44Malden, United States
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My self-summary
Why you should get to know me: Because I like to fly kites. Because I keep two kites (one for me and one for my passenger) in my car trunk. Because I’m not afraid to finish my entire meal and part of yours. Because I've been scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, sky diving above a rain forest, have shot a 9mm, 22 and a 44 magnum (but not at anybody) and am still happy staying home and ordering a pizza. Because I understand the fine line between being funny and being mean (most of the time). Because I travel light and can pack in a flash. And because I never have a shortage of things to say. I'm very easy going, just keep me fed and hydrated and we'll have a great time. Although by nature I am not very athletic, I enjoy trying new activities. I do especially well if my instructor is patient and has a good sense of humor. I definitely have my own opinions, however I am open to all sorts of alternate ideas. I tend to be a bit silly/goofy at times so if you get embarrassed easily we probably aren't the best match. I am looking forward to meeting someone who will make me laugh, make me think and introduce me to new places and ideas (I "liberated" that from someone else's profile but it's good). Being a little goofy yourself wouldn't hurt. Being able to laugh at yourself (and me – when necessary)…priceless. It would be nice if you could help me fix my leaky faucet (or have a lot of fun trying), not feel intimidated by a wine list, and be ready and willing to participate in spontaneous travel.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently work in drug development for one of the local bio techs but I'm not a lab rat, not that there's anything wrong with that. I have no job without those super smart peeps.
Six things I could never do without
1) Friends/family/pet- but these are obvious
2) Coffee
3) Spicy food
4) Kindle
5) Hot showers
6) Internet
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why so many people are just plain rude. Like when someone bumps into me and I say "oh sorry" even though it wasn't my fault and they just shoot daggers at me and walk away.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a weird fear of milk in it's liquid form. It's better now than it was when I was a kid but it still there. No fear of heights or spiders though

I'm trying to buy some land in Maine to build an off the grid cabin. Most of my friends think I'm crazy but I would like to live in it full time at some point in the future. UPDATE: 37 acres in Maine with mountain views has been purchased and rehabbed RV is on site! Now I'm just saving for the house/cabin.
You should message me if
You enjoy slightly dorky. If you're seeking a smart and funny lady and actually mean it. If you're down with any activity becoming a huge adventure.

I'm the meeting up and chatting over coffee or a drink to see if there's a connection type - rather than the endless heavy duty email correspondence. You reach a point on these sites when the emails are just annoying and you may pass over a great connection b/c you're just not in the mood to try and draft a funny/light/flirty email. If you like my profile just ask me out for a coffee, I'll probably go.

If you're ever snarky or rude to service people that's pretty much a deal breaker for me. Even if you're not happy with the service you've received there is no reason to be rude or mean.

You're not a negative Nelly . If the only thing you can talk about is how life, your parent's, some girl,.... (fill in the blank) has wronged you please pass over my profile. We're all adults here
(even if just in age) and negativity is just not something I'm seeking in a partner.

If I have visited your profile multiple times but have not yet messaged you it's because I believe you are worthy of a better message than I am capable of at that moment ...Feel free to start things off ;)
The two of us