47Abbotsford, Canada
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My self-summary
At first glance you might say not bad looking average or perhaps just a slight notch above. Dark hair, hazel/green eyes, medium build, enough about the outside. What pray tell is going on in that thing we call a cranium? I love to be challenged always looking for something to keep my creative juices flowing. When the weather permits, i like to be outdoors soaking in all that mother earth has to offer,i am not a granola by any means but nature does have a certain allure to it. By the way i hate wearing underwear is that weird? i mean lets face it the lads needs breathing room. Freedom!! oops! went a little Brave Heart there. I like comedy and wit the ability to make others laugh. I have been described many different ways by as many different people,much like a cuttle fish changes its color to match its environment different personality traits come out depending on whom I'm with at the moment. if you don't know what a cuttle fish is Google it you will see what I'm talking about...sort of :s

I am Indelible, Unshakable, and Creative
I’m really good at
fixing anything that's broken
removing rogue spiders from the house
and some things that are best experienced rather than talked about
The first things people usually notice about me
Well now that depends am i walking towards you or away? if towards its likely my smile, if away its my really nice posterior
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(A)Anything written by Jack Whyte, R.A Salvatore, Nora Roberts (B)Any that involve mythology, sword play, select horror flicks(it takes something really twisted to get to me) (C)Everything from classical (on the Gothic side)to metal and everything in between favorite band Mettalica pre rehab days,STP,Sound garden,The tea party,linkin park,Korn (D)Mexican, Italian, seafood, Red wine, steak and Guiness meat pies from a little store called black pudding ohh yaa! kotta fillo(greek)
Six things I could never do without
My awesome family, My incredibly amazing daughter, Tim Hortons coffee,
I spend a lot of time thinking about
When am i going to grow gills from all this f$#@*!~ rain!
why is it when you buy your kid a really expensive toy they spend two minutes playing with the toy and days messing around with the box?
On a typical Friday night I am
laying on the couch thinking Do I really have to work tomorrow....Really!!
You should message me if
anything i said made you laugh, cry, or made your eyes open wide and your jaw drop open!
The two of us