53San Angelo, United States
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My self-summary
If you are an African pretending to be an American, just leave now. I'm quite tired of dealing with your BS. Your rudimentary English is a tell, your faux profiles are a tell. There are other tells, but I'm not going to tell you how to do your job. I doubt I'll be fooled again by one of you. You are simply TOO LAZY to spoof well.

This is not directed against black women (many of whom I've found quite attractive and very industrious in the past). This is specifically directed against African Continental residents pretending to be American girls in trouble. No money for you here.

Real American women are welcome to chat me up. Be forewarned that I'll investigate you, and be pleased when I find you are real.

That said:

I read a lot, write way too much, hardly watch TV at all.

I don't eat much sugar, or carbs, as they make me fat and sleepy.

I'm a computer scientist. I learned Fortran IV and taught myself BASIC, and continued on from there. I'm currently working on turning an ancient DOS product into a cutting-edge HTML-5 app.

I'm a Zen Rastafarian, and I'd like to continue my work with my church (outreach). We are a "church" but not really much of a "religion" (Zen is the "religion of no religion"). If you aren't familiar, it's to Buddhist what Zen Buddhists are. We comb and drink wine (not Nazarites like the dredded ones), and we eat meat (hey, if the Dalai Lama says it's ok, who are we to disagree, and besides, wouldn't you rather reincarnate as a pig than a snail?).

I am brilliant, stupid, and unique.

I'm now quite sure that the mDeities are quite incorrect about the "auto" in "auto-immune" disorders, as I've nearly expelled my allergies and arthritis through my skin as a series of (previously unseen) auto-immune skin disorders. It's the "fountain of youth". I'll probably go down in history as the 'most famous debugger on Earth'.

Really, in knowing me, it comes down to: "You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." I'm really quite unlike anyone else.

I'm personally up to experiencing eleven dimensions (from five), but I've got a guide.

And I like to play cards and board games.
What I’m doing with my life
I've been an activist (so left wing, some days it looks kind of right). I'm a professional geek with twenty years experience writing in various languages, building servers, laying and diagnosing networks.

I make music and art, too (mostly supplementing either a program or a video). I take harmony singing classes from time to time. I play guitar, mandolin, keyboards, harmonicas, tin-whistles and drums (in order of decreasing proficiency).

I've been a producer, director, engineer, cameraman (one of the first to hoist a Panavision HD camera in fact), and even host on numerous TV and radio shows as a hobby for decades. I've fallen away from this (too depressing to actually dig up the news and display it to the morons who inhabit this place who prefer the pleasant lies to the unpleasant truths).

Quite a few of my productions are available on the internet right now.

I'm a great fan of the Austin Lounge Lizards. They are on the internet if you don't know the ALL (austinloungelizards.com).
I’m really good at
Fixing things. Give me time, and budget (if necessary), and I generally can figure out the problems.

The latter works with people (figuring out the problems' solutions), however, the former (fixing) I'm no good at there. I can figure out the problems, but they never want to accept the solutions.

I make videos. Here's one:

Taos Topples Don Rumsfeld
The first things people usually notice about me
Lately, they've been noticing that I'm taller.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books, I tend to like non-fiction. I like histories and biographies. On the fiction side, I tend towards the heroic.

My favorite work of all time is a nearly impossible to find graphic novel titled, "Floyd Farland: Citizen of the Future", which is a mix of '1984' and 'Being There'. The author has disavowed the work, unfortunately, and apparently uses his extra cash to buy up what copies he can so he can destroy them. I've got one, though.

Movies, I tend to like documentaries (almost any). On the fiction side, I like almost ALL animation, most B&W, and all the heroic movies.

Shows: I've been watching Sherlock Holmes and Person of Interest lately, but I really don't watch much broadcast TV anymore. I ordered the complete set of "Kung Fu" with David Carradine.

Music varies. I grew up on rock & roll, but my taste expanded in all sorts of directions.

My favorite foods are simple ones like grilled and/or smoked meats with vegetables. I often crave cheeseburgers (my favorite so far here in the bay is "The Habit"). I often make eggs benedict with hash browns on weekends for breakfast, or go out in search of the same.
Six things I could never do without
I'd rather think of this as the 'six things I'd replace immediately if lost or broken', as I've been deprived enough in life to know I could do without damn near anything.

I'd replace my computer(s), my car, any musical instrument, my good cooking tools, video equipment, or my bicycle, I suppose.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Bugs, if I'm lucky (pays the best).

I used to spend a lot of time thinking about Culture Jamming (a la 'AdBusters').

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about he question of evil and mental-illness (a la M. Scott Peck's work). I think (hope) that's just a phase, though the current upheavals in the world seem to be based on the same problems as the normal interpersonal issues.

I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about distraction (tangential thoughts). I'd much rather just browse the web than watch TV almost any day of the week. I'm constantly highlighting and googling references from pages.
On a typical Friday night I am
doing what I'd be doing at night, generally. While it's more likely that something to be 'done' would occur on a Friday night, I've been out more on Wednesdays and Sundays myself.

If I had someone to hang with on a night (still have yet to have made any friends here outside of work), I always like discussing current events. I miss the old days where people hung out and played games and chatted. You can hang out and play computer games, but you can't really 'chat' while doing that like you can with Backgammon or Whist.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
email me and I'll tell you (maybe).

You should message me if
If you think we would find each other mutually thrilling, and you have your self-image under control (identity, appearance, purpose), and are part of the minority in the US who don't have the defective gene that makes them angry and impatient.
The two of us