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My self-summary
I recently read in the New Yorker that the singer/songwriter James Taylor thinks online dating is probably an excellent use of the internet. So with James' endorsement, I'm back online dating after years hiatus.

I should add that James also waxed poetic that the fillings in his teeth were once inside a star, so whether or not he's the most reliable guidepost back to the world of online dating remains to be seen.

But here I am. And if you're here for some of the same reason/s, maybe we should meet? Do you love NYC? Are you about my age? Are most of your friends are in serious relationships or chasing toddlers? Have your friends have run out of people to introduce you to? I'm also supposing that you don't have trouble meeting people in bars (just not the ones you want to date)? Any of that sound familiar? Feel free to be in touch.

What am I'm looking for in a match? Someone with a love of travel and uncovering the obscure, the different, the curious in NYC and beyond. (Sleep No More?! One of those moments you realize, this is why you live in NYC. Or maybe Fort Defiance in Red Hook - what a great way to spend a Sunday late afternoon.) I also love food, so centering a day or a trip around eating is no problem for me.

Looks-wise, I've got more of an edge, not frilly or a girly girl in my normal day to day, but I can definitely bring it when it's time to rock the cocktail dress. I love a great pair of heels. Travel-wise, I'm not a precious traveler, I like a mix of the raw and authentic, but by God a shower and room service is nice to throw in there too. I've seen quite a few countries, jumped from airplanes at 15,000 feet, bungeed in New Zealand and Zambia, traveled solo in Tahiti and Tokyo. I'm up for an adventure and I don't come to the party empty-handed.

Fair disclosure: No response to e-mails without pictures. Mine's up, it's only fair. I am NYC-centric, however, I'm not Brooklyn phobic. However, I am not interested in meeting guys who live in the 'burbs. Just not ready to go there.

I'm not a fan of IM'ing through the site. I find the pop ups a little intrusive. I would rather just exchange an e-mail or two then arrange to meet in person.
The first things people usually notice about me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Kundera, Nabokov, Styron, Kurlansky, Pollan. Mostly non-fiction these days, and there's always the pile of New Yorkers I try to catch up on. Movies/TV: Can't remember the last movie I really enjoyed, but Boardwalk Empire, Friday Night Lights, True Blood and Downton Abbey all got me hooked. Music: Alt Country, singer/songwriter stuff, anything from the 80's. I never listen to the radio except NPR in the morning and can't listen to Spotify or Pandora or anything at work, so I am hopelessly out of touch with anything modern or new. But, I enjoy live music -- so I get my fix there. Food: market to table stuff, I always say I'm not a real vegetarian, because I eat fish, so I can eat anywhere. I love when people enjoy whatever it is they choose to eat.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The skills various friends (and I) would bring to the apocalypse.
You should message me if
You realize that although I referenced James Taylor I am not actually a fan of the man and know little to nothing of his personal life, trivia tidbits or discography. If you're ok with that, I certainly am!