56San Carlos, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a cultured, artistic yet outdoorsy woman who is enjoying dating again and looking forward to the next chapter. I am spontaneous, intuitive, quirky and have a kind heart. I love creating things, but am surprisingly grounded. Being outdoors and in nature is like breathing air for me, I need a good dose often.

I grew up in the DC Metro area and happily spent many childhood summers at a sailing camp in North Carolina. My college years were spent in St. Louis after which I returned to DC for a few years then ended up in SF in the late 80's.

Ultimately, I want a loving committed relationship with someone who isn't perfect, just perfect for me. While I do want to find a strong, lasting, and balanced relationship, I am not in a rush. I'm excited to explore the possibility of a true connection, but also looking forward to making new friends and sharing enjoyable moments.

I am 55, and proud of it. I've evolved and improved with age in so many ways! I come with my past, as we all do, but rather than let the struggles of the past weigh me down or define me in a negative way, I use all of life's experiences to deepen my understanding and compassion for others in being open to richer connections.

What I’m doing with my life
I've been separated for some time and am co-parenting my teenage daughters, one of which is in her second year of college; the other is in high school. I work at a company that improves experiences and quality of life through the outdoors. I work with a great group and meet interesting people.

I've built an independent life and am reclaiming my talents and interests (and discovering new ones) that sustained me before kids. I prefer informal "playdates" where we share in an activity rather than out on a more formal dining experience. I enjoy traveling, whether to Mt. Shasta, Mt. Hood, the Eastern Sierras, Wyoming, NYC, or out of the country, especially with a companion.

I’m really good at
I've always had a knack for finding hidden gems off the beaten path. Hope you’re good at that, too. I won’t hesitate to start a conversation with a friendly stranger, especially if it leads to finding a great new restaurant or a scenic hiking trail. I appreciate details that most people miss, don't let my tastes be dictated by the mainstream and rarely arrive at the usual solutions to the usual problems. I’m a loyal friend, compassionate, empathetic, intuitive, and kind-hearted.
Possible Myers-Briggs personality type: INFP/ENFP

I enjoy working out and do my best and clearest thinking when I’m on a hike with my dog. Exercising somehow organizes my thoughts for the better and relaxes me like nothing else. My trunk is usually neatly stocked ready for a spontaneous outing. I abhor paperwork and will do just about anything to avoid doing it, making me a very productive procrastinator.

I enjoy having offbeat friends and I am very accepting of others. I usually tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Socially, I feel most comfortable one-on-one or in small gatherings, rather than big parties and crowds. I tend to over-think things and see them from every possible angle, which has its merrits and its drawbacks.

The first things people usually notice about me
My friends have described me as:

¨¨¨ Warm & friendly
¨¨¨ Open, candid & real
¨¨¨ Vivacious & energetic
¨¨¨ Disarming & easy to talk to
¨¨¨ Open minded & accepting of different view points
¨¨¨ A bit quirky & unconventional
¨¨¨ Looking and being younger than my years
¨¨¨ Having a nice smile

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I savor fresh healthy food, especially organic, whether at restaurants or made by the two of us. I guess you would say I'm a "flexitarian". That is, I do enjoy a bit of chicken or fish for flavor and protein but prefer fresh fruit, vegetables and grains. I like Vietnamese, Asian fusion, Thai, sushi, Burmese, Mediterranean, vegetarian fresh cuisine. I may drink that occasional glass of wine with a special dinner, but rarely finish the glass. I enjoy trying out new small restaurants that are proprietor owned and have an offbeat atmosphere. How I miss my culinary, cultured life in San Francisco!

I don't want to be squeezed into a box here because I'm open to a variety of experiences with music, food and film. I prefer indie flicks and documentaries that make me think, mostly non-Hollywood type film with undiscovered actors. I also enjoy BBC productions, KQED: Masterpiece, Check Please Bay Area, ImageMakers and POV. I'm not at all deterred by subtitles and enjoy Foreign film as well. I recently discovered that listening to podcasts makes light of household chores. I've been listening to The Longest Shortest Time, Death Sex & Money and This American Life. Please introduce me to your favorites when you message me.

I like to unwind by wondering through the stacks at the numerous local libraries gathering books that interest me. I enjoy nonfiction books that help me to learn. I've always enjoyed igniting my brain doing research and enjoy discovering informative internet sites on Ted Talks and YouTube. The creative me enjoys roaming around on Etsy.

Love museums and art galleries, especially the smaller ones with specific exhibits to delve into. I look forward to competitively juried art fairs like the ACC fair at Fort Mason and Open Studios. One of my favorite museums is The Museum of International Photography in NYC. Growing up near Washinton, DC gave me a steady dose of great museums, like the Renwick and Phillips Galleries, to savor.

Six things I could never do without
¨¨¨ My two teenage daughters
¨¨¨ My dog, Ruby
¨¨¨ Closeness of friends
¨¨¨ Fresh air & the outdoors
¨¨¨ Health & happiness
¨¨¨ Keeping my body moving
¨¨¨ Adventuring & new experiences
¨¨¨ Fresh seasonal fruit
¨¨¨ Visual arts
(Who's counting :~)

I spend a lot of time thinking about
what I should have said way after I should have said it. . . . . .
how to be a better me . . . . . . what truly makes me happy and fulfilled. . . . the amazing man that will enter my life . . . . . that having 'baggage' proves you've lived life to the fullest and that you've taken risks to truly experience it, the good with the not so good, and that you're a better person for it.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross couldn't have said it any better:
"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen."

On a typical Friday night I am
on the phone catching up with my identical twin [OKC: "4everbliss"], dropping by a friends' while taking my dog for a moonlit walk, settling in to watch a movie, or reading one of many books I'm in the middle of. I sometimes am working on Friday evenings if I'm scheduled.

On a date with you ;)

The most private thing I’m willing to admit
. . . . . I mine OKC profiles for book, podcast & movie suggestions.

. . . . . that I tear up when I experience random acts of kindness.

. . . . . when passing a long-time couple holding hands, I have a wistful yearning for the future.

. . . . . I refrain from telling jokes, at all costs, for good reason :)

You should message me if
you like what you see and think you can feed my spirit with things that are important to both of us, you value being truly understood, accepted and cherished. If you’re interested in having engaging conversation while hiking and making endorphins together. If you're eager to share new experiences and enjoy planning offbeat adventures.

Message me if you’re someone who is responsible, considerate, flexible, attentive, caring, generous in its many forms, emotionally intelligent and self-aware. You appreciate the complexities of family life and have been in a prior long-term relationship. Your height to weight ratio is in a healthful range, your age is what you've indicated in your profile and you bear a striking resemblance to your photos.

I will not respond to short generic spam-like messages. Rather, you can get a prompt response from me by showing genuine interest in my profile and that you've read some explanations to my Q&A.

Have fun on your quest!

The two of us