63 Pyongyang, North Korea
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My self-summary
Okay I'm in Italy as a teaching assistant for art history at an American institution here. Good thing about it, is it's pretty much my dream job, and right out of college. Bad thing, I have pretty much zero peers. So it's really lonely here. I feel weird about making friends with the students, and I don't speak Italian (I'm trying to learn!! If you want to practice English and would like to help me learn Italian, that would be wonderful!)
So yup, that's where I am right now. The rest of my profile is from about a year ago, so take what you with a grain of salt, things may not be true any more.

Double Update!
Okay I am a teaching assistant here. One of three at my school. One is an American like me, but has been here for a year, so she has a group of friends already. The other is Italian and grew up in Florence. Other than those two, who are both very nice at least, I have no peers. It is very lonely. So message me if you want to just hang out and practice your English! I would love to make some new friends here in Florence!

oh geez, I said I'd write this thing later... now I suppose it's officially later. I keep on meaning to get my /r/okcupid reading apartmentmate to help me out...

My main squeeze is visual art, but I got a thing for all of the arts, theatre and music especially. I try and be in musicals when I have the time, but that's pretty rare. To keep up my singing I work as a singing waitress on a dinner cruise ship, so that's pretty exciting.
to the general public I'm pretty understated, that is, until you get me interested in something, then I am extremely exuberant.
Oh, and I'm 1/4th Chinese. I have the most adorable Chinese grandmother who is full of some intense stories about growing up in China in the 1900s.
I enjoy nerdy things and nerdy people. I admit I don't know all that much about video games or science fiction or computers... But I like people who do :)
I really want to go to Canada.
My current favorite thing on the internet is /r/Pareidolia
What I’m doing with my life
GOING TO ITALY FOR A YEAR! I'm going to be a teaching assistant for an amazing professor of art history in Florence, Italy.

Just graduated art school, which is silly because I've pretty much abandoned art-making for art history (Western art, mostly Renaissance, but I have a soft spot for the the Middle Ages). My plans after I graduate are pretty nebulous, I'm probably going to take a year or too off schooling to get some money and experience, then I'll go to grad school.

Spent the summer balancing 2 full museum internships, and one job as a singing waitress with 8 hour shifts.
Now after getting my wisdom teeth out, I have till the 28th to relax at home and get everything done I still have to do for Italy.
I’m really good at
Art History, figure drawings, drawing from life generally, and singing.
And procrastinating. I'm really good at procrastinating.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'll ask someone.
[edit] I said I'd ask someone... I haven't yet... maybe I will, but I probably won't.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have a real soft spot for listening to kids audiobooks. I'm listening to Sabriel, by Garth Nix (narrated by Tim Curry!) right now, it's a pretty damn good book. Oh, and Harry Potter.
For more serious reading I like non fiction about science or history I just finished Just My Type, and now I'm on a typeface kick. I'm reading Proofiness now, and noticing the amount of ridiculous numbers smushed into advertisements everywhere.

I'm not a big movie person... I enjoy movies, but I don't go to movie theaters that often. I love bad movies (The Room), and Machete (does that also count as a bad movie? I don't think so!) I like Bergman. And John Waters (but a lot of that's due to living in Baltimore)

Hmm tv shows... I just watched an episode of Modern Family, that show's really grown on me. I also like: Arrested Development (duh), Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Harry's Law, Avitar the Last Airbender (it's fun and well done!), Dead Like Me, Misfits, 30 Rock, Community, The Simpsons, Being Erica... umm I don't know, I vaguely like a bunch of TV shows.

I like lots of kinds of food (especially sweets). I don't like mushrooms or jellyfish or vinegar or olives, that's easier to list than what I do like.

I listen to a pretty broad swath of music. I usually listen to 50s-60s music. I like Etta James, Frankie Lymon and Aretha Franklin. I also listen to Sondheim musicals (some other musicals too, but mostly Sondheim)
I also go on silly binges of classical music and rap. I love Puccini, and Biggie Smalls. I also (re)discovered Dolly Parton after following her on Google+ (not much else to do there), and I think she's great.
The six things I could never do without
art & the ability to appreciate it,
my ipad,
the internet,
and pillows.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why quixotic is pronounced the way it is.

Also why some otherwise nice seeming fellows on OkCupid like Ayn Rand. Whyy?
On a typical Friday night I am
...well that depends, sometimes I'll be at a friends house, drinking a bit, and sometimes I'm at home messing around on the internet, contemplating how I have the WHOLE weekend to do my homework, and how I really don't need to start yet.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Whenever I walk past a patch of clovers I slow down and try to find a 4 leafed one. Over the summer I found about 2 a month with this method. I found a 6 leaf clover on Halloween, that was pretty exciting.
You should message me if
You think you could best me in a game of 5x5 boggle.
AND/OR if you want to talk to me about Early Renaissance art history in Florence, if given the chance, I will go on for hours about it (or really any Western art history till the 1800s... )