33 Pembroke, New Zealand
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My self-summary
Hi, im in the Queenstown/Wanaka area.

I would describe myself as...
Genuine,Professional and Intelligent with a great IQ and a Wide Perspective. Dry Sense of Humor. Driven, Motivated, Competitive and Ambitious. Fit, Active and Sporty. Very Positive, Happy, Bubbly, Open Minded and Outgoing. Fun and Stimulating. Extraverted with some Introvert traits.
Long time friends often describle me as "A free spirit", "Out of Control",
"Awesome", "Very outgoing", "Cool Chick", "Crazy" and "Mad" (in a comical way!), "Fun", "Nice girl", "Sexy"!!

I love the Outdoors, the Mountains and the Environment. Past and present Sports/Interests; Equestrian, Dirt Bikes. Car racing and Motorbikes run in the family, Multisport, Snowboarding, Skiing, Downhill and Mountain Biking, Extreme Sport and Adrenaline, Rock Climbing (harness & free), Mountaineering, Hiking, Marathons, Figure Skating, Surfing Tours, Travel (Nz & Au), BBqs and the occassional drink, Windsurfing, Exploring the Pacific Islands, Personal Fitness..the list goes on..

I have a Broad range of Acedemic and Sport Qualifications. Currently im working toward a Business Degree. There is a medium scale Scientific Research Project on the sideline & im always training for upcoming sports competitions. Ive had some Business Ownership/Management Experience..What can i say!..I love challenges!

I listen to all kinds of music. I usually have the ipod with me when i run and im a great dancer!

I have a very smart, fun, super cute 21month old boy who is very flexible and well behaved with my busy, active and diverse lifestyle.

In the near future i hope to establish a better investment portfolio and set up some more businesses, expand my research, continue into a law qualification, and meet an awesome guy who enjoys my company and shares some similar interests. I definately live life to the fullest.
If this sounds familiar and you would be interested in getting to know me more i would love to hear from you!