. I was expecting it but didn't realize the sacrifices this society demands to continue to create. Now I am trying to get good at selling it!
“The artist’s life cannot be otherwise than full of conflicts, for two forces are at war within him [or her]—on the one hand, the common human longing for happiness, satisfaction and security in life, and on the other a ruthless passion for creation which may go so far as to override every personal desire … There are hardly any exceptions to the rule that a person must pay dearly for the divine gift of creative fire.” Carl Jung
The first things people usually notice about me
My side burns and I like to wear large women's glasses. (watch out if you have a pair, I will steal them, or what I like to call borrow indefinitely.) But I will give them back if asked... a lot.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My new favorite is The Goldfinch... couldn't put it down.
My favorite writer is Thomas Pynchon but I read all the time and mostly fiction. (if you know what a muted posthorn means PLEASE contact me.) I love literature and can spend a whole day reading. In the last month my favorites were "Bury Me Standing," a nonfiction about the Roma and "Swampladia" which was a supernatural mystery about circus people in Florida. I love trashy Ken Follet historical fiction. Geek Love. The Last Unicorn is both one of my favorite books and movies. I still watch Labyrinth at least once a year. True Romance, 1984, Game of Thrones, Tolkien. My new favorite show is Hannibal and I also love both old and new BBC sitcoms and dramas from Last of the Summer Wine to Red Dwarf and The Might Boosh. I am always down for horror movies but love foreign films almost as much. Walking Dead!!!!!
I have recently began to teach myself to cook and I am in absolute love with it. Sometimes I try and cook something just to see if I can figure out how to do it. I began doing this simply for health reasons but now it is one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon or evening. Ball and Chain is my favorite song. I am going to get a Tattoo of a magic 8 ball with a chain (pool reference not a coke reference) and in the little window I am thinking of leaving it blank so I can write in whatever fortune I want for the day OR BTLDTF (born to loose, destined to fail) which is NOT my fortune but on some days... (I did get that tattoo and I left the prophesy blank)
Six things I could never do without
A good book
a good book
a good book
a good book
a good book and
a good book
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Wondering if my mother was right when she told me that you can only have 2 of the 3 most important things in life at once. A good place to live, a good job and a good girlfriend. Well, I got the job and the place to live... Nah, Mom's are always right about these things. Update: Since I now don't have a job there may actually be time in my life for a girlfriend! (wink)
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday nights are usually spent making dinner with friends and then a trip to the local bars in Hampden. I love art shows, live music, parties, food truck rallies and trips to the pool. I guess there is no typical friday night. You could run into me at the Paradox or Jazz at the Walters...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The one and only porn I ever bought was called "Specs Appeal: Girls in Glasses."
You should message me if
I want to apologize, I haven't really taken this site seriously and haven't written back as much as I should have and have started conversations and abandoned them too soon. But I am going to try and be more responsive and really am looking for someone special.

So, message if... you would like to do any of these things...

...if you would like to spend time meeting new people, are down for adventures or want someone to explore Baltimore with. My profile is sparse hahaha it used to be! (at least in terms of my hobbies and what I like) for the reason that I enjoy talking to people and have found that in meeting anyone online we are prompted by each others profiles and although it allows for an easy conversation I'd prefer to allow that to progress through natural curiosity than the almost scripted way people talk who have read so much about each other. I have a lot of friends but I'm looking for someone to go to the farmers market with, make omelettes, curl up in bed on a rainy day, trade massages and wake up in the morning with. I am not looking for hook-ups but a one night cuddle isn't out of the question. I have found that even though monday rolls around and I am exhausted from a weekend of fun something is missing, a good woman in my life makes everything more satisfying so drop me a line if you like!

SO, I was flipping channels and Jay Leno was interviewing some teen star I didn't know and he asked her an interesting question about dating. He asked her if social media was creating a problem in that since people could tell so much about a person through it, wasn't there the possibility that just because you don't like all the same things, or agree about certain issues you might rule out a person who you might actually get along well with? He then went on to say that some of his most interesting friendships and relationships are with people who don't share a lot of his views. SO, if OKcupid says that we "have issues" it shouldn't mean we shouldn't give something a try.

If you have made it this far I am impressed. I don't browse through the competitions profiles so I don't know what the boys are saying but I can tell I am long winded compared to most and i am going to add yet ANOTHER thing about online dating to think about. I am torn between one of two paths to take. One is the aggressive approach where I would send out messages and pursue people and the other is the passive aggressive approach which is to visit your profile, drop a bunch of stars and hope you like my profile enough to drop me a line. I hope I don't disappoint you if you are looking for a man who will make the first move. I do not do that unless I receive some invitation to do so which on this weird site is hard to tell. So drop me a line and say hi!
The two of us