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My self-summary
my hobby: busting organized crime operations on my block.



(see below re: organized crime and the

ok, back to meeting the love of my life. my ideal first -- ok, second! (or any) -- date is: talking, drinking, smoking, eating (my cooking) and frolicking, followed by more of the same .... rinse and repeat for about 24 hours. what's yours?

i don't get 'likes', so if my profile interests you -- and it's pretty extensive -- please write me a brief note. i'll always respond, and i know it's always lady's choice when it comes to a successful match.

"Stuart Sabowitz ... is the guerrilla volunteer of the Upper West Side."
The New York Times

... and busting Castilian Mafia organized crime operations on the UWS of Manhattan -- particularly the


(a ~50-year, ~$50 million criminal investment to devalue properties in the vicinity of 101st and Riverside Drive

-- is a recent hobby of mine (see below), as in,

so, once again: YOU ARE BUSTED.


i'm looking for a love shack kind of love -- plenty of affection, music (especially classical), food, drink, conversation, frolicking. rinse and repeat. and i'm looking for passionate woman who's looking for the same thing.

am i repeating myself?

i'm here because i'd rather not be here, just like you. i'm left-handed. i've done a lot of things and been a lot of places: hong kong, istanbul, london, amsterdam, munich, a little bit of italy, the french alps (nope -- not paris, though) .... i've wandered days deep into the mountains of mexico where no one even spoke spanish, but only indian dialects (the puras and mazatecas -- what a story that is!). i'm a patented inventor, have played classical piano on WQXR and great rock 'n roll at CBGB. i've a pretty good sense of the world and where i want to be in it....

here's a bit more about me:

What I’m doing with my life
i'm working real hard at taking it easy; enjoying my time; reading; listening to music, especially classical; tending my extraordinarily huge, private manhattan meditation/sculpture garden, which i've spent the last 35 years creating and perfecting (see photos); playing tennis, thinking about (and playing indoor) golf; watching movies; cooking...

The Castilian Mafia are known as the buffoons of organized crime because they ONLY kill the people they actually rob, while all of their threats are merely theatrical. A 500-year old, clandestine criminal cult, they are, most recently, descendents of FSR (Frente Sindicalista Revolucionario), who continued to carry the fascist flag when Generalissimo Francisco Franco, the fascist dictator, died in 1975, at which point Spain became a democracy.

The Castilian Mafia (a/k/a the 'bloodless' mafia due to their affinity for murder by poisoning) brought the world the carnage of the 1936 Guernica bombings --- Hitler's practice run for WW2 and fabled subject of Pablo Picasso's fabled 35-foot mural of death and destruction that hangs in MOMA. Generalissimo Franco was also known as FAF ("Fat Ass Franco"), immortalized in Ernest Hemingway's 'Across the River and into the Trees' (1950), about the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) that preceded World War 2, and for which Americans volunteered to fight the fascists in the legendary Lincoln Brigade.

So, golf and busting the castilian mafia pretty well sums me up!
I’m really good at
tennis, golf ... observing and commenting on the inevitable collapse of civilization. not bad at home repairs either. i was briefly an astounding classical pianist and rock musician. now i prefer to listen.
The first things people usually notice about me
my hypnotically melodic, broadcast baritone voice, conversational tone, perceptive awareness of self and others, and clearly articulated reasoning.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
the last book i read was, 'the multi-orgasmic couple' by mantak chia. frankly, i really haven't found my favorite books, movies, art, shows or food to be game changers in determining the success of my romantic relationships. well, ok, music: i prefer classical, but like anything authentic. as for the rest of cultural world, i'm open to anything -- as long as it's good. bring on the blues, rock, jazz (but only the greats), folk. open to all the fine and performing arts. operatic music has grown on me; a beautiful aria is spiritually transporting, whether sung by a soprano or a tenor. bach cantatas and beethoven symphonies ... you get the idea.

yeah, food too!
Six things I could never do without
- my unique private manhattan backyard garden, which i've created over 35 years of magical thinking and backbreaking labor.
- coffee
- internet
- passionate love
- great films
- italian food (but i've replaced the pasta with short-grain brown rice)
- music
I spend a lot of time thinking about
trying to figure out just what's up with this complicated world we live in!

... or the ecstasy of hitting a perfect golf shot. recently i decided to get back into golf after a few years layoff, a real passion (i hit low 90s), and i'd love to find a golf honey bunny to play with. if you're not a golfer, it's not a dealbreaker, i assure you (i've hardly played in the last 10 years). but if you're golfminded, you may not realize that there's a BEAUTIFUL course right at the top of the 4 train: mosholu ... with a driving range, too. i realize this renewed golf passion may be skewing my profile a bit. so, please bear with me....

speaking of ecstasy, i'm not into casual sex; i'm into serious sex, of the monogamous, extended, healing, meditational variety -- interspersed with conversation, delectably satisfying food (hors d'oeuvres followed by my special salad), great classical music and drink. perhaps you're the type of thinking woman who would like a sensitive, regular and right guy for some time-stopping pleasure. it all starts with a kiss....
On a typical Friday night I am
probably either watching oddball indie or foreign films on netflix, or out on another cupid misadventure ... or the latter followed by the former.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
... then it wouldnt be private, would it?
You should message me if
you feel an ineluctable attraction, and a first date of dinner at my place -- salad and wine of your choice -- seems plausible.

i'm especially attracted to women characterized by okcupid as "wholesome, trusting, and sex-driven."

our first date will probably be coffee at the broadway diner, or dinner at my place. here's what you'll see as you approach and enter my most extraordinary apartment on riverside drive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VhIbfwTOQs&feature=youtu.be

your choice of sweet or mediterranean version of myspecial salad. (the salad video's actually gone viral!)

i'm only interested in 'long-term' dating, and i've got plenty of friends. i'm also a great cook ... and i don't mind doing the dishes.
The two of us