28 Diamond Bar, United States
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My self-summary
Hello I'm Justin Pickette
I'm 28 years old and a very nice yet lay back guy
I'm very friendly and love meeting people

I like to chill at the house and hang with friends, go to the mall, or the beach
I love Disneyland, not a huge fan of six flags the anymore
I love going to the beach for bonfires, or just relaxing watching the sunset. i only drink with family and on special occasions, and i don't smoke anymore.

I currently have a pit bull, and he is a silly teddy bear, he will bark at you when you first meet him, but over time he will get used to you ( bring him food he will like you instantly

I love animals,I can picture world without them and it would suck massively. Canines are my fav of.all, but.i have a space for most animals in.the world.

i can be random at times but I'm a alright guy. I love to write stories and draw, i'm very creative and always coming up with ideas. One day ill get one of those ideas in motion and make something of myself

I used to go to clubs but in all honesty its not my scene.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm returning to mt sac community college.

I'm studying to be a cartoonist and web designer
im currently working on a cartoon and i cant wait to get it animated and out there on tv to get my career started
I’m really good at
im ok at Drawing (abit rusty due to past family and life issues, all resolved)
im good at cooking i love to cook
I love to write stories when I think of something absolutely random, I also think I might have a decent chance to be a voice actor, if I can practice hard enough
The first things people usually notice about me
im a nice person
ususally when you talk to me im pretty friendly
i may usually give a hug just well i like giving hugs

My hair, i usually have and small Afro, all natural
but sometimes I'll cut it down to keep me from over heating
a hug usually makes a bad day better so i usually give hugs to my friends
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
movies: Comedies, cartoons, Action Adventure, miazaki films (have too many to name them all)

Tv: intelligence, elementary, ncis, amazing world of gumball, big bang theory, king of the nerds, dr who, mythbusters, avatar the last air bender. Avatar: legend of korra
And many many more.

music: Anythign i think has a good beat i like
cant stand today rap, or justin beiber...

Food: Pizza, Italian, Japanese Noodles, Chinese, Mexican
and whichever taste good

Video games: Megaman, Street Fighter, Call of Duty, Second Life, Vindictus, Super Mario Bros., Sonic the hedgehog, Halo,ect..

if the games catches my interests i love it

books: well my all time fav book would have ot be holes
i know its a book read in 6th grade and such but its a great book also Of Mice and Men, but i always love a good Sci fi fantasy book

My newest book to read is Farmers and Mercenaries
The six things I could never do without
friends, family, pets, my cartoons, my imagination, and that special someone *when i find her
I spend a lot of time thinking about
new ideas for my cartoons or new storys all together,
i think about random stuff just to see what new and exciting thing i can come up with.

i also think about my future
how it will turn out
what i could do to make sure i have a good future and the means to provide for my loved ones
On a typical Friday night I am
home.... i dont go to clubs anymore (too much trouble and drama)
sometimes at the mall
Used to go to the beach alot Trying to continue that
with friends playing xbox or watching anime
Out bowling or playing pool
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
well....I'm a cuddly person
though i havent had anyone to cuddle with.
You should message me if
you like to meet a nice guy who respect women, very cuddely and sweet, who knows you might like me if you get to know me
I'm not here for sex, I want to meet someone I can fall in love with, someone I can share my life with

If you love geeky things and want someone to go to conventions a major plus. ^^